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    Casey Meraz stands at the forefront of digital marketing for the legal industry, serving as the visionary CEO of Juris Digital.

    Since he was 15 Casey has started and marketed various businesses and started marketing companies in the web in 2002.

    In 2008, he built the SEO Program for Intuit’s small business division, known for its flagship products like QuickBooks and TurboTax, marking a significant contribution to the digital presence of small businesses.

    After a rewarding journey in the corporate sector, Casey ventured into the legal field, applying his SEO expertise to assist attorneys in maximizing their online visibility and reaching their target audiences more effectively. This transition allowed me to leverage my comprehensive skill set in a new and impactful way.

    His journey in legal marketing began in 2008 in Los Angeles, where his marketing acumen quickly transformed The Reeves Law Group from an employer to a client, marking the inception of what would become Juris Digital.

    With a relentless entrepreneurial drive, Casey scaled his venture from a humble one-client operation into a powerhouse, serving a diverse range of clients across numerous verticals, from law firms to e-commerce platforms.

    The evolution of Ethical SEO Consulting into Juris Digital under Casey’s leadership has been marked by innovation, industry-defining thought leadership, and a prolific body of published work. Casey’s strategies have not only propelled Juris Digital’s success but have also significantly uplifted its clients’ online presence and market reach.

    Casey’s contributions to the digital marketing sphere are vast and varied. He is the author of seminal books such as “Local Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers” and “How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit,” which have become essential readings in the field. His expertise regularly graces the pages of JurisDigital.com and sees him contributing to leading platforms like Moz.com, BrightLocal, and AttorneyAtWork.com.

    An esteemed speaker, Casey has shared his insights at prestigious industry events, including TechShow 2020, SearchCon, BEDLAM, State of Search, and SMX, captivating audiences with actionable strategies and profound insights into legal marketing. Furthermore, his role as the host of the Lawyer Mastermind Podcast showcases his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the legal community.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Casey’s life is enriched by his roles as a husband, father, and friend. His journey reflects a blend of innovation, dedication, and a deep-seated passion for both his personal life and the digital marketing world. Casey Meraz’s legacy in the legal marketing space is not only about the success of Juris Digital but also about the countless businesses and individuals he has empowered along the way.

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