Eric Pines had a problem familiar to many law firms: he felt that his previous marketing agency was too big to provide the specific, tailored services his firm needed to truly excel in the online space.

I felt that your company was more agile and really more focused.

I felt they were too big, so they did not take my account as seriousy. They weren’t as specifically interested in making my account successful because their firm had already made it. They’re a good firm. They do a good job. I respect them. But I felt that your company was more agile and really more focused, and I saw that that could make a substantial difference as far as SEO.

— Attorney Eric Pines

Eric’s perception of digital marketing took a 180-degree turn when he observed how Juris Digital significantly improved the SEO ranking of a competing firm just starting out. This led him to believe that a smaller, more focused agency could provide the targeted strategies his firm needed.

I was blown away by what could be done if somebody was focused on doing it the right way with SEO

I worked with another company that was very well-known, and I saw what you could do with a competitor from scratch. You took him in the same area of law as me with no background and surpassed me in Houston. You leapfrogged them in such a short amount of time that I was blown away.

— Attorney Eric Pines

The Results: Quick Impact and Steady Growth

Since partnering with Juris Digital, Eric’s firm has witnessed a measurable difference in website performance, visibility, and lead generation.

I’ve been doing this for maybe 13, 14 years – I’ve been with a lot of companies.

I’ve left a few companies before and you guys are the first company I’ve ever left another for that has actually taken the ball and surpassed where they had left off. So that I’m impressed by. That’s why I wanted to do this interview.

— Attorney Eric Pines

This chart shows the explosive organic traffic growth over the first 12 months of the campaign.

His firm now ranks well for targeted keywords, attracting a plethora of case reviews and more of the kind of cases they desire.

We are definitely getting more than we were getting before.

We are getting tons of case reviews from you guys. So that in itself is a source of income, which is great because we can tell the people honestly what they should do with their case and we make money just from that. Then as far as signing up the type of cases we want, we are definitely getting more than we were getting before.

— Attorney Eric Pines

Example of a position 0 ranking for “federal employee termination laws”
Example of a position 0 ranking for “how to win an mspb appeal”
Example of a position 0 ranking for “can federal employees sue the government”
Example of a page-1 ranking for “federal employment attorneys

Flexible and Adaptive: A Responsive Team

Not only has Juris Digital managed to rank Eric’s firm well for general federal employee law, but we’ve also swiftly adapted to focus on the specialized areas that are most profitable for the firm.

We just are getting lots, lots of leads.

Whenever we come up with a new idea and we tell you guys, Hey, let’s focus on M S P B or something – you very quickly pivot to that and then I see results from that very soon. I would not get that with [the previous agency], and it’s just too big. It was like moving the Titanic or something.

— Attorney Eric Pines

Forward-Looking: Specializing for the Future

Looking ahead, Eric plans to continue to specialize his firm’s focus even more, narrowing down to a few sub-niches where they can truly be leaders in the field.

I think it’s smarter to focus on one or two areas and really try to be on top there.

I would like to continue to focus on these two or three unique areas, be the leader there. We live in a world of specialists. Just keep specializing, specializing, specializing. As we get more and more competition out there, I think it’s smarter to focus on one or two areas and really try to be on top there. And I think you all recognize that.

— Attorney Eric Pines

The Juris Digital Difference: A Partnership Based on Trust

One of the most rewarding aspects of our partnership has been the level of trust and confidence built between both parties.

I know I can trust you guys.

I love your staff. I think that they’re smart, they care and they work hard. So I feel like I’m in good hands. That’s number one. Number two, some of the content you sent me is intricate in my area of law in a way that I’m impressed. I feel like whoever’s working on this really had to learn the area of law, and when they leave you, they could join me as a paralegal – my area of law is very unique. You really have to learn it. So I’m impressed with the content that’s been provided and the ideas. I know I can trust you guys. So you guys have given me confidence that you know what you’re talking about, and that’s impressive.

— Attorney Eric Pines

From tailored, intricate content that impresses Eric to responsive changes in strategy, the results speak for themselves. Eric Pines now sees a clear path ahead for his firm, one where ongoing, specialized success is not just an aspiration but an achievable reality.

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