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    We recently launched a project we are really excited about for our client Pines Federal. It’s a microsite that lives within their main website with one purpose: To house lists of the best federal employment attorneys in cities across the US.

    Pictured: The main directory page for the best lawyer microsite. View it live here.

    The main directory page enables the user to select their location and their case type to find a list of relevant lawyers to help them with their legal issues.

    This strategy will enable the firm to rank for its primary, transactional keywords in any city across the US. For example, they can rank for “best EEO attorneys in Houston” or “MSPB attorneys in Los Angeles” by curating lists of the best lawyers in those markets, and publishing them within this microsite.

    Pictured: The individual list page for the best lawyer microsite. View it live here.

    We are thrilled with how this came out, and so is the client. And, within just days of launching the microsite is already ranking in Google for it’s intended keywords. Here’s an example:

    Pictured: Google search result page for the keyword “mspb lawyers houston

    Find this interesting?

    If you think this is the kind of initiative that could benefit your firm, reach out to us to start a project. In your inquiry just say “I want a best lawyer microsite”!

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