Ads Are Coming to The 3 Pack

Ever since Google started testing ads in the local finder again I knew we could expect a major localized change for the three pack. Today at SMX Advanced Joy Hawkins posted that Google is going to start having ad’s appear in the 3 pack. According to Joy we can expect to see two local results and one paid result in the pack.

What does this mean for businesses?

This means that the competition just got more stiff. Instead of getting clicks and traffic from the top 3 positions you will have to be in the top 2 to get those straight from the search results page. Our tests have shown that the ads in the local finder don’t perform as well as the free results.

What will they look like?

After doing some searching I was able to find an example of what these ads might look like. Below is a screenshot of an example of hotels in Brooklyn with the ad.
What will they look like?

Ads are coming to the local pack

What do you think of this change? Weigh in using the comments below:


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Casey Meraz

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