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Get Five New Links A Week

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Casey Meraz

Building links is hard for law firms, especially if you don’t know where to start. While the best links are going to be media mentions and other authoritative websites linking back to great content resources you create, you can still move the needle with a smaller budget.

Introducing Five Links a Week

For those do-it-yourself-ers our there we created a FREE WEEEKLY newsletter where we will show you 5 links your firm or marketing team can build each and every week. Since we only care about high quality authoritative links you won’t find any spam on this list.

Some will be free, some will cost money, but you can make the decision whether or not to pursue the links we suggest.

What’s The Benefit

One of the major factors Google uses to determine how authoritative a website is, are links. When other authority websites link back to you it act’s like an plus one for your website.

Building more links will increase your domain authority.

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To get started simply fill out the form below and we will add you to our weekly email list. No spam, no selling your information, just some fun links and tips to build your authority.

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Author Photo

Casey Meraz

Casey is the founder and president of Ethical SEO Consulting and Juris Digital based in Denver, CO. Casey’s specialties are in organic and local SEO. He is a regular contributor to the Moz Blog and the author of How To Perform The Ultimate Local SEO Audit. If you have an SEO question or need advice please feel free to reach out by email: cmeraz@jurisdigital.com. Follow Casey on Twitter @CaseyMeraz.

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