If you had a multi-million dollar injury case, would you hire the first law firm you found?

  • What about if you were facing 20 years in jail?
  • Or if you were ending a 30-year marriage?
  • Or if you were considering suing a business partner?

Of course you wouldn’t

You’d do your research. You’d look for proof that the attorney you’re thinking about hiring has the chops to handle your case.

Customer success stories deliver that proof and help you sign more of your best clients.

Earlier this year we conducted a focus group to understand what people care about most when they choose a lawyer to hire. Specialization, success rate, and experience were among the most important factors.

Your potential clients want to know not just that you are capable of solving their problem, but also that you’ve done it before. We believe there are few better forms of proof than a thoughtfully crafted client success story.


We help you choose the best clients to spotlight

We reach out to your client to get consent and buy-in (or provide you with the tools to do so)

We interview you to get the facts of the case

We ideate to come up with 10-15 interview questions to ask your client

We conduct the interview with your client

We draft the narrative of the story, incorporating quotes and anecdotes from interview

We design, format, and publish the story on your website

We incorporate and disseminate your client success story

Want to try doing it yourself? Check out How to Create Legal Case Studies That Turn Website Visitors Into Your Best Clients


How Much it Does it Cost?

Each client success story costs $5,000. Buy 2 and get 10% off. Buy 3, get 15% off.

How Many Client Success Stories Do I Need?

A single, well-executed success story is enough to help you sign more of your best clients. Why? Because it’s unlikely that your competitors have anything like this.

Ideally, the production of these stories should become a regular part of your marketing efforts, whether you do one per year, one per quarter, one per month, or somewhere in between. At Juris Digital, we try to publish a new client success story every month.

Who Should Invest in Client Success Stories?

Attorneys who want more of their best clients.

Who Shouldn’t Invest in Client Success Stories?

Attorneys who are already getting all of the good cases that they want.

I’m In! How Do We Get Started?

Complete the short form below and select “Success Story Creation” under the question about what services you are interested in. Once submitted, you can expect to hear from a team member at Juris Digital in minutes to start the discussion and get the ball rolling.