Juris Digital Awards: Best Law Firm Websites

Best Law Firm Websites Over the past decade, the overall quality of law firm websites has consistently improved. While we here at Juris Digital are especially fond of our own work, we are also frequently inspired by the work of our competitors.

The talent in the legal website space is truly impressive, and it deserves to be recognized!

With that, we are happy to announce a call for nominations for the inaugural, 2020 Juris Digital Awards for the 10 Best Law Firm Websites.

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Call for Nominations: 10 Best Law Firm Websites of 2020

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Juris Digital Best Law Firm Websites Award. Simply click the button below to nominate a law firm or legal industry website. The deadline for nominations is November 1, 2020. The winners will be selected an announced here on January 15, 2021.

NOTE: Nominating a site more than once will not improve the odds of the site being chosen as a top 10 award winner. All nominated sites will be judged on the same criteria, as detailed below.

Award Section Process and Criteria

Once the nomination period is closed, the Juris Digital staff will narrow the field down to the top 25 websites.

This group of finalists will be judged against the following criteria, receiving a score of 1 to 10 for each. The 10 websites with the highest overall scores will be named the 10 best law firm websites of 2020.

User Interface Design

Technical Performance

Content & SEO

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The Best Law Firm Websites of 2019 [Last Year]

The results are in. After much deliberation, the top 10 best lawyer website designs have been selected! Check out the results below.


legal website designs

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User Interface

best law websitesOgilvie is strikingly simple.

With succinct and powerful messaging, wide-angle photography, and strong repeated graphic elements like a yellow square, Ogilvie doesn’t have to say or show much to make an impression.

Rectangular loading animations bring us further into the site’s consistent branding, making Ogilvie a site to remember.

Due to its minimal interface, it looks great on mobile.

Technical Performance

Page speed? Not great.

best attorney websites

The site also has some confusing redirects, which are likely errors.

attorney website

Content & SEO

There’s no doubt about it: Ogilvie’s messaging is strong. Using words like “decisive” and “confidence” subtly conveys Ogilvie’s message: you can trust the success of your business if it’s in Ogilvie’s hands.

With 126 pages and ranking for only 735 keywords, Ogilvie’s SEO strategy could use some work. They don’t have a blog, so they are missing out on a lot of potential traffic and leads.

Ogilvie also has only 579 backlinks, but they are high quality, landing Ogilvie a Domain Rank of 22.

All in all, the site design is amazing, but the back-end and SEO could use some work.

Jones Foster

best lawyer web sites

Domain: https://jonesfoster.com/

User Interface Design

In our eyes, Jones Foster is another minimalist win, although the homepage content itself is a little too minimalist for us. It’s essentially a bare landing page.

That being said, it does make an impression.

The grayscale color scheme communicates luxury and sophistication, which attracts its likely wealthy business audience.

Jones Foster’s reliance on the grid makes it a mobile masterpiece and easy to navigate, but it gets a touch repetitive.

websites for lawyers

best legal website

Technical Performance

With 802 crawled pages, no 404s, and minimal redirects, Jones Foster is a tidy, well-maintained site.

It’s also super-fast. Due to its minimal design, it would be pretty concerning if it wasn’t, though.

best law firm website design

Content & SEO

Excluding the footer, Jones Foster’s homepage has only 25 words. They clearly aren’t relying on SEO for business. The call-to-action is “meet our attorneys,” so they are likely relying on the reputation (and number) of attorneys to attract new business.

Their ratio of pages to keywords is alarmingly low, not to mention that with dozens of attorneys, the site only has a Domain Rank of 11. The top keywords are brand-oriented as well, which isn’t a significant feat by any means.

With only 586 backlinks, Jones Foster’s backlink profile is unimpressive.

Additionally, without a blog, they have 802 pages. The bulk of their pages are nested under /our-practice/, and more often than not, these pages have less than 200 words. To Google, these pages don’t provide value to users, which doesn’t help Jones Foster rank for any opportune keywords.

Thompson Knight

attorney website designs

Domain: https://www.tklaw.com/

User Interface Design

Although Thompson Knight’s homepage is fairly empty content-wise, they cleverly direct users exactly where they want to go. By linking to attorneys, services, career opportunities, an about page, and a news feed in the banner, Thompson Knight’s site clearly prioritizes the users’ experience.

The typography is professional yet warm, and the font size makes Thompson and Knight’s accessible for everyone. The site’s colors, orange and mint, are a creative combination that somehow works. Banner photography is comprised of both industry imagery (their focus) and smiling people, communicating both their specialty and approachable tone.

The mobile design is okay. It’s easy to digest, but alignment is off.

Technical Performance

Thompson Knight’s site has 6,935 pages. Much of these pages are paginated due to Thompson Knight’s extensive service offerings and staff, so it’s to be expected. However, we can’t help but imagine that the maze of pages overwhelms users. At one point, the site’s crawl depth is 8, which is way larger than the recommended 3 to 4.

Of those 6,935 pages, only 37 of those are 404s, which isn’t a bad ratio. Regardless, they should be cleaned up.

Speed isn’t a strong point of Thompson Knight’s site.

websites for attorneys

Content & SEO

Thompson Knight’s messaging is communicated by design more than text. The friendly photography and orange color scheme warm the user to an otherwise large and intimidating firm.

Thompson Knight’s Domain Rank is 51 and has 35,600 backlinks, which is to be expected of a huge, reputable firm. They rank for 13,400 keywords, and those keywords aren’t only attorneys’ names or branded keywords. Additionally, Thompson Knight has a blog. It’s refreshing to see that they are capitalizing on their Domain Rank by investing in content marketing.

Foundd Legal

top law firm websites

Domain: https://founddlegal.com/

User Interface Design

business law attorney website designFoundd Legal targets entrepreneurs largely in the creative/start-up space and their design communicates that. Founder Riz (no last name listed–a strategic decision to communicate informality) founded a successful eCommerce business herself, so she has a knack for marketing.

By offering concise, convenient, and attractive products, Foundd appeals to a younger generation. Foundd strips away all the jargon and formality of the legal space.

The design is trendy and easy on the eyes: starting a business has never seemed so effortless. That’s a powerful message to communicate.

It’s also easy to navigate since it replicates a common structure of many websites.

All in all, the branding is very strong and it greatly appeals to Founnd’s target audience.

Technical Performance

Foundd Legal’s site isn’t too fast.

best law firm website designs

Displaying some technical know-how, Foundd Legal blocks certain irrelevant pages (SEO-wise) like the account, cart, and search pages using robots.txt. There are a few 404s, which isn’t terrible, but they occur on flagship pages like “legal templates” and “service agreements.” This is unfortunate since these pages are dedicated to some of their most significant offerings.

Content & SEO

Like we mentioned above, Foundd Legal’s brand is exceptionally executed. Through language and design, they successfully attract their target audience.

Foundd Legal has 353 pages. For content marketing, Foundd Legal has a blog and offers guides. The guides are offered at a cost, which we don’t recommend–information should be offered freely to establish yourself as a thought leader and provide value to potential clients.

best law firm website

But are Foundd Legal’s efforts worth it? Their Domain Rank is a meager 4, and they rank for only 9 organic keywords (although they are valuable keywords).

This goes to show that producing content is only half the battle–promoting it is just as important.

Counsel for Creators

best law firm web site

Domain: https://counselforcreators.com/

User Interface Design

Counsel for Creators identifies as a “next-generation law firm,” and the design of their site communicates that.

Counsel for Creators serves creative professionals, so their site needs to be modern and attractive.

Although the banner image seems like a stock image (not a great look), Counsel for Creators’ messaging is strong, and the banner’s buttons empower the user. Users can select a service right away. Not only is this great for users, but the immediate engagement sends a positive signal to Google.

Importantly, the website is attractive on desktop and mobile.

Counsel for Creators sparingly use orange to leverage call-to-actions, and they utilize graphics to effectively convey meaning and processes (like the circle/pie graphic below).

law firm websites design

Technical Performance

Sacrificing technicality for design: there are few things more unfortunate in the website design space.

award winning legal websites

Counsel for Creators’ site does not load quickly.

Additionally, a not-insignificant amount of pages come back with 503 errors. These errors harm the performance, SEO, and user experience of a website.

Content & SEO

best lawyer website designCounsel for Creators’ content and SEO isn’t half bad.

Their domain rank is 27, which is high for a site whose backlink profile comprises only 549 links. Additionally, they rank for 3,000 lucrative keywords.

Counsel for Creators has a blog that’s rich in useful information. We don’t support charging potential clients for an ebook, but we assume that it contains helpful information (although a savvy internet-user would look elsewhere for this information at no cost to them).

HopGoodGanim Lawyers

top attorney websites

Domain: https://www.hopgoodganim.com.au/

User Interface Design

HopGoodGanim Lawyers has an engaging video banner with a dark filter, allowing users to read the text no matter what image is displayed.

The site looks great on mobile (minus blurry images), so HopGoodGanim clearly put in the time to optimize for user experience.

award winning legal website design

We like the idea of a search bar, but it doesn’t quite work. The user can type anything, so how is HopGoodGanim going to deliver the most relevant and high-converting pages? This functionality is way too risky.

All in all, great typography, user-friendly layout, and good photography (although it seems like they use stock photos, which would be surprising due to the firm’s size and income).

Technical Performance

Our crawling software maxed out at 14,000 pages (and it was only 60% done with the crawl). Yikes. Those cannot all be valuable pages, so they assumedly are significantly diluting the content’s effectiveness.

Due to its size, HopGoodGanim’s full site load time is 21 seconds. Not great.

best legal websites 2018

Content & SEO

HopGoodGanim displays results in the banner, and they also emphasize their size (280+ people on staff, 20+ disciplines, etc.). Their message is one of power and resources (“we solve the big problems”). HopGoodGanim certainly gets their point across.

With a Domain Rank of 42, it comes as no surprise that HopGoodGanim ranks for over 7,000 keywords. That being said, we would expect more backlinks than 9,000.

Prewitt Law Firm

lawyers website

Domain: https://www.prewittlawfirm.com/

User Interface Design

Straight away, you notice that the banner text isn’t quite centered.

The logo is a bit nonsensical, but it does match other elements throughout the website.

The design’s layout is very creative–it capitalizes on the grid in a way that draws the eyes from element to element.

legal website design awards

The colors and photography blend seamlessly, and the typography characterizes the firm effectively. Because of its grid-like design and streamlined content, the website’s content is easy to read and engaging.

The mobile design could use some work, but all-in-all, Prewitt Law Firm’s website design is creative (albeit a little flawed).

Technical Performance

Prewitt Law Firm’s website loads fairly quickly.

law firm web design awards

Although there are quite a few 301 redirects, the site’s crawl came back tidy.

Content & SEO

Prewitt’s messaging and branding are strong. It’s unique and consistent; the “What to Expect” page is particularly well-designed and meaningful.

law firm website awards

Over half of the 298 crawled pages were media or javascript. It seems odd to have a ratio like that.

Prewitt Law Firm’s Domain Rank of 7 is low, but their blog seems to help them rank for opportune keywords (around 156). Their blog has great information, but it hasn’t been updated since Winter 2018. Not great.

It seems like they were on the right track, but their efforts dropped off. This doesn’t seem to have affected their backlink profile, though.

best law firm websites design


best website builder for small law firm

Domain: https://www.fragomen.com/

User Interface Design

Typography is the primary design element of Fragomen’s website.

best lawyer web site

Fragomen barely uses photography or graphic elements, but it works. It’s simple and organized, making it easy to read and comprehend. Typically, brands rely on graphics to differentiate themselves and provide consistency, but Fragomen does this with typography and a monochromatic blue color-scheme alone. There’s something to be said for that.

The mobile design is alright. There’s some awkward spacing and the editorial structure isn’t as effective on mobile devices.

Technical Performance

Fragomen’s page-load speed isn’t ideal.

best legal website design

Our crawl timed out due to the volume of pages on Fragomen’s site, which, again, isn’t a good sign.

Content & SEO

best law firm websitesFragomen’s immigration alerts located just below the banner is an exceptional content strategy. By updating clients about the latest news in immigration, Fragomen positions themselves as a thought leader in the immigration space.

Content marketing is clearly a prioritized investment for Fragomen; they provide a lot of information to clients and potential clients.

Additionally, Fragomen has around 465,000 backlinks pointing to their site, and they rank for nearly 64,000 keywords. Although many of these keywords are branded, they rank for other opportune keywords such as “immigration law firm” and “immigration laws” as well.

Axiom Law

lawyer website

Domain: https://www.axiomlaw.com/

User Interface Design

Axiom takes a different approach to law firms altogether, encouraging the user to “reimagine legal work.” Based on their needs, users can find a lawyer using Axiom.

Testimonials from household company names certainly don’t hurt.

law firm websites

Axiom’s website is simple and effective with careful and small pops of color. It’s certainly memorable as a brand, as is their unique service.

Axiom prioritizes effortless user journeys by optimizing design for lawyers and businesses alike. Axiom makes its alternative approach to law feel cutting-edge and smart. It’s very well done.

Technical Performance

Axiom doesn’t perform well in regards to page-load.

legal websites

That being said, their site has few error codes, and it’s organized well.

Content & SEO

For the size of its staff, Axiom has a high Domain Rank of 56. This is likely due to its robust backlink profile. With 14,000 backlinks, Axiom’s site has garnered impressive links from reputable publications like Forbes and The Guardian as well as topically relevant blogs.

Axiom’s blog is exceptionally done from a design perspective, and it has up-to-date and useful information for their clients and potential clients.

lawyer websites

Grossman Law Offices [Site Trio]

law websites

Domain: https://www.injuryrelief.com/

User Interface Design

Grossman Law Offices is the only personal injury law firm to make the list. Confession: we designed this website.

In addition, we designed their two blog sites, Accident Reports Now and Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer. Our team strived to create a seamless brand experience across the three sites despite their drastically different purposes.

best lawyer websites

attorney websites

Banner image of accidentreportsnow.com.

Grossman Law Office’s homepage has it all: social proof, awards, results, and general information about the firm.

Unique typography and color choices make a lasting impression on potential clients, and its warm but elevated design strikes the perfect tone for attracting personal injury clients.

legal websites design

Banner image for Grossman Law Offices.

Due to the competitive personal injury space, the site’s design had to be both memorable and functional. The site comes off as reputable, while the soft language invites users in.

That being said, on the homepage, there is a lot going on. Some of the content could be reduced.

Technical Performance

Yeah… our sites are really fast.

law firm website

Speed aside, there are some 404s to clean up.

Content & SEO

Grossman Law Office heavily invests in content marketing, landing them a Domain Rank of 34. Additionally, they rank for 12,500 keywords. Their efforts are clearly paying off.

With guides, FAQs, and blog posts, Grossman Law Offices prioritizes educating their clients and the general public about personal injury law and the negligence of others.

law websites design

Banner image for Texas Injury Law Blog.

Additionally, they report on accidents throughout the U.S. on their main site and blogs.

To increase their Domain Rank, Grossman Law Office could certainly do more link building.

What do you think of our choices?

Did we make the right decisions? Who else would you nominate? Let us know in the comments, or reach out to Kristie at kplantinga@jurisdigital.com.

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