In late 2022, our client Grossman Law was sitting on over 600 personal injury articles on their website. But the data told us that these articles weren’t driving nearly the amount of traffic or conversions that they had the potential to.

So we went to the client and proposed a soup-to-nuts overhaul aimed at optimizing both the organization and presentation of their massive library of personal injury content.

We laid out a plan, and – trusting our strategic vision – the client immediately got on board. 

Key areas of change

  • The 600 articles were housed in WordPress and categorized as Pages. We decided that converting these to Posts made much more sense and organized by subject matter. We converted over 600 Pages to Posts.
  • The articles had no coherent organization or unifying theme. We remedied this by creating an enhanced UI that prioritized searchability and conversion optimization.
Pictured: The redesigned main library page on See it live.
Pictured: The redesigned article page on See it live.
  • We used AI to assist us in rewriting the H1s and page titles for all 600+ articles, which had a massive positive impact on traffic.
  • We updated the hierarchy of the articles to help automate internal linking and optimize the discovery of related content.

The results

Within one month of launching the new design and structure, we were seeing a 100% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous period. That improvement has been sustained in the six months since.

Source: Google Search Console
Source: Google Search Console

Within six months, we are seeing an increase in form conversions from organic search of 478% (CallRail)

Within six months, we are seeing an increase in phone call conversions from organic search of 1,000% (CallRail)

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