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    So it’s time for a redesign and you’re looking for the best law firm website design company to take your site to the next level.

    My name is Matt Green – I’m a co-founder here at Juris Digital. Over the course of my career, I’ve studied tens of thousands of law firm websites and have helped design, build, and launch hundreds more. In this post, I’ve drawn on that experience to provide a unique list of the best law firm website design companies I’ve come across.

    I was most impressed with their ability to understand my ideas and immediately incorporate them into the design of the site, making the process easy and painless.

    — Attorney Jennifer Bullock

    Unlike other lists of this type that you might find, this list includes law firm web design companies that you’ve probably never heard of. Why? Because this list wasn’t created by someone googling “law firm website design companies” and then regurgitating the same 5 or 10 agencies. Instead, it’s custom-curated by a 10-year law firm marketing veteran.

    Ok enough of the preamble. Let’s get into my list of 8 of the best legal website design companies in the biz.

    Did You Know: In addition to being a full-service digital marketing agency, Juris Digital is an award-winning website design company. It’s a powerful combination. Ready to put us to work for your law firm? Let’s talk about your project. Not ready to talk? Check out our portfolio of law firm websites.

    1. Reduced Design

    law firm website design company reduced design

    Company Website · My Favorite Reduced Design Website · Contact Info

    I came across Reduced Design when I was doing research for a blog post about the shared attributes of the world’s best law firm websites. The site I found was for the law firm JHPII, an Atlanta-based firm that specializes in malpractice, product liability, and whistleblower cases.

    When I first landed on the site I was immediately blown away by the messaging – WE WIN THINGS CHANGE – and then quickly just as impressed by the modern, simple, and striking design.

    As I began to research Reduced Design I found that they do not specialize in designing law firm websites. Instead, they offer an array of design services from brand strategy to copywriting to digital content production for all sorts of businesses, big and small.

    I would caution you that this agency does not seem interested in search engine optimization (or law firm SEO) and because they work in a variety of verticals they likely don’t have the level of expertise in legal digital marketing that we or some of the other companies on this list.

    However, if you’re looking for uncommon creativity and a website design company that can differentiate your law firm, you may want to reach out for a chat with Reduced Design.

    2. Great Jakes

    Company Website · My Favorite Great Jakes Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    great jakes legal web design company

    Great Jakes was one of the very first legal web design agencies I came across when I was starting out – they’ve been around since 2002! I recall once browsing through their website and reading their pricing page and I was blown away by their stated price point of $40k for a website engagement (which has since increased). My initial thought was, how do they get away with this?

    But then I began to study their work, and quickly changed my mind. Great Jakes seems to work almost exclusively with very large firms, and large law firms have website requirements that small ones do not. These requirements – advanced functionality, several custom page types, tons of attorney bios, etc. – mean the cost is necessarily going to be higher than a website for a smaller firm.

    If you are a solo or small law firm, Great Jakes probably isn’t the right web design company for you. But if you’re in the big leagues and you’ve got a big-league budget, you can’t do much better than Great Jakes.

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    3. iLawyerMarketing

    Company Website · My Favorite iLawyer Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    attorney web design company ilawyer

    iLawyerMarketing is the first website design company on my list that I would consider to be a direct competitor of Juris Digital. Like us, they not only do website design for law firms, they do full-service digital marketing, including really high quality and effective SEO services.

    As much as I would love to leave them off this list, I just can’t. iLawyer has been leading the way with innovative law firm websites since I started my career. I have drawn so much inspiration from the work of their design and development team over the years, and they have been a big influence on the websites we create for our clients.

    If you are a small or mid-sized firm in the market for a new law firm website, you could do a lot worse than iLawyer Marketing.

    4. People Design

    Company Website · My Favorite People Design Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    people design legal web design company

    People Design is a company I found in very much the same way as Reduced Design. I was doing some competitive research and found a law firm website they produced for a personal injury law firm in Florida – Kelley | Uustal – and was just floored by everything about it.

    That site was unlike any personal injury lawyer website I had ever seen. The messaging is so compelling and consistent, and the quality of the testimonial videos that live on the site is truly shocking.

    As with Reduced Design, People Design isn’t a law firm digital marketing agency. It is far more a design strategy company than a lead generation company. However, if your law firm is happy with the quality of new business coming in, but you are looking to refine your messaging and differentiate your position within your market, you may want to start a conversation with People Design.

    5. PaperStreet

    Company Website · My Favorite Paper Street Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    paperstreet attorney website design company

    Despite the fact that their own website is in desperate need of a refresh, PaperSteet is and has long been one of the go-to website design companies for law firms who want to transform how they are perceived online.

    Like iLawyer Marketing, PaperStreet is one of our top competitors. While even they would probably agree that website design and development is their bread and butter, they offer complete digital marketing services for law firms, and have done so at a high level of quality since 2001!

    6. Clique Studios

    Company Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    I came across Clique Studios for the first time when I was putting together this list of the best law firm websites. Clique designed and built one of the sites that made my list Jaszczuk.com. This site is unlike anything I have seen from a law firm.

    The attorneys at the firm seem to have an obsession with Top Gun (which they make clear on their homepage) and so the entire aesthetic for the site is aviation-themed, which I find to be fun and clever and just delightful.

    Clique falls into the category of “can design websites for law firms but isn’t exclusively a law firm website design company”. While you may sacrifice some industry-specific expertise, if you are looking for creativity and differentiation in your new website design, you should reach out to these folks.

    7. One North

    Company Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    One North is a digital agency located in Chicago. Like several others on this list, they do not specialize in law firm web design, but they do have several law firms in their portfolio.

    I found them when I came across this website for the large law firm Locke Lord. I was struck by the creativity of both the design and the technical development of a large, complex site. One North appears to mostly serve large law firms with dozens or hundreds of attorneys, so if that’s not you, they may not be the right option. But if you are a large firm looking for an agency to redesign your website, it might be worth talking to One North.

    8. Postali

    Company Website · My Favorite Postali Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    postali law firm website company

    When Juris Digital first started developing our website design and development offering, Postali was a company that we drew a ton of inspiration from. Like PaperSteet and iLawyer Marketing, Postali is a direct competitor of ours, but unlike some of our competitors, we have always admired the quality of their work.

    Postali has been in the legal marketing space since back in 2009. Their designs tend to be subtle with a focus on bringing together interesting color schemes, engaging imagery, and effective typography.

    Interestingly, Postali offers direct mail services in addition to its digital marketing services. They also offer photography and video production services, which not all legal web design companies can claim.

    9. Drive Creative Agency

    Company Website · My Favorite Drive Creative Agency Website · LinkedIn · Contact Info

    Drive Creative Agency made this list on the strength of a single bankruptcy law firm website (linked above). And if I’m being honest, it really came down to the color scheme of that website.

    For whatever reason the moment I landed on the site I just fell in love with this unique color combination.

    I mean how the hell do these colors work together?! I don’t know, but they do:

    law firm website color palette

    In keeping with a now-familiar pattern, you’ll notice that this company does not exclusively do law firm websites. They work in all sorts of verticals. That has its risks for attorneys, but I think it often leads to outside-the-box thinking and ultimately, highly compelling website designs.

    There you have it: My endorsements of 8 of the best law firm website design companies in America, not named Juris Digital.

    Matt Green Hi, I'm Matt. I am the Chief Strategy Officer here at Juris Digital. I love SEO, content marketing, and brand development, and I am so grateful that my job is to help exceptional lawyers deploy these marketing tools to help more people. If you have specific topics you'd like to discuss with me, please feel free to email me.
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