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Local Services Ads are the quickest and most effective way to increase the volume of quality leads for your law firm, establish yourself as a Google Screened law firm, and most importantly, sign more clients.

What Are Local Services Ads (LSAs)?

LSAs are a new advertising option for all law practice areas from Google. These ads help clients learn about, connect with, and hire lawyers.

What are the Advantages of a Local Services Ad Campaign?

  • You’re charged only for relevant leads, instead of clicks
  • Your Ad is displayed at the top of Google results, even before pay-per-click-ads
  • To enable LSAs, you’ll need a Google Screened badge, further instilling trust in potential clients
  • They help clients find you easily and quickly for urgent matters

LSA Google Screened? Is That New?

Yes – Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are now available for nearly every legal practice area nationwide. The law firm’s founder and the firm entity itself must go through an extensive background check and license check and your firm’s Google My Business & Reviews must have a 3.0 rating to be approved for the badge. The Google Screened badge will help your firm build a trusted online reputation with potential clients.

How We Help You Sign More Cases with Google Local Services Ads

  • Optimization of your LSA account profile
  • Lead dispute assistance (so you’re not charged for irrelevant leads)
  • Google Ads expert assigned to manage your account
  • Onboarding and Setup Assitance
  • Monthly reports reviewing the overall performance
  • Keep you current with your Google Screened status for yearly renewals


Eligible Categories For Google Screened Services Ads

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Business Lawyer

Contract Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

Disability Lawyer

DUI Lawyer

Estate Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

Labor Lawyer

Litigation Lawyer

Malpractice Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer

Tax Lawyer

Traffic Lawyer

  • We’ve seen a substantial increase in the quantity and quality of leads that we generate from Google Ads since Juris Digital took over the management. Our account is clearly a priority. We have never seen any issues with wasted clicks or competitor click scams.

    Robert Wood

How Does The LSA Approval Process Work?

1. Start Process of Getting "Google Screened"

We will gather your law firm information, license information for each licensed lawyer in your firm, practice areas, locations of service, and required documents to complete the application.

2. Background Check

After all information has been completed, the law firm founder and the firm entity itself must undergo a background check through a third party called Pinkerton. Process takes 2-5 weeks for approval.

3. Adjust Budget

Once application is complete, we will set up the budget and bidding mode for leads and correct law firm billing information.

4. Google My Business & Reviews

Local Services Ads utilize the Google reviews from your Google My Business profile. You must have a review score of 3.0 or higher in order to qualify.

3. Optimize Local Service Ad Profile

We then optimize the profile for service details, images, law firm hours and other details that would help bring in more future clients.

Legal Local Services Ads FAQ

Q. How Does Google Screened Work?

In order to receive a Google Screened badge, law firms must pass both a business-level and business-owner background check. Your firm's business license must be up to date, and you must have at least a 3.0 star rating on your Google My Business. Certain practice areas may require each professional working for the business to pass their own background check. The background checks are extensive, but they serve to instill confidence and trust in consumers.

Q. How Much Do Local Service Ads Cost?

One of the best features of LSAs is that you only pay for relevant leads. You also have control over your budget. You decide how much you want to spend each week, and when you hit that amount, you won't get any more leads. If the leads you're getting are strong, you're free to up the budget. You are also able to immediately dispute leads that aren't relevant to your firm.

Q. What Counts as a Valid Lead?

A valid lead is any contact that is related to your business or the services you offer. This will be an answered phone call or a received text message about a service area you offer in your targeted geographic market. The contact must be during your available business hours and calls must last longer than 30 seconds. This also includes missed calls from potential clients that you return.

Q. Is There a Minimum That I Must Spend?

Yes - Google sets the minimum cost per lead based on location.

Q. Do You Charge a Management Fee?

Yes - we charge a $200 set-up fee and a monthly fee to manage your LSAs. Our monthly fee covers application, profile optimization, monthly lead qualification, and configuration of your local services ads.