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The Best Law Firm Websites of 2020 + 2021

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Matt Green

Law firm websites – to quote Rodney Dangerfield – don’t get no respect. There just seems to be something fundamentally incoherent about putting the words “law firm” in the same sentence as the words “best design” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

But because people set such a low bar for law firm websites they are often blown away by the sites that are being produced by law firm marketing and design agencies who have made it their mission to produce websites that flip the script on people’s preconceived notion of the ugly, boring, corny law firm website.

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Oh and about the idea of deeming a website the “best”… (quick rant here)

If you searched “best law firm websites” to get here, you may have already spent some time browsing articles that attempt analyze lawyer websites against some special methodology in order to find the “best” ones. We don’t pretend that our list is in any way scientific. The truth is that it’s impossible to say what the “best” law firm websites are, because “best” is largely subjective.

Some law firms might consider the best website to be the one that enhances the experience of their existing clients. Others might consider lead generation the one and only measure of a website’s best-ness. And still other firms might think their website’s core purpose is to attract talented new lawyers. Usually, law firms have several of these goals in mind, and so judging the best-ness of a website should really be an exercise in measuring the site’s performance against the firm’s specific goals. Obviously, we don’t have the means to make that assessment.

But we do spend a lot of time looking at law firm websites (not to mention the time we spend designing, developing, and marketing law firm websites). We think this uniquely qualifies us to curate an annual list of 10 of the most exceptional law firm websites on the web.

The lawyer websites below are our favorites that we’ve come across over the past year. Some of these websites are from competitors of our clients, some of them are sites that we’ve used for inspiration, and others are sites that we’ve produced ourselves. We hope you find them inspiring! Without further ado, here are our favorite law firm websites of 2020 / 2021.

The Best Law Firm Websites of 2020 / 2021

1. KelleyUustal.com

best law firm websites

What we love about KellyUustal.com

What sets this law firm website apart is that the stories of the firm’s clients are front and center. The firm clearly made the decision that their unique selling advantage was their success stories for their clients.

They developed this concept of a “personal victory” through their marketing copy, which stands in contrast to the way that most personal injury law firms talk to their clients, which is typically only in terms of how much money they can get for them.

The firm developed insanely high quality and compelling videos for a handful of their client’s “personal victory” stories. I watched a few of them during my research for this post and, WOW. Don’t watch them if you aren’t ready to tear up.

We also love the simple aesthetic of the site. Almost every element is black and white with only occasional pops of color to draw attention to specific elements.

We’re not sure what agency created this site, or whether it was done in house at the firm, but whoever worked on it ought to be very proud!

2. ArnoldItkin.com

law firm websites 2021

What we love about ArnoldItkin.com

Our friends over at Scorpion did an amazing job revamping this site in late 2020. According to this press release, Scorpion helped the firm rebrand during the pandemic:

“While others are stepping back, we are stepping up,” said founding partner Kurt Arnold.

The pattern you are going to notice with our best law firm website list is that we love original, effective copy. The way the firm utilizes the “No Matter What” trademark throughout the homepage of the website is super effective, and really hits the mark in terms of distinguishing the firm from their competition.

Similar to Kelley Uustal, the firm does a great job highlighting its client’s stories. We also love that every page on this site is crafted to be a landing page, rather than being neglected as unimportant sub-pages. Both Scorpion and the folks at Arnold Itkin ought to be proud of this exceptional law firm website!

3. JM.Legal

best lawyer websites

What we love about JM.Legal

Ok, we’ve come to the first Juris Digital website to make it onto the list. In late 2020 we had the opportunity to work with attorney Joshua Massingill. His law firm is based in Cedar Park, Texas. The firm specializes in two primary areas: estate planning for young families in their community, and business law for business’s across Texas, with a particular focus on healthcare-industry business.

We love how this site came together. We like that the primary imagery supports the concept of making things simple, which is the through-line for the website’s marketing copy. We also love the color scheme, which utilizes simple black and white for the majority of the site’s elements, and then hits you with that striking orange color for the important calls to action.

4. JustinZiegler.net

law firm web design

What we love about JustinZiegler.net

Ok, so here’s the thing. There is nothing pretty about this website. But you know what? It’s effective! We love that Mr. Ziegler is saying to his prospective client, “look, I don’t spend a bunch of money on my website design. I do that shit myself. BUT, on my website you will learn exactly how I get results for my clients, and you’ll know that I am a far better lawyer than web designer”.

What we really love about this site is the SEO strategy. This site ranks well and brings in traffic for all sort of creative, long-tail -settlement related keywords, eg:

If you browse the site you’ll see that Mr. Zeigler has created these massively informative pages using all original content – including photos, police reports, videos etc. – from his actual clients, which is why the content ranks so well, and why we’re sure it’s effective at generating new cases.

Could this site use a facelift? Big time. But it’s clearly effective, and it’s unique, and we are big fans of the hustle.

5. WorkLawyers.com

law firm website design

What we love about WorkLawyers.com

One word: Simplicity. The beauty of this site lies in what it doesn’t do: It doesn’t overwhelm with calls to action. It doesn’t use more images than necessary. It doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. It doesn’t have a million menu navigation items. It conveys a straightforward message with a straightforward design.

Another thing it does is amazing content marketing. If you check this page you’ll see a running list of guides about a wide range of employment law topics. Then if you click into one of the guides you’ll see that they are amazingly designed and laid out. I love the readability elements, the negational elements, and the calls to action. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to to content marketing for a law firm, you won’t find a much better site to check out than this one.

6. SlateLawGroup.com

lawyer website

What we love about SlateLawGroup.com

First and foremost, we love the use of the video banner. This particular web design element has gained a ton of popularity over the last few years, but it’s not always done well. In this case, we think they nailed it. The group of attorneys walking and talking in slow motion is a great look and something that immediately engages users.

We also like the photography. Photography is something that needs to be done really well if you’re going to use it on your website, and this firm nails it.

Finally, we like the creative and highly readable navigation menu. Hamburger menu’s like this sometimes make for a clunky user experience, but not here.

7. MyLawTeam.com

best law websites

What we love about MyLawTeam.com

Bias alert! MyLawTeam.com is the second Juris Digital website to make our list. We are so pleased with how this site turned out. Wood Edwards is a long time client of ours, and in 2021 we decided it was time for a brand refresh. So our design team got to work and created a new brand package including a redesigned logo and color scheme.

We love the use of high contrast text against whitespace on the homepage. We also love the look of the patterned graphics and the way that the eye is drawn to the firm’s message rather than to distracting photos.

Finally, we are really proud of the mobile version of the site. We think the calls to action are super clear and the overall layout is clean and appealing:

8. NewmanEmployment Law.com

legal website designs

What we love about NewmanEmploymentLaw.com

I mean…do we really need to explain? This is truly a one of a kind law firm website, and the second Scorpion site on our list. The comic-book design and copy is ingenious. If you click the menu link in the upper right you’ll see this really sweet spotlight effect – total bat-signal vibes.

More than anything else we applaud the originality. There’s no chance that anyone searching for an employment attorney in LA will confuse Alan Newman with any other attorney they research.

9. JHPII.com

best legal website

What we love about JHPII.com

The slogan is A+. It conveys a complex idea – the concept of a lawsuit not just being a tool for enrichment of the plaintiff but rather for societal change for the better – and distills it in just four words.

The banner imagery is wildly unique and creative and not something you’ll see on any other law firm website. It’s like a contemporary art-fueled collage. It’s bold and and memorable.

We could go on and on because frankly we love everything about this site. Big props to Antonio Lewis at Reduced Designs for creating this beauty.

10. RobinsKaplan.com

law firm website design

What we love about RobinsKaplan.com

The color scheme is the first element that stands out for us. Typically maroon-ish and gold-ish wouldn’t excite us, but by using a dark to light gradient and a lighter shade of the red in the main menu, it really comes together to be is wildly impactful.

We also love this firm’s commitment to content marketing. If you browse the Resources tab you’ll see links to all sorts of information about the firm, information for their clients, and thought leadership style pieces.

Lots of credit to the design team at One North for producing this really exceptional law firm website.

Suggest an Awesome Law Firm Website

Two of the sites from this list were suggested to us by design agencies! Have you worked on a lawyer site that you’re especially proud of? Suggest it using the form and we’ll consider it for inclusion in next year’s list!