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While the scope of our solutions is vast, the goal is singular: To help you sign more clients.

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One Time SEO Solutions

10 Point SEO Audit

Price: $1,500

10-Point-SEO-AuditGet 10 customized SEO tips that will help you to achieve higher rankings for your target keywords and sign more clients. The best part; you get it within three (3) business days of purchase. This is the perfect product for both small firms looking to improve their SEO on a budget, and large firms who need to get back on track.

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Comprehensive SEO Audit

Price: $3,500

Comprehensive-SEO-Audit-150The Comprehensive SEO Audit is perfect for any law firm looking to both improve their ROI from the web in the short term, and get set on a path for long term SEO success. This product is particularly helpful for law firms with large, long-established sites.

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Hyper-Focus Website

Price: $5,000

Hyper-Focus-PackageThe Hyper Focus Website is perfect for firms looking to dominate in search results for one (1) practice area in one (1) jurisdiction. First, we create a beautiful, lightening fast resource website. Next, we execute a targeted link building campaign to drive traffic and build authority. The result? Targeted traffic and leads.

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On Going SEO Solutions

The Solo

Starting At: $2,000/mo

The-SoloThe Solo is the perfect solution for small and solo law firms who are looking to break into online marketing, and lay a foundation for SEO success. This is a 12 month project that will bring your small firm into relevance online and will result in more traffic, new leads, and a solid foundation on which your firm can continue to grow.

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The Up-and-Comer

Starting At: $3,000/mo

Up-and-ComerThe Up-and-Comer is the perfect solution for law firms that are looking for substantial growth with SEO. This is a 12 month project that will place a heavy emphasis on a combination of content marketing an link acquisition to take your site’s rankings and traffic from good to great.

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The Trial-Tested

Starting At: $5,000/mo

Trial-TestedThe Trial-Tested is the perfect solution for larger firms with a history of success. This is a 12 month project that will focus on driving maximum market share by employing aggressive technical SEO, content marking, and link acquisition methods.

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À la carte Solutions

Link Building

Starting At: $2,000

link-buildingWhile spammy link building tactics might land your site in Google’s penalty box, links continue to be a pre-requisite for ranking well in search results. Because of Google’s harsh penalties for manipulative link building, some SEO’s shy away from link building. Not us. We love it…and we’re pretty dang good at it.


Legal Content Marketing

Starting At: $2,000

content-marketingThe only way to win in Google’s search results is to supply highly useful content. Your content ought to be worthy of being found because it is exceptionally relevant to your audience’s needs, and it is easy to consume on any device or browser. We have the expertise to develop a content strategy for your website, creating that content, and ensuring that it reaches your online audience.


Law Firm Websites

Starting At: $5,000

lawfirm-websiteWe develop law firm websites with two (2) purposes in mind: 1) Meet your customer’s needs and, 2) Serve your primary business objectives. For that reason, the sites we build use WordPress, are mobile friendly (responsive), are lightening fast, feature clean and intuitive designs, and are constructed from the ground-up with SEO in mind.

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WordPress Conversions

Starting At: $2,000

wordpress-conversionWordPress is perhaps the most SEO friendly (and one of the most user friendly), website content management systems in the world. If you like the look and feel of your site but are frustrated by its confusing and ineffective content management system, we suggest looking into having your site converted to WordPress. This is one of our most popular services because it consistently produces a positive ROI.


SSL (HTTPS) Encryption

Starting At: $350

https-optimization-150Only by securing your site with an SSL encryption can you protect your website from hacking attempts, and protect your customer’s confidential information. Additionally, Google gives slight ranking boosts to sites that are secured with an SSL encryption; win-win. However, the process isn’t easy, as this encryption can cause major SEO problems if done incorrectly. We suggest you run your law firm, and let us handle this.


Google Penalty Recovery

Starting At: $3,000

penaltyHas your site landed in Google’s penalty box due to spammy link building or on-site SEO tactics? If so, we feel your pain. But fear not! We have helped law firms in some of the most competitive markets in the United States regain their footing after being slapped with a Google penalty. If you’re traffic is plummeting, and your site just won’t rank well for your keywords, we can help.


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