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Subtle Website Changes for BIG Conversion Improvements

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Subtle-Website-Changes-for-BIG-Conversion-ImprovementsIt doesn’t matter how much traffic your law firm’s website generates if it doesn’t inspire people to contact you. Adopting strong SEO practices, staying relevant on social media and networking with other professionals are all good ways to boost your website’s success, but they’re not the only things you can do.

Consider these five subtle design changes, which can have a big impact on your website’s conversion rate.

1. Create and Emphasize a Strong Value Proposition

There’s no doubt that your firm’s major competitors have a website. You’re competing for the same clients, so it’s essential that your value proposition stands out from the crowd. Be bold when you tell potential clients what your firm can do for them.

Make a conscious effort to communicate a value that is distinct from your competition. Use numbers rather simply telling your potential clients that you have “great customer service”.

“We have a 98% success rate for our clients” is better than “We have great results”.

2. Publish Firm Accolades, Case Results, News, and Press on Your Blog

By taking the time to publish quick blog posts about your law firm’s accomplishments, you can help establish trust between your firm and prospective clients. Here are examples of the kind of topics that are great to publish on your blog:

  • Awards and/or accolades
  • Case results
  • Community involvement
  • Attorney news
  • Press or media mentions

The goal of publishing this type of content is not necessarily to drive traffic, but rather to convey to your website’s visitors that your firm is well established, active in the community, and successful, which can have an enormous positive impact on conversion rate.

3. Ensure That Your Site is Functional on ALL Devices and Browsers

A website that functions as it should on a desktop or laptop computer is essential, but it’s also important that your firm’s site is fully functional on mobile devices (phones, tablets, phablets, etc.).

Many of your potential clients do research from their smartphones and tablets. If your firm’s website isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, you’re missing out on new clients. Make sure that all areas of your website are available on mobile devices (I suggest responsive design) and that it’s easy for potential clients on mobile devices to contact your firm.

Similarly, insist that your web designer checks compatibility across all the major web browsers. There is not more certain way to lose out on a conversion than your website not displaying properly on your potential customer’s browser of choice.

4. Make it Easy for All Potential Clients to Contact Your Firm

The end goal of your law firm’s website is to convert visitors into clients. In order to do that, you need to make it easy for potential clients to contact you. Offer multiple contact options such as an online consult request, email address and phone number. Giving potential clients different ways to get in touch with you subtly communicates that your attorneys are easy to reach, flexible and approachable.

5. Establish Your Attorneys as Thought Leaders

Potential clients want to know not only the practice areas and credentials of your firm, but also its position as an industry leader. Hiring an attorney is personal; your potential clients want to know that the attorney they’ll be working with is not only friendly and easy to work with, but also that she has a reputation as a leader in her field.

You can help establish your firm’s attorneys as thought leaders by publishing and sharing a wide variety of content about new and hot topics in the field. Have your firm’s most experienced members share their opinions and expertise via articles or blogs.

Too Long; Didn’t Read:

Website design changes don’t have to be big and flashy in order to be effective. In fact, more subtle tweaks can have an amazing impact on your website’s overall conversion rate. Whatever changes you need to make, remember to keep branding and content consistent across the site. Bring your site in line with your firm’s value proposition and you’re likely to see an uptick in its conversion rate.