Law Firm Website Designs That Sign More Cases

At Juris Digital, we have a simple goal: To create the best law firm websites in the world, and to do it at price that is fair and attainable, even for small law firms. Let us show you how we can help. Fill out the form ➡️ or give us a call for more information.
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Law Firm Website Design

We Don’t Just Build Websites.We Build Brands.

A chair looks like a chair because its purpose is to be the perfect place for a human to sit. Form follows function. This is the precise approach that we take with our attorney website designs.

We’re a team of marketers, developers, and designers building fast, beautiful, optimized websites for great law firms across the country.

2/3 of potential clients will turn online at some point during their search for an attorney. It’s important that your law firm’s website provides the best user experience.

Here are a few things that set Juris Digital’s websites apart from the pack

  • Fast loading – you lose over 25% of visitors after a 3 second load time
  • Responsive – Our websites will work on computers, tablet’s, and phones
  • SEO Friendly – Did you know most law firm websites miss the SEO basics?
  • Custom – We can add as much or as little customization as you want




Law Firm Website Example


We build responsive and ultra modern websites to help great lawyers get more new cases.

An Art & a Science

We’re dedicated to the art of appealing to your clients as well as the science of satisfying search engines.

We take a holistic approach to enhance your brand and help develop your story in the most effective manner possible.

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Law Firm Website Designs <em>That Sign More Cases</em>

Lightning FastOne on the most common reasons that law firms hire us is to improve their website's page load times. That's because they understand that faster loading pages = more leads and more clients. Period. If your site's pages don't load in under 3 seconds, let's talk.

Optimized by SEO LeadersWe understand the importance of SEO. In fact, our company was built on leveraging the power of organic search. When you hire us to design and build your website you'll have industry leading SEOs ensuring that your site is built to succeed in search.

Law Firm Website Designs <em>That Sign More Cases</em>

Truly Custom DesignsMany law firm web design agencies claim to offer custom design. Only a few actually do. Time and again we see our competitors buying $50 WordPress themes, tweaking the images and colors, and calling them "custom". Not us.

Law Firm Website Designs <em>That Sign More Cases</em>

Responsively CodedIf mobile browsing is the future, the future is here. We simply don’t offer non-responsive websites. It would be the peak of ignorance to do so. When you hire us you can be sure that your website will look and perform it's best across all devices.

What Sets Us Apart?

    Comprehensive Marketing Expertise

    Juris Digital is truly a full service law firm digital marketing agency. We handle everything from technical SEO audits, to website development, to website design, to PR initiatives that result in major wins for our clients.

    Proven Process

    We start by defining your firm's unique qualifications and value propositions to guide the design and user experience of the site. We believe that this sort of holistic approach is essential to producing an effective final product; a website that not only pleases you, but more importantly, a website that positions your firm as the obvious best choice for your potential clients.

    Technical Expertise

    Our WordPress developers are also experienced SEO's, which is a rare match made in heaven when the goal is to produce a website that is both elegant and expertly optimized for search and conversion. Our websites are consistently faster than those produced by our top competitors. The importance of site speed, both now in 2018 and moving forward, simply cannot be overstated.

Law Firm Website Example


  • I've worked with Juris Digital for over two years now, and I'm a happy customer. They've proven their knowledge of legitimate SEO techniques, and they've definitely improved the bottom line value that I get from my websites. Importantly, they also have awesome client service. They do what they say, when they promise, and they follow up to show that it was done. - Andrew Flusche, Esq.
  • We've been a client of Juris Digital for just over four years now, and we are very happy with the results. They've successfully framed our law firm as a trusted authority online, which has resulted in a steady increase in case sign ups. Furthermore, the customer service we've received throughout our relationship has been exceptional. - Kirk McCormick, Esq. | McCormick & Murphy, P.C.
  • I have loved working with Casey and the team at Juris Digital. We have been very impressed with his work ethic and the results they've been able to deliver. I highly recommend them for your law firm. - Andy Gillin | GJEL Accident Attorneys