Imagine you had predictable stream of qualified leads coming directly to you every day. How would that transform your law firm?

Juris Digital is a law firm SEO company for growth-minded law firms. If you’re ready to discuss your goals with us and receive a service proposal outlining what a successful SEO program would look like for your law firm, contact us online or give us a call at 855-593-6935.

Investing in SEO for your law firm is exciting.

  • Maybe you’re starting your own practice after leaving another firm and are ready to lay the foundation for SEO success.
  • Maybe you’ve engaged in SEO previously with mixed results and you want to see whether you can get more from your investment.
  • Or maybe you’re new to the concept of SEO as a lead generation strategy and you want to understand what it is and what effective SEO actually looks like.

Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.

If you're not sure yet if you want to reach out, but you'd like more information about who we are and what it looks like to work with us, keep reading.

On this page, we’ve answered the top questions that we are asked by prospective clients like you. We’ve also curated links to information that will help you get to know our story, our values, and our capabilities.

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Attorney SEO with Juris Digital

Answers to Your Questions

The answers below were written by Juris Digital co-founder Matt Green. If you find any typos, blame him.

Our prospective new clients sometimes say that they need more time to make their decision. In these cases, we usually find that a lack of time isn't the real issue. Instead, it's a lack of information that prevents them from making their decision.

So what we’ve tried to do here is arm you with all of the information you need to decide whether we are the right SEO partner for your law firm. Below you’ll find written answers to the most common questions that we are asked by potential new clients.

To supplement that, you’ll also find audio recordings of me giving my expanded thoughts on each question. You can listen to these by clicking the play button just underneath each question.

What Is SEO for Law Firms and How Does It Help?


Search engine optimization (SEO) means executing specific web marketing tactics with the express goal of generating traffic from search engines.

For law firms and other for-profit organizations, the goal of SEO is to generate positive business outcomes – most commonly, direct leads that become paying clients.

Simply put, SEO for law firms is marketing for law firms, and the primary marketing channel is search engines, especially Google.

SEO is an effective way for law firms to generate new clients because people who need an attorney often use search engines to research their issues and to find a lawyer who can help.

Why Should I Choose Juris Digital as My SEO Partner?

The honest answer is that I don’t know if you should choose Juris Digital. As an attorney, you understand that every client brings their own unique set of goals, preferences, values, and eccentricities. You know that no single attorney or law firm is the right choice for everyone. It’s no different for us.

With that being said, below I’ve sketched out a rubric that ought to help you determine whether a partnership with Juris Digital is the right choice for your firm.

  • You are more interested in growing the value of your business over the long term than making a quick buck.
  • You understand that SEO is an investment in your firm, not a business expense.
  • You share our core values of empathy, honesty, quality, generosity, gratitude, communication, and respect.
  • You want a partner who will take the lead and guide your SEO campaign rather than a vendor who must be managed.
  • You care more about outcomes than outputs.
  • You either have, or are willing to invest in, a system for effectively responding to, qualifying, and closing new leads.
  • You are willing to engage with us regularly (if not for extensive amounts of time) to provide critical insights and feedback that we need to maximize the efficacy of your SEO program.
  • You understand that our team is made up of true law firm SEO experts. We only care about your success and you take our trusted advice.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement with these points, I hope you’ll reach out to start a discussion about SEO for your law firm with Juris Digital. If not all of these concepts appeal to you, we might not be the right fit, and that’s ok too.

How Long Will It Take for My Firm to See Results From SEO?

How long it takes before your SEO investment begins to bear fruit depends on the state of your website when we begin. A brand new website will take more time to gain steam than a site with a long history. Generally, SEO takes anywhere from 4 to 6 to 8 to 12 months to begin working. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

“Before we hired you guys, I’d worry.

We would go one week, get like three signups and then we go like four weeks with nothing. And I started noticing our caseload...and in order to achieve the goals that I have for the firm each wasn't going to happen the way it was before; it was too inconsistent. Now that's not even a fear of mine anymore.”

– Attorney Michael Silva Silva Injury Law’s success story →

How Much Will Law Firm SEO Services With Juris Digital Cost?

Effective SEO campaigns are not cheap. More and more law firms are entering the field every day and that means greater competition. In general, our ongoing SEO programs begin at $2,000 per month. At this cost, we’d be able to produce for a single area of practice in a single market. As the number of practice areas and the competition of the market increases, so do our rates. The majority of our clients are in the $5,000 per month range. Our biggest clients spend $30,000+ for attorney SEO services.

If I Invest in SEO With Juris Digital, Will I Be Locked Into a Contract?

The short answer is, no, you won't be locked into a contract. But because SEO takes time to bear fruit, we ask that the firms we work with sign a basic agreement committing to a 12-month campaign. This ensures that we get a fair chance to show you an exceptional return. That being said, we understand that sometimes things change and you have to make decisions for your business; we’ll never hold you, hostage, if, for whatever reason, you’re not able to complete the 12-month term. As law firm SEO experts our goal and focus is mutual success. We grow your law firm and you love working with us.

Can I Keep My Current Website?

Many of our clients initially came to us because their current website prevented them from achieving the SEO results they were looking for and need advice. If this is the case for you, we’re going to be honest about it and recommend that we re-build your website on our framework. Alternatively, if your current site is solid and simply needs tweaks, new and/or improved content, and backlinks, we’re happy to hit the ground running with it.

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Will You Work With My Competitors?

We limit the number of competing law firms with whom we’ll engage within any particular market. Our limited competition policy is intended to balance two important company missions:

  1. To ensure fair and effective digital marketing services for every client, and;
  2. To help as many law firms as possible grow their reach through digital marketing

The policy is straightforward: No matter the size of your primary market, or your marketing budget, we will never work with more than three competing firms in your area of practice and your market. Specifically:

  • If your primary market’s population is less than 500,000 we will take on no more than one competing firm in your market.
  • If your primary market’s population is between 500,000 and 2M we will take on no more than two competing firms in your market.
  • If your primary market’s population is over 2M we will take on no more than three competing firms in your market.

"Before I was just throwing money at anything, anybody who would take it...

And you just kind of close your eyes and hope that it works, which is a totally different approach than what we are kind of doing now. Now we know what's working, we know what the budget is, and we know if we needed to adjust...I know exactly where I would put that budget to get more clients in the door.

How Much Content Will You Produce for My Website?

In general, more content equals more traffic (which equals more leads) and so naturally our potential clients want to understand how much content they'll receive based on their investment with us.

The short answer is, that the amount of content we recommend will depend on your desired outcomes (your goals), your area of law, and your budget.

So for example, if you tell us that your goal is to get 10 new divorce clients per month from the web within 12 months, our proposal for how much content you need will be based on producing that outcome. We know that divorce and family law lends itself incredibly well to using informational content marketing as a direct lead generation source, and so content will constitute a large portion of our focus.

Next, we need to understand your budget. If your budget is low, then it's our job to make sure your stated desired outcome is realistic given your budget limitations. Generally, higher budgets mean more content because producing high-performing content is expensive.

At Juris Digital we have a team of 30 plus attorney-writers on our staff, who write hundreds of thousands of words of content for our clients each month. We pay them a fair rate because t's a serious matter to give people legal information on your website. We know that we can't be scraping the bottle bottom of the barrel when it comes to writers, and so our content isn't cheap.

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But we know – and we help our clients understand – that a single piece of content can transform your business. A single piece of content can drive new clients to your firm who seriously impact your bottom-line growth.

All this to say: The amount of content we're going to produce for you each month depends on your goals, your area of law, and your budget.

What Does My Monthly Fee Pay For?

Your monthly SEO budget pays for the expertise, technology, and time required to execute the work that's necessary to achieve your desired goals. So what does that mean specifically?

Our team is a group of search marketers who specialize in organic search optimization for law firms. Every person on our team has multiple years of experience in doing the sort of things required to generate new business for your law firm from a search. So we have to pay those people for their expertise.

Effective lawyer SEO also requires continual education and training which we provide our staff to ensure we are always leveled up with the latest best practices and advanced techniques.

SEO also requires specific technology, software, and tools that we need to do competitive research, understand the search landscape for our clients, and most effectively execute our content strategies and our link-building strategies.

Finally, your monthly fee pays for the time – the people hours – required to execute the work that needs to be done to achieve your goals. So that work means everything from:

  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy development
  • Blog content creation
  • Website usability analysis
  • Website design and graphic design
  • Development in WordPress
  • Making website changes, additions, and tweaks
  • Managing your Google Business profile
  • Executing link building campaign
  • Publishing and formatting content creating graphics for it, linking it within your site
  • Optimizing page titles
  • Optimizing URL slugs,
  • Optimizing headings
  • Drafting new content
  • Advertising
  • etc.

Those are the three major areas where your investment goes: The expertise, the technology, and the time required to do the things necessary to achieve your goals. During the sales proposal process, we'll break down for you specifically what portion of your budget goes to which of these areas each and every month.

Will My Website's Performance and Keyword Rankings Suffer if I Redesign My Website?

Whenever we're redesigning a law firm's website, our operating principle is to do no harm. Before we do anything we assess the performance of your current website. What pages are most important? What pages get the most traffic? What rankings do you have for what specific keywords?

Only once that assessment is complete will we create our new website strategy with the understanding that – first and foremost – we won't make any changes that will have a potentially negative impact on what's already working well.

Now, no one can guarantee that you won't see dips in rankings for certain pages and keywords once your new site is launched, but we do everything we can to prevent that. I would say that in 95% of cases, we not only maintain the performance of your most important pages, we actually see an improvement upon the launch of the new site.

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Can I Rank and Get Results in Locations Where I Don't Have a Physical Office?

It makes sense that law firms who are looking to grow their practice are interested in whether they can bring in new clients from locations beyond their primary market. The answer to whether SEO makes it possible for your law firm to bring in clients from locations where you don't have a physical office is, yes, but with limitations.

Let's look at exactly where the opportunity is for lawyers to bring in clients from locations where they don't have a physical location using SEO.

law firm seo search results page
The red results highlighted in red are paid ads. The ones highlighted in blue are Google Maps results. The results highlighted in green are traditional organic results.

When someone conducts a search for attorney's in Google or Bing – say they search something like personal injury lawyer, or best DUI attorney or divorce attorneys near me, 10 times out 10 the first results on that search result page are ads (local service ads and PPC ads). In other words, NOT SEO.

Underneath the ads, you get Google map results (ie. the map-pack). You cannot show up in Google Map results if you don't have a physical office in the city that that person is searching from. So, if you don't have a Google Business Profile – for which a physical office is required – then no, you are not going to be able to rank in those set of search results.

Below the map pack is the traditional organic results. This is where you absolutely can rank in organic search results even if you don't have an office in the relevant city. However, there is one big limitation here: After the ads and then the map pack, there are very few clicks left for the traditional organic results for these types of keywords.

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Generally, our approach is to dominate your backyard first, which will allow us to understand the size of the total capturable market, and set a benchmark in terms of how close that gets us to your goals. Then once we've achieved that, we can turn our attention toward attracting clients from outside of your physical location.

When we begin looking at expanding your reach into places beyond your physical office, we need to look beyond the obvious keywords like DUI lawyer near me or personal injury lawyer dallas. Not everybody who might need a lawyer begins their search like that. A huge portion of folks who might ultimately hire a lawyer begins their search with an informational keyword.

For example, someone who has been in a car accident in Texas might search average car accident settlement. Or someone injured in California might search statute of limitations for personal injury claims California. By investing in website content optimized for these informational keywords, you can absolutely rank and bring in new leads from all across your state.

At Juris Digital we start by owning your backyard for those obvious, transactional keywords, and we simultaneously deploy content marketing to rank for informational keywords which allow you to be found by folks across your state. This delivers a well-rounded set of leads not from folks in your immediate market but from throughout the state(s) where you practice.

How Will You Report on the Progress of My SEO Campaign?

We report to our SEO clients on a monthly basis. Our reports include an analysis of metrics that matter most to you. They are written in plain English and include the following details:

Key Performance Indicators:

  • New cases signed
  • High-value cases
  • Keyword rankings
  • Online leads generated (website forms, phone calls, live chats, etc.)
  • Google Analytics traffic trends (traffic by source, compared to the previous period, etc.) and Google Search Console trends

Details of Monthly Work Completed

  • Details of all content marketing including new content published
  • Details of all link building efforts including all-new links placed
  • Details of all website and optimization changes

Agenda for Month Ahead

  • Details of all initiatives and areas of focus for the coming month

What Are the Next Steps?

If you're ready to discuss what an SEO campaign with Juris Digital will look like for your law practice, there are two ways you can reach out:

  1. You can complete this short form
  2. or you can give us a call at 855-593-6935.

    Generally, we think the form is the way to go because it means that you won't have to do things like spell out your email address and website address to the folks who answer our phones, but if you are just a phone person, we get that too.

After we get your basic information you'll be contacted by Peter Kerlin. Peter will ask you questions about your law firm and your goals and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have. Based on that discussion, if it makes sense, we'll prepare an SEO campaign proposal.

Your proposal will be tailored to the specifics of your firm and your goals. Our director of SEO, Steve King, is involved in every proposal we craft. Once we deliver the proposal to you, we'll schedule a call to talk through it. Both Peter and Steve will be available on this call to answer your questions.

Once you sign on the dotted line, we don't waste any time: We get started with the onboarding process and get to work!

At Juris Digital we specialize in SEO for Lawyers. It's what we're best at and we hope we can get a shot to help grow your firm.

Here are Just Some of The Types of Law Firms We Help

  1. Personal Injury Law Firms: These firms handle cases like accidents, injuries, and malpractice. Juris Digital can bolster their online presence, streamline their client acquisition process, and implement successful SEO strategies to ensure they appear at the top of search results when potential clients look for assistance.
  2. Family Law Firms: These firms deal with divorce, child custody, adoption, etc. Juris Digital can help them reach their target audience with tactful, sensitive digital marketing campaigns that resonate with individuals seeking help with family matters.
  3. Criminal Defense Law Firms: These firms represent clients facing criminal charges or DUI's. With Juris Digital, they can cultivate a trustworthy image online and leverage content marketing to explain complex legal issues, thus drawing in clients who need their expertise.
  4. Estate Planning Law Firms: Estate planning law firms assist clients with wills, trusts, and estate matters. Juris Digital can help these firms showcase their expertise, build their reputation online, and attract high-value clients through targeted digital marketing strategies.
  5. Corporate Law Firms: Corporate law firms work with businesses on matters like formation, mergers and acquisitions, and contract law. Juris Digital can boost their visibility among businesses and entrepreneurs, creating custom strategies that emphasize their specialized skills and knowledge.
  6. Immigration Law Firms: Immigration law firms help clients with visas, citizenship, deportation issues, etc. Juris Digital can help these firms reach potential clients on a global scale, localizing their marketing efforts to attract and engage clients needing assistance with immigration issues.
  7. Intellectual Property Law Firms: These firms focus on patent, trademark, and copyright law. With Juris Digital's help, they can position themselves as thought leaders in the field, enhancing their online presence and attracting innovators and businesses that require protection for their intellectual property.
  8. Bankruptcy Law Firms: These firms assist clients with debt issues and bankruptcy filings. Juris Digital can help them reach out to potential clients in financial distress, using search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to ensure they reach those in need at the right time.
  9. Employment Law Firms: Employment law firms handle workplace issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage disputes. Juris Digital can enhance their online image and help them effectively communicate their expertise to both employees and employers.
  10. Real Estate Law Firms: These firms deal with property transactions, leases, and disputes. Juris Digital can increase their visibility among property buyers, sellers, and real estate businesses, using geolocation targeting to reach clients in the regions they serve.

In all these practice areas, Juris Digital's comprehensive digital marketing services can elevate the firm's online presence, bring in more clients, and contribute to significant growth.

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