Attorney Daniel Galdjie saw an opportunity to capitalize on an emerging legal market: drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements. Realizing that he needed help generating leads for this new venture, he turned to a trusted advisor – a long-time Juris Digital client – who in turn, referred him to us.

As always, we started by having an open and honest discussion with Daniel about his goals for this new venture. From there, we crafted a bespoke search marketing strategy engineered to achieve those goals. Daniel agreed to move forward and we immediately hit the ground running.

The first order of business was to create a website. We wanted something that felt modern, simple, and elegant. We developed the aesthetic and messaging for the homepage that would achieve that aim:

Pictured: The above-the-fold design of the site. Click here to view the live site.

Next we created the design for the main blog page and the individual blog posts. Because content marketing was going to be such a large focus for this project, we knew we needed to create a user experience that would convey trust and expertise, make the content easily accessible and readable, and inspire the user to contact the firm for help.

Here’s what we came up with:

Pictured: The blog page design. Click here to view it live.
Pictured: The individual blog post design. Click here to view it live.

Over 90% of all of the organic search traffic to the comes in through blog posts, so it was crucial that we nail this design. And based on the results after six months, I think we did a good job.

Finally, we created a custom design for the contact form one the website. We decided to create a more interactive questionnaire rather than do what everyone else does – use a static form with just a few fields.

Our intake forms ask the user a series of multiple-choice questions about their marital situation. This has the benefit of making them feel as though they are already getting started on their prenup before even speaking with the firm, and it helps the lawyers at the firm get a head-start by understanding the specifics of the potential client’s goals and situation.

Pictured: The custom intake questionnaire. Click here to view it live.

We are eight months into the client’s project when this post is being written. The site generates over 20 qualified monthly leads and over 1k visits from organic searches. The client has reported that they are closing an astonishing 60% of the leads being generated. And of course, we expect those numbers to continue to climb.

Pictured: The Google organic search traffic growth of

So, what keywords are people using to find the site? Many! Our keyword targeting approach accounts for both informational and transactional keywords, each of which contributes to bringing in qualified leads for the firm.

The screenshots below show examples of the kinds of keywords that are driving these positive outcomes:

ranking example: best prenup lawyers la
We’ve achieved a #1 ranking for the keyword “best prenup lawyers los angeles”.

ranking example: how to get prenup
We’ve achieved the answer box “position 0” result for the keyword “how to get a prenup in california”.

ranking example: california prenups
We’ve achieved the answer box “position 0” result for the keyword “california prenups”.

ranking example: prenup lawyer los angeles
We’ve achieved a #1 ranking for the keyword “prenup lawyer los angeles”.
ranking example: 7 day rule
We’ve achieved the answer box “position 0” result for the informational keyword “7 day rule prenup ca”.
ranking example: prenup lawyer san francisco
We’ve achieved a #2 ranking for the keyword “best prenup lawyer los san francisco”.

We are thrilled with the success of this campaign so far. It’s so rewarding to be able to help our clients turn their ideas for a new practice into reality. Within just 8 months, we’ve delivered that for Cyrus Pacific Law.

Let’s get your new practice off the ground. Reach out today to discuss your goals.

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