Juris Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of Ferrante & Koenig’s new website, a groundbreaking project that marries the innovative StoryBrand framework with our expertise in legal web design.

    This launch marks a significant milestone, as it’s the first time we’ve fully integrated the StoryBrand principles into both the copy and design of a law firm website.

    Visit the site here: Ferrante & Koenig.

    The StoryBrand Framework: Simplifying the Complex

    The StoryBrand framework, developed by Donald Miller, is a strategic marketing approach that simplifies the communication of a brand’s value proposition. It’s based on the timeless elements of storytelling, where the client is the hero, and the brand (in this case, Ferrante & Koenig) is the guide that helps them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

    Key Elements of the StoryBrand Framework:

    1. A Character: The client, who has a problem.
    2. A Problem: Legal challenges faced by the client.
    3. A Guide: Ferrante & Koenig, offering expertise and empathy.
    4. A Plan: Clear steps Ferrante & Koenig provide to help the client.
    5. A Call to Action: Encouraging the client to engage with Ferrante & Koenig.
    6. Avoiding Failure: Addressing the risks of not seeking professional legal help.
    7. Ending in Success: Showcasing the successful outcomes Ferrante & Koenig delivers.

    The Ferrante & Koenig Website: A StoryBrand Showcase

    Pictured: The above-the-fold area of FKFirm.com

    The new website for Ferrante & Koenig is a testament to the power of the StoryBrand framework in the legal field. Let’s delve into how we’ve woven these principles into the site’s copy and design, particularly the homepage.

    Homepage Design and Copy: A StoryBrand Journey

    1. Client as the Hero: Right from the start, the homepage speaks directly to the client’s needs and challenges, positioning them as the central character in their legal journey. Using collage-style imagery we paint a clear picture of how the firm can help deliver the client from their current bleak situation to better days.
    2. Identifying the Problem: The copy clearly outlines common legal challenges and pain points, resonating with the client’s situation.
    3. Introducing the Guide: Ferrante & Koenig is introduced as a knowledgeable and empathetic guide, equipped with the expertise to navigate complex legal waters. We developed the tagline “We are attorneys who guide you to better days after an accident” to convey exactly what the firm does.
    4. Presenting a Plan: The homepage lays out a straightforward, 3-step plan of how Ferrante & Koenig will assist the client, instilling confidence and clarity.
    5. Clear Call to Action: The site features prominent calls to action, using a consistent button, color, and copy (Get Your Free Consult) inviting clients to engage with Ferrante & Koenig and start their journey toward resolution.
    6. Highlighting the Stakes: The copy addresses what’s at risk without proper legal guidance, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right legal partner.
    7. Success Stories: Testimonials and case studies on the homepage underscore successful outcomes, painting a picture of success for potential clients.

    Forward-Thinking Legal Marketing

    This project represents a significant leap forward in how law firms can communicate their value and connect with clients. By leveraging the StoryBrand framework, we’ve created a website for Ferrante & Koenig that stands out aesthetically and resonates deeply with its audience.

    At Juris Digital, we’re committed to pioneering new approaches in legal marketing. The Ferrante & Koenig website is a prime example of how innovative frameworks like StoryBrand can be expertly adapted to the legal industry, enhancing our client’s digital presence and client engagement.

    Does this look interesting to you? Reach out to us anytime to discuss a strategic website project using the StoryBrand framework.

    Matt Green Hi, I'm Matt. I am the Chief Strategy Officer here at Juris Digital. I love SEO, content marketing, and brand development, and I am so grateful that my job is to help exceptional lawyers deploy these marketing tools to help more people. If you have specific topics you'd like to discuss with me, please feel free to email me.
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