Resources & Tools

Local Citation Scanner

Having correct citations across the web is essential for local search rankings. This tool will help you understand not only where your listed, but if the listing are accurate. Give it a try.


Google Review Link Generator

json-schema-generatorOnline reviews are a critical component of any local marketing effort. This tool allows you to quickly generate a link that will make it easy for your clients to review your firm on Google. Give it a try.


JSON Schema Generator

google-review-link-generatorDid you know that by using structured data on your law firm’s website, you can improve your local search rankings and the way that your firm is displayed in Google for branded search queries? Our law firm JSON schema generator makes it easy for you to implement structured data on your website. Give it a try.


JSON Schema Review Generator

json-schema-review-generatorTake your existing reviews or client testimonials and mark them up with review schema. This markup can help increase click through rates from Google with a displayed star rating. The implementation is as easy as copy and paste. Give it a try.


Google Search Results Preview

google-search-results-previewThis tool allows you to craft optimal page titles, meta descriptions, and URL structures by providing an instant preview of how your web pages will look in Google’s search results. Give it a try.