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Whether we’re your first SEO company or your fifth, we’re determined to be your last.

Juris Digital is widely regarded among the best law firm SEO companies in the country. We built our business on SEO, and we’ve helped hundreds of law firms grow theirs using the same strategies. If you want to bring in more matters from the web in a sustainable, holistic fashion, lawyer SEO is right for you.


Law Firm SEO

Investing in SEO for your law firm is exciting.

→ Maybe you’re starting your own practice after leaving another firm and are ready to lay the foundation for SEO success.

→ Maybe you’ve engaged in SEO previously with mixed results and you want to see whether you can get more from your investment.

→ Or maybe you’re new to the concept of SEO as a lead generation strategy and you want to understand what it is and what effective SEO actually looks like.

Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.

We invite you to contact our attorney SEO experts anytime to discuss your goals. We’ll answer your questions, ask our own, and help you decide whether our attorney SEO services might be good fit for your law firm.

Not ready to talk? No problem. This page has a ton of information about our company, our approach to lawyer SEO, and what it’s like to work with us.

What is law firm SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy aimed at driving traffic to your law firm’s website by way of page one rankings on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) for keywords and search queries that your potential clients are searching.

How SEO for law firms works

Attorney SEO works by enabling your law firm to be found online by the people who are looking for your services. It is the practice of optimizing your website for keywords that your potential clients are searching on search engines like Google.

While there are certainly some firms that are late to the party, lawyers were among the early adopters of SEO, and so the competition in many areas is incredibly stiff.

Because of that, and because of the advancements that Google and other search engines have made over the decades, successful SEO in 2020 requires a variety of capabilities, including:

That’s where we come in. We are a full service digital marketing agency that was built on the foundation of attorney SEO. We’re ready to help improve your rankings and your bottom line, just like we have for hundreds of law firms over our history.


FAQ: Partnering with Juris Digital for Law Firm SEO Services


📈 How long will it take for my law firm to see results from SEO?

How long it takes before your SEO investment begins to bear fruit depends on the state of your website when we begin. A brand new website will take more time to gain steam than a site with a long history. Generally, SEO takes anywhere from 4 to 6 to 8 to 12 months to begin working. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

💵 How much will law firm SEO services with Juris Digital cost?

Effective SEO campaigns are not cheap. More and more law firms are entering the field everyday and that means greater competition. In general, our ongoing SEO programs begin at $2,000 per month. At this cost we’d be able to produce for a single area of practice in a single market. As the number of practice areas and the competition of the market increases, as do our rates. The majority of our clients are in the $5,000 per month range. Our biggest clients spend $20,000+.

📄 If I invest in SEO with Juris Digital, will I be locked into a contract?

Because SEO takes time to bear fruit, we ask that the firms we work with sign a basic agreement committing to a 12 month campaign. This ensures that we get a fair chance to show you an exceptional return. That being said, we understand that sometimes things change and you have to make decisions for your business; we’ll never hold you hostage if, for whatever reason, you’re not able to complete the 12 month term.

🖥 Can I keep my current website?

Many of our clients initially came to us because their current website was preventing them from achieving the SEO results they were looking for. If this is the case for you, we’re going to be honest about it and recommend that we re-build your website on our framework. Alternatively, if your current site is solid and simply needs tweaks, new and/or improved content, and links, we’re happy to hit the ground running with it.

🥊 Will you work with my competitors?

We limit the number of competing law firms for whom we’ll engage with in any particular market. Our limited competition policy is intended to balance two important company missions:

  1. To ensure fair and effective digital marketing services for every client, and;
  2. To help as many law firms as possible grow their reach through digital marketing

The policy is straight forward: No matter the size of your primary market, or your marketing budget, we will never work with more than three competing firms in your area of practice and your market. Specifically:

🏅 What makes Juris Digital different?

We deliver tangible, bottom-line results. We have a deep respect for the legal profession. We take our performance seriously because we take your responsibility seriously. We’ll lose sleep over your business. We are hyper-competitive and fueled by winning. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We work exclusively with law firms. Our knowledge is specialized specifically to benefit our clients.

But of course, all of that is just talk. The best way to judge us is by examining our work, and by hearing from our clients.

⭐ Hear it directly from our attorney SEO clients


Juris Digital’s Lawyer SEO Process Explained

Law firms that partner with Juris Digital to handle their SEO are never be in the dark about the performance of their site or our strategy for achieving their goals. We believe in complete transparency and accountability. We will optimize your website with one goal in mind: Sign more, higher value cases.  With that in mind, here is a description of what it looks like to hire us for law firm SEO services.

Discovery + Strategic Planning

At Juris Digital, we are law firm SEO experts. If you fail to plan, you can plan on failing. We take this sentiment seriously.

That’s why each of our SEO engagements begins with discovery and strategic planning. During this time our SEO strategists:

Technical Website Optimization

After planning is complete, it’s time to being executing. Next, we take action to ensure that your website has the strongest possible SEO foundation. This process is sometimes referred to as on-site SEO or technical SEO. It involves:

Local SEO

If your law firm is a local business then you must be well optimized for local searches and keywords. We’ll ensure a consistent, accurate, and reputable presence for your firm across the local search ecosystem. This work includes:

Evergreen content production and optimization

One of the major items we look for during the discovery phase is any discrepancy between our target keywords and content you already have on your site. For every keyword topic that is not represented by a well written and optimized page, we develop and publish new evergreen content, usually in the form of articles or blog posts. Juris Digital content is:

Link building

Link building is what separates a good SEO from a great SEO. A strong backlink profile is essential for your website to rank highly in competitive markets. We are continually coming up with creative ways to build impactful links to your website, including:

Reporting on the Metrics You Care About

At Juris Digital we report to our SEO clients on a monthly basis. Our reports include an analysis of metrics that matter most to you. They are written in plain English and include the following details:

Key Performance Indicators:

Details of Monthly Work Completed

Agenda for Month Ahead

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