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    When it comes to creating a solid online presence for law firms, legal content writing is often the cornerstone of success. Effective marketing content must address the real needs of your law firm’s prospective clients, illustrating your expertise and availability to help. Juris Digital takes pride in our place as a leading legal content marketing provider, but we know we aren’t the only game in town. Part of your due diligence may include investigating other worthy contenders to the legal content writing throne.

    To help you, we’ve thoroughly assessed some of the top alternatives to Juris Digital in legal content writing. Each selection was fully vetted by our team. 

    We couldn’t ask for a more committed and personalized team. They listen and are responsive. I highly recommned Juris Digital for all of your digital marketing needs!

    Lisa D’Amore

    What Is Legal Content Writing?

    Legal content writing is a specialized type of writing that falls within the broader field of legal writing. It is a niche form of writing that focuses on law firms, attorneys’ thought leadership, and the legal industry at large. It involves the creation of website content, blog posts, white papers, press releases, eBooks, meta descriptions, photographs, and landing pages. Like all forms of legal writing, the main goal of legal content writing is to convey legal information in a clear, concise, and, above all, accurate manner.

    Why Should You Trust This List?

    At Juris Digital, we understand the power of written words. We aren’t just another digital marketing agency; we’re a law firm marketing agency specializing in legal content writing for law firms like yours. We’re proud of both our track record and our client list, and to be perfectly honest, we believe we’re the best around at legal services marketing. But we’re not the only choice for legal content. Our goal is to help exceptional law firms succeed, no matter what. So, we’d like to highlight some trusted marketing agencies that have stayed the course and proven that excellence isn’t relegated to just one organization or person.

    Our eyes are more discerning than most in this area. With years of experience creating effective content strategies for countless law firms, we’ve gathered unparalleled expertise in identifying processes that genuinely convert. Rather than relying on generic internet searches, we invite you to consider this carefully curated list of our six most respected competitors based on comprehensive research, client testimonials, and real-world experiences.

    Why? Because our team has scrutinized thousands of law firm websites and executed successful legal content marketing campaigns for countless others. The result is our real talent for identifying strategies that convert rather than just generate traffic. That’s the criteria we used: These are not just random names pulled from a search engine; these are respected peers in the legal content marketing field that we recommend you compare with our services.

    Six of the Best Legal Content Writing Companies

    Now that that’s out of the way, let’s explore six robust legal content-writing companies not named Juris Digital that are worthy of your attention.

    1. Lexicon Legal Content

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Lexicon Legal Content stands out with a specialized focus on creating legal content of the highest quality. Their savvy team of attorney-writers understands first-hand the language, professionalism, and precise information needed in effective legal content. They offer practice area pages, blog posts, and website content, all boosting user engagement and delivering SEO value.

    Lexicon’s dedicated team of legal writers gives them a firm grounding in the legal sphere. Their content demonstrates a keen understanding of the unique needs of the people researching law firms and the law. Emphasizing clarity without sacrificing depth, Lexicon’s content can capture the attention of prospective clients while also being well-optimized for search engine performance.

    2. Verblio

    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    With a broad range of industries served, Verblio offers a unique perspective for legal content creation. Their writers use advanced AI tools to create content, but if you prefer a 100% human blog writing service with no AI anywhere in the process, they can do that too. Beyond legal content, their expansive team can deliver diversity in style and tone tailored to your brand. Their straightforward content plans offer options for posts of varying lengths, reflecting their adaptability to client needs.

    Verblio wears many hats and serves a broad range of industries, including legal content creation. With this diversity, their expansive team delivers content aesthetics unique to your brand.
    Their straightforward content plans offer adjustable post lengths, showcasing their adaptability to client needs. Verblio can cater to law firms of all sizes, ensuring your content always resonates with your firm’s specific target demographic.

    3. Legal Verb

    Company Website | Client Reviews | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Legal Verb brings a comprehensive set of services beyond writing, including SEO, social media marketing, and website design, ideal for law firms seeking one-stop solutions. Specialized in handling complex legal topics, their legal writers can take the toughest legal jargon and make it accessible to the typical reader. Finished articles are emailed directly to you, making oversight easy.

    If you need an all-in-one solution for SEO, social media marketing, and website design, Legal Verb is one to consider. Their knack for translating the legalese into understandable content makes them ideal for law firms keen on accessibility. They’ll ensure your potential clients never feel alienated by obtuse legal language.

    4. iLawyerMarketing

    Company Website | Client Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    iLawyerMarketing provides a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, putting them on par with diversified powerhouses in the legal content creation field. The company specializes in crafting compelling, engaging, and search-optimized website content that resonates with target audiences and drives conversion.

    iLawyerMarketing doesn’t just write for the sake of filling up your web pages. They focus on creating value—pieces that not only rank well on search engines but also provide useful information that helps potential clients understand their legal issues better. Wisely, this begins with an in-depth interview to find out more about your firm and what types of cases you want (or don’t want). When you’re in the market for good legal content writing, you could do a lot worse than considering iLawyerMarketing. 

    5. Goodman Lantern

    Company Website | Client Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Goodman Lantern combines cross-industry marketing savvy with strong legal writing. Leveraging big client experience and close relationships, they nurture a working process that features regular updates, ensuring their content aligns with your strategies. Unlike too many content writing services for law firms, Goodman Lantern’s marketing strategies are driven by data and research. Their team of SEO experts generates attractive content targeted toward your audience.

    From website landing pages to social media content, Goodman Lantern uses all the content channels at its disposal to successfully market your legal services. Their client-first approach ensures transparency and frequent updates, keeping clients in the loop throughout the content creation process. 

    6. LegalContentWriters.com

    Company Website | Client Reviews | Contact Info

    Last on this list, but certainly not least, LegalContentWriters.com brings years of experience in digital marketing for attorneys and law firms. With an all-American team, they produce locally focused SEO content that can drive your law firm website’s visibility.

    What makes LegalContentWriters.com different from other legal content providers is that it is not run by former practicing lawyers who lack online legal marketing or SEO experience. Their seasoned team of licensed and experienced legal writers combines extensive experience writing content for legal websites, blogs, and portals with over 20 years of combined SEO, web content, and online legal marketing experience. They can do more than write content—they can get your content seen.

    Helpful Tips to Know When Researching Legal Content Writers

    Finding the right legal content writer for your law firm will be critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Your online presence relies on high-quality, well-researched, and informative content to attract prospective clients and rank high in search engine results. To ensure you choose the best writers for your needs, consider these helpful tips when researching legal content writers.

    1. Look for Experience and Knowledge in the Legal Field

    Writers with a background in the legal profession or relevant legal writing experience can significantly enhance your website’s credibility and authority. They understand the language and nuances of the industry and comprehend legal rules, regulations, and best practices. When researching potential writers, prioritize those with a solid legal background or a proven track record in legal content creation.

    2. Examine Their Writing Style and Portfolio

    Before hiring a legal content writer, request samples of their work to assess their skill level and writing style. This will help determine if their tone and voice align with your law firm’s brand and messaging. A strong portfolio should demonstrate their ability to create professional, engaging, and informative content tailored to the legal industry.

    3. Consider Their Familiarity with SEO Best Practices

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for improving your law firm’s online visibility. Legal content writers should have a thorough understanding of SEO best practices, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and the use of appropriate headers, meta titles, and descriptions. Inquire about their proficiency in SEO techniques and seek out writers who can demonstrate their ability to create content optimized for high search engine rankings.

    4. Evaluate Their Research and Fact-Checking Abilities

    To secure your law firm’s reputation for accuracy and trustworthiness, your content must be well-researched and fact-checked. An excellent legal writer will demonstrate a commitment to verifying facts, citing reputable sources, and staying up to date with the latest legal developments. Pay close attention to how candidates present their research process and consider their track record in producing accurate, reliable content.

    5. Gauge Their Adaptability to Various Legal Practice Areas

    Different practice areas require different types of content and marketing strategies. For instance, personal injury law may focus on empathetic, persuasive content, while corporate law may emphasize expertise and specialized knowledge. A skilled legal content writer should be versatile and able to adapt their writing style to accommodate different practice areas without sacrificing consistency or quality.

    6. Inquire About Their Ability to Meet Deadlines and Work Within a Content Schedule

    Timely and consistent content production is essential for maintaining a successful digital marketing strategy. When assessing legal content writers, determine their ability to meet deadlines, manage their workload, and follow a content schedule. Reliable writers who can commit to a regular content production cadence will contribute to your law firm’s long-term marketing success.

    Choose a Company That Fits Your Needs

    By any standard, the world of content writing for law firms hosts numerous experienced, capable content writing firms beyond Juris Digital. Each marketing company offers unique strengths and potential drawbacks for law firms, making it essential to evaluate them based on your specific requirements. Whichever partner you choose, ensure they align with your brand, understand your goals, and can provide quality, consistent legal content.

    Max Harrison Maxine Harrison is the Director of Content for Juris Digital. “Max” is a purveyor of all things content, including writing, deployment, and ongoing optimization. She’s worked directly with attorneys to establish their brand voices online, implement SEO best practices, and contour channel-specific content for maximum conversion and success. As a seasoned copywriter and marketing strategist, Max understands the pivotal impact that SEO and effective messaging have on the success of a brand. Max brings over 15 years of content marketing experience to Juris Digital, promoting more efficient content throughput, quality, and diversification.
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