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    When it comes to legal marketing, getting the attention of potential clients is both an art and a science. PPC advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, can be a valuable tool for getting more eyes on your firm when potential clients need legal assistance.

    PPC agencies use their skills to ensure your firm’s name appears in that pivotal moment when someone is searching for a lawyer. The key isn’t just getting seen but being seen by the right people at the right time. That’s where hiring the best law firm PPC marketing agency becomes crucial. 

    Our highly talented team at Juris Digital has developed and executed thousands of successful PPC campaigns for clients nationwide. We know what works and how to create advertising that converts into actual clients rather than just additional web traffic. 

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    Here, you’ll find a one-stop guide to choosing the right PPC agency for your firm. Unlike other online lists you might find that rank law firm PPC agency options, we’ve included companies not solely focused on legal marketing. That’s because this list isn’t compiled by someone Googling “best law firm PPC” and copying all the same companies.

    We are marketing veterans with decades of combined experience and know which companies are the best in the industry, including some that aren’t exclusively focused on PPC for law firms. 

    6 Top Law Firm PPC Companies

    Read on to learn more about our top six picks for law firm PPC companies.

    1. Go Fish 

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    Go Fish Digital doesn’t merely navigate the digital marketing seas; they masterfully command them with finesse. With prestigious accolades, such as being dubbed the most-awarded digital agency in the United States by the Global Search Awards and recognition from renowned platforms like The Drum Search Awards and the US Search Awards, it’s no surprise why they are one of our top picks. 

    Notably, Go Fish Digital clinched an award for the “Most Innovative PPC Campaign,” a testament to their inventive approach in the fiercely competitive PPC landscape. This award underscores their ability to creatively engineer campaigns that are not just effective but remarkably distinctive as well.

    Their approach to PPC marketing is refreshing, refusing to conform to the idea that it’s a one-size-fits-all model. With nearly 20 years in business, their goal is simple yet profound: enable client campaigns to be agile and competitive in the digital panorama while optimizing marketing expenditure. Some of their clients include notable companies such as GEICO, Marriott Hotels, Airbnb, and Adobe. However, they don’t exclusively handle nationally recognized brands. Go Fish also works with plenty of small and mid-sized businesses. They believe every “fish” in the digital sea should feel empowered, regardless of size. 

    2. iLawyerMarketing

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    When it comes to multifaceted law firm digital marketing, iLawyerMarketing is a strong player. That is why we’ve highlighted their SEO and website design capabilities in the past. As a certified Premier Google Partner, iLawyerMarketing offers more than mere ad management; they sculpt PPC campaigns to ensure every spent dollar is hyper-focused on lead conversion.

    The company has over 15 years of experience, and every team member has at least 7 years of experience handling PPC for lawyers. Some of iLawyerMarketing’s strategies include software that quickly communicates with Google, better conversion tracking capabilities, and crafting new campaigns for lawyers who’ve seen lackluster results with prior PPC campaigns. 

    3. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has become a recognized leader in the industry, bolstering the online presence and revenues of businesses across diverse industries, including personal injury and family law firms. 

    In the numbers game, Thrive’s experience speaks volumes. Notably, in 2020, they ranked No. 1 among all digital marketing companies in the United States for first-page Google Search results, an accolade further substantiated by an SEOlium-conducted independent SEO market-share analysis. Moreover, with a +64.7% YoY increase in “top 5 keyword rankings” and a robust 96% retention rate, Thrive doesn’t merely promise results—they deliver.

    But beyond the figures, you’ll find Thrive is a digital marketing agency that values community and global impact. Through their “We Give Back” initiative, Thrive actively collaborates with international organizations and immerses themselves in local communities, striving to enrich lives around the world. 

    While not exclusively focused on law firm PPC work, Thrive stands out as an agency that doesn’t work for businesses, but with them to craft top-notch advertising and PPC campaigns. 

    4. Black Propeller 

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    Black Propeller has cemented its stature as an adept PPC agency since its inception in 2011. Managing over $10,000,000 in PPC advertising annually, Black Propeller is a recognized leader in the digital marketing arena, boasting partnerships with notable platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

    Black Propeller leans into its core values for each campaign, encapsulated in the acronym C.H.A.M.P.S. (competitive, honest, accountable, motivated, passionate, and possessors of a robust sense of humor). The agency works with all sizes of businesses, too. They have no minimum ad spend or long-term contract term requirements—great for smaller firms and sole practitioners nervous about spending five or six figures on advertising. 

    Black Propeller only works with one client per industry per market area. So, if you lock them in for your area, rest assured they won’t be working against you for another similar law firm nearby. That means there’s no chance of them creating a lawyer’s advertisement that will directly compete with yours. 

    5. On The Map

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    On The Map Marketing (OTM) is another recognized leader in PPC advertising, recognized by numerous institutions, including Clutch and SEOblog. The agency has carved its niche by making law firms prominently visible through meticulous and strategic PPC campaigns. 

    With a decade of devoted service to the legal industry and a strong law firm client base, their expertise is both proven and specific. OTM assures efficient marketing budget utilization, rendering detailed insights into every lead generated, transparently linking keywords, campaigns, and device types, and welcoming client feedback on lead quality. The outcome is not just a PPC campaign; it’s a tailored, insightful, and results-driven strategy.

    Another perk of hiring On The Map is the client-friendly monthly contracts to ensure satisfaction and ROI from day one. You won’t be locked into a year-long contract with lackluster results. 

    6. Wingman Marketing 

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info 

    Led by two former executives from one of the nation’s most prominent legal digital marketing agencies, Wingman Marketing is a formidable ally for law firms new to PPC advertising. They provide tailored PPC services across various advertising platforms, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They have certifications, such as Google AdWords and Yelp Ads, and are a Google Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner. 

    Wingman Marketing’s approach differs from what you envision with the typical agency-client dichotomy. Instead, Wingman fosters a symbiotic partnership with its clients, underpinned by decades of experience in PPC for law firms and a strong focus on transparent reporting and accountability. Wingman epitomizes the true essence of a “wingman” in your marketing journey, prioritizing individual client attention and steering clear of bureaucratic red tape by having straightforward, no-nonsense contracts. 

    There you have it—our six recommendations for PPC agencies in the United States. As a premier legal marketing agency, we understand the marketing nuances of PPC for law firms. If you want to learn more about our digital marketing services, please get in touch with us. 

    Helpful Tips When Researching Law Firm PPC Agencies 

    Choosing the ideal agency for your law firm requires more than just a basic online search of potential companies. It’s important to choose a firm that fully understands the intricacies of PPC advertising for law firms. Here are some things to remember when hiring a law firm PPC agency. 

    What Services Do PPC Agencies Provide to Law Firms?

    PPC agencies offer a wide range of services to enhance your firm’s online visibility through paid advertisements. A few PPC-related services include: 

    • Keyword research to narrow down the best-targeted search terms, 
    • Designing and creating the ads, and 
    • Creating a landing page. 

    PPC advertising specialists will look to tweak the strategy if necessary during the campaign to further drill down on your intended target audience. Some PPC agencies will also use split or A/B testing. This testing helps them determine which ads resonate most with audiences. 

    Detailed analytics and client reporting are important aspects of PPC advertising. These numbers and reports help you to understand what is and isn’t working during a PPC campaign. 

    How Do You Measure the Success of a PPC Campaign?

    Defining success depends on your firm’s goals. Metrics that can help determine whether a campaign was successful include performance indicators, such as: 

    • Click-through rate (CTR), which measures the ratio of users who click on an ad compared to how many times the ad was displayed;
    • Cost per click (CPC), which is the cost of each click in your campaign; and
    • Conversion rate, which is the percentage of clicks that result in new leads. 

    Most law firms aim to get new clients from these ads, not just more eyes on their site. When meeting with PPC agencies, specify how many leads you hope to get each month. For example, a law firm might want to use PPC marketing to bring in two monthly personal injury leads while predominantly handling criminal defense matters.

    How Much Do You Need to Spend on a PPC Campaign?

    Deciding on a budget for PPC advertising will vary based on your budget and goals. Some factors that can also impact how much you need to spend include: 

    • Industry,
    • Competition,
    • Location, 
    • Targeted keywords, and
    • Platform used. 

    Legal keywords can be highly competitive in many geographic markets, creating higher CPC rates. Some clicks might be as high as $500 to $1000 each, so it’s essential to set a realistic budget. As your campaign progresses, the PPC agency can discuss insights and whether you should consider adjusting your budget. 

    Is It Necessary to Hire a PPC Agency Specializing in Legal Services or Can a General Agency Suffice

    While general PPC agencies have broad expertise, some law firms might find more value in hiring an agency specializing in legal marketing. There are essential nuances in handling law firm PPC, such as legal advertising compliance. Choosing a specialized legal marketing agency like Juris Digital means we:

    • Understand industry-specific terms that can help your ads resonate with potential clients, 
    • Adhere to advertising rules and ethical guidelines specific to law firms,
    • Tailor customized PPC strategies to your firm’s particular needs, and
    • Focus on actual results rather than just ad impressions. 

    When you hire us for your PPC advertising needs, it’s more like a partnership rather than strictly hiring a service provider. We have a profound understanding of legal marketing. Our PPC specialists don’t just implement PPC campaigns; they actively refine and guide them while still valuing your insight. 

    Working with Juris Digital is about creating a seamless alliance that thrives on mutual respect and shared experiences. Always look for a PPC agency that not only promises but also delivers—especially one that understands the legal industry’s demands and ethical constraints. 

    Catherine Beeny Catherine Beeny is our Director of Advertising. She has a true passion for all things PPC. With a BA in English and MA in International Journalism, Catherine started her PPC career way back in 2002 when she began managing campaigns for an online financial company. As a people person with a creative and analytical mind, Catherine found that she had a knack for figuring out how to create PPC campaigns that get results.
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