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    If you’re determined to elevate your law firm’s online visibility, you likely already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is the key. But how do you find the right company when the industry is so saturated with law firm SEO companies?

    Welcome to your one-stop guide, curated with a truly unbiased eye. Here, we not only identify the best law firm SEO services, but we also give you the insights to help you make an educated decision. 

    Why Should You Trust this List? 

    Juris Digital has been fully entrenched in SEO for over a decade. We aren’t just another name in the crowded space of digital agencies; we’re a law firm marketing agency specializing in SEO for lawyers with a track record that speaks volumes. 

    Our team scrutinized thousands of law firm websites and executed successful SEO campaigns for countless others. The result is our unparalleled expertise in identifying strategies that genuinely convert rather than just generate traffic. 

    This is not your average list of the “best law firm SEO companies” hastily pulled from generic internet searches. We sidestep many of the usual names you might find in a quick Google hunt for “law firm SEO services.” Instead, we’ve curated this list based on comprehensive research, case studies, and real-world experiences.

    We have experienced significant growth in customer acquisition and organic traffic since working with Juris Digital. We were thoroughly impressed as they surpassed our expectations in every aspect.

    Attorney Jude Basile

    6 of the Best Law Firm SEO Companies

    Enough talk, though—let’s delve into our list of 6 of the most effective SEO companies in the industry. 


    Company Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Rankings.io is a specialist in law firm SEO with an exclusive focus on personal injury law. They bring a targeted and creative approach to their SEO campaigns, designed to drive your law firm toward the first page of Google’s search results. Their laser focus on SEO for personal injury attorneys gives them a unique edge in a crowded marketplace.

    As much as it pains us to recommend a competitor, Rankings.io’s track record can’t be ignored. Their case studies speak volumes, including one where they boosted a law firm’s intake of cases from search engines by 400%. 

    Rankings.io’s motto, “Anyone can make promises; we give you proof,” neatly sums up their data-driven approach. So, what’s the downside? Their services come at a premium, typically from $50,000 to $199,000. However, they offer a comprehensive array of SEO services, from link building to local SEO and PPC advertising. 

    If you’re a larger personal injury firm looking to dominate search engine rankings, Rankings.io should be on your shortlist of SEO companies to consider.


    Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    LOCOMOTIVE is a different beast altogether when compared to law-firm-specific SEO agencies. They don’t specialize in legal services. However, their technical knowledge and broad industry experience make them an intriguing option for law firms with complex SEO needs. LOCOMOTIVE has displayed its technical expertise with intricate projects involving medical risk detection platform companies, large energy corporations, and industrial fabric firms. 

    Their portfolio showcases a knack for “getting the information right,’ an essential skill set for any law firm looking to dominate online. I’d love to say we have them beat overall, but LOCOMOTIVE’s slew of awards speaks for itself. Their accolades include the Best SEO Agency at both US Search and US Agency Awards in 2022, and they’ve been a Moz Recommended Company since 2012. They recently earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. 

    Even though LOCOMOTIVE is not a law-specific SEO agency, case studies paint a compelling picture. They’ve driven an impressive 764% increase in leads by creating over 2,000 city-specific pages filled with targeted data, tackled complex issues in local SEO, increased revenue for international companies by 163%, and pushed leads up by 120% through content-focused strategies. 

    LOCOMOTIVE is worth considering if you’re willing to look outside the typical law-focused agencies. Their approach is results-driven, inventive, and reliable, reminiscent of the locomotive train that inspires their name. 


    Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    We’ve previously lauded iLawyerMarketing for their excellence in website design, but we’d be remiss not to mention their expertise in SEO for law firms. If there’s a digital marketing agency that keeps us on our toes, it’s iLawyerMarketing. 

    They don’t just bring strong SEO services to the table; they complement that with a robust suite of other digital marketing services like PPC, content creation, and even video production. All these components carefully mesh to maximize visibility and conversion, translating web traffic into actual clients for your law firm. iLawyerMarketing understands that while cost is a concern, the bottom line is value. And that’s where they excel—delivering top-tier services that justify their admittedly high price point. iLawyerMarketing’s perspective on SEO and digital marketing isn’t just about quick fixes, but it’s about building a solid foundation for long-term success.

    Their commitment to in-house talent further separates them from the pack. Since its inception in 2005, iLawyerMarketing has grown to a team of over 40 dedicated professionals, all well-versed in legal SEO’s complexities. They believe in quality over quantity, taking time to craft strategies that stand the test of constantly changing algorithms.

    Simply put, if you’re a law firm serious about making a lasting impression online, bypassing iLawyerMarketing in your considerations could be a mistake. 


    Website | Clients | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    If your law firm is eyeing international expansion or has a global presence, pay attention to Delante. With offices in Poland, London, New York, UAE, and Canada, Delante is truly a global force. But they’re not a jack-of-all-trades agency; they’re a master of one—SEO. 

    While Delante caters to many industries, including manufacturing, export companies, and IT, their approach to SEO is universally hands-on and tailored to your unique business needs. When you work with Delante, their team effectively becomes an extension of your own, providing strategies and the tactical capabilities to execute them. 

    From the get-go, communication is direct and to the point. No account managers serve as intermediaries. You’re in touch directly with the SEO specialists working on your project, which brings responsiveness and expertise to client interactions often missing in other agencies.

    Perhaps most compelling is their proven track record. Founded in 2014 by a trio of marketing and SEO experts, they have grown into a team of 52 professionals and have consistently earned a spot in prestigious rankings like the Financial Times’ FT1000. Delante operates in over 20 countries and has expertise in over 30 industries. Moreover, they’ve been recognized globally with multiple awards, most notably being named SEO Agency of the Year 2022 by Global Agency Awards.

    Shoreline Digital Marketing Solutions

    Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    If your law firm is looking to thrive amid fierce local competition, consider Shoreline Digital Marketing Solutions. While they are not exclusive to law firms, they have proven case studies demonstrating their exceptional legal SEO skills. They’ve also received recognition from DesignRush for being one of the best digital marketing agencies. 

    Let’s talk numbers, though. Shoreline catapulted one of their attorney clients, achieving a 483% increase in keyword ranking, an 11.93% bump in overall traffic, and a 36.60% rise in organic leads within three months. They started this firm’s campaign with a well-rounded optimization plan covering everything from accurate informational content to SEO-friendly content distribution. The result? The law firm client saw their keyword ranking skyrocket nearly tenfold in a year.

    Their services are wide-ranging and comprehensive, including SEO and PPC ads. The custom client portal allows real-time monitoring of key performance metrics, including SEO, analytics, calls, social media, website performance, and PPC. In short, Shoreline aims to elevate every element that makes your business unique. 


    Website | Case Studies | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    LawRank is a specialized digital marketing agency that focuses on helping law firms ascend the Google rankings. With a founding team that includes Mariano Rodriguez, a UCLA School of Law graduate, LawRank marries technical SEO expertise with an intimate understanding of the legal industry.

    Their preferred client profile is rather specific—LawRank likes to work with law firms that have tried other marketing companies and who understand the effort and cost associated with SEO. They have secured first-page Google rankings for law firms in highly competitive practice areas, such as personal injury and criminal law, and in competitive markets like Los Angeles and Miami.

    LawRank’s services include a variety of digital strategies, including PPC advertising and content creation, but their true forte is search engine optimization (SEO). Their promise of exclusivity means they won’t work with competing law firms in your area, ensuring a dedicated focus on your online performance. LawRank’s case studies boast impressive figures, including an attorney who saw a 1,132% increase in first-time calls and a doubling in website traffic.

    The agency does have its limitations, such as potentially high starting costs. However, LawRank’s track record suggests they are worth the investment for law firms serious about ranking on the first page of Google for a particular search term.

    There you have it—our recommendations for 6 of the best law firm SEO companies in the United States, not named Juris Digital. As a premier law firm marketing agency, we understand the distinct SEO needs of legal professionals. If you want to learn more about our SEO and digital marketing services for law firms, contact us today! 

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    Helpful Tips To Know When Researching Law Firm SEO Companies

    Asking the right questions before deciding to hire an SEO company is crucial. You want to select a company that understands the unique requirements of law firm digital marketing and recognizes your individual SEO needs. 

    Here are some things to consider when evaluating SEO legal marketing firms. 

    What Are the Key Factors That Make an SEO Service Ideal for Law Firms?

    Different-sized law firms have varying needs. The best law firm SEO companies, like Juris Digital, go beyond basic established practices to focus on your specific needs and what you’re trying to accomplish with an SEO campaign. Are you looking for lead generation, to start a PPC program, to improve local rankings, or to create reputation management? Choose a law firm marketing company willing to tailor a campaign to your needs. 

    How Do I Evaluate the Effectiveness of an SEO Service for My Law Firm?

    Determining effectiveness involves looking at key performance indicators (KPIs), such as organic traffic, conversation rates, and keyword rankings. At Juris Digital, we provide transparent custom reporting and detailed analytics so you know precisely how your website performs. Be sure your services include regular reporting and data that explains what’s working and what’s not. 

    What Types of SEO Services Are Most Important for Law Firms?

    Law firms can benefit from a wide variety of SEO services. At Juris Digital, we specialize in: 

    • On-page optimization—ensures each page of your website is optimized for both search engines and users;
    • Off-page optimization—involves link-building, which helps improve site authority by securing high-quality backlinks;
    • Technical SEO—helps search engines crawl your site, load quickly, and stay secure; 
    • Content marketing— provides well-researched and keyword-optimized content that helps answer potential clients’ questions and drives new leads; and 
    • Local SEO—helps prospective clients find you in local search results. 

    A good company will understand the importance of SEO for law firms and have a viable strategy to achieve your desired results. 

    How Do SEO Needs Differ Among Various Types of Law Practices?

    Not only do SEO needs vary by firm size, but they can differ by practice area, too. Criminal defense firms might primarily focus on urgent, location-specific, and crime-specific keywords. In comparison, family law attorneys often want marketing content that answers clients’ most common questions about divorce and child custody. 

    Corporate law firms might need structured campaigns for nationwide or international marketing efforts, while employment lawyers want to rank for complex technical and procedural terms. Understanding every law firm’s needs is where Juris Digital shines. We excel at creating tailored SEO strategies to bring you optimal results. 

    What Should I Expect to Pay for Quality Law Firm SEO Services?

    The overall cost varies depending on your needs and the company’s rates. Juris Digital’s ongoing SEO programs generally start at $2,000 monthly for a single practice area in one market. Many clients fall in the $5,000 per month range. However, it’s common for larger firms to spend in the five figures because they require more comprehensive services in multiple markets. 

    Do Law Firms Need to Hire an SEO Firm Specializing in Legal Services, or Is a Standard One Sufficient?

    The short answer is—it depends. Generally, having a company specializing in law firm marketing is always better. However, you will note that we included some recommendations for companies not strictly focused on law firm SEO. That’s because their SEO skills and technical expertise might make them the ideal fit for your law firm. 

    Legal marketing differs significantly from other industries in many ways. Getting the information right is paramount—you shouldn’t have to teach your SEO company how the law works. Hiring a law firm marketing agency like Juris Digital that specializes in SEO for lawyers means you’re getting the benefits of a company that: 

    • Has writers and editors on staff who are licensed attorneys, 
    • Understands the unique advertising rules and ethical guidelines that all law firms must adhere to, 
    • Knows how to custom-design an SEO strategy that aligns with your firm’s individual needs, and 
    • Prioritizes measurable outcomes over mere outputs. 

    Working with Juris Digital is more like a partnership than a vendor relationship. Unlike some SEO companies, we don’t just do the work. Instead, we actively guide your SEO campaign and require your valuable insights to make it more effective.

    Remember, the ultimate goal is to find an agency to build a collaborative relationship with. In a world where anyone can claim to be an SEO expert, look for an agency that delivers on its promises and understands the specialized needs and ethics of the legal profession.

    Casey Meraz Casey Meraz is an entrepreneur, SEO expert, investor, creator, husband, father, friend, and CEO of Juris Digital. Casey is a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of two books on digital marketing, including "Local Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers" and “How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit”
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