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Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Personal injury lawyers face unique marketing challenges. Most markets across the United States are extremely crowded for injury and accident law firms and, of course, high impact cases tend...

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How to Get Family Law Clients

Strategies for Bringing in Consistent Clients for Your Family Law Practice So you’re looking to get more clients for your family law practice? Getting started with marketing your family...

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DUI Attorney Marketing

Want more DUI cases for your criminal defense law firm? You’ve clicked on the right article. I’m writing this post because I just Googled “marketing for dui attorneys“, and...

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Why Do Lawyers Blog?

Lawyers are busy people. Between meeting with clients, appearing in court, handling paperwork, and plenty of other day-to-day responsibilities, finding the time to sit down and write a fresh...

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Justia Marketing Review

A Review of Justia’s Web Design and Digital Marketing Services If you’re in the market for digital marketing services for your law firm, it’s quite possible that you’ve come...

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