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Law Firm Marketing Plan

What is the difference between a marketing plan and a strategy? Law firms should use marketing strategies to help them reach out to potential clients. Marketing plans are more...

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Google Posts for Law Firms

Does your law firm take advantage of Google Posts? The Google My Business dashboard that allows business owners to post updates about their business and have them appear directly...

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Law Firm Website Content

Want to create effective law firm website content? This post is for you. Want to hire someone to do it for you? Yep, this post is for you too....

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9 Blogging Tips for Attorney

How to Earn New Clients by Publishing Strategic Online Content By now every business owner has heard “You should be blogging” at least a few times. Lawyers are no...

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Increase Your Lead Close Rates

If your attorney SEO program or paid search marketing is not generating enough signed cases, the first step needs to be looking internally. One of the biggest problems I...

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Top 7 Must-Have Cars for Attorneys

Are you a Lincoln lawyer? An Audi advocate? A Porsche practitioner? A Benz barrister? …Or are you maybe more of a Kia counselor? If you’re wondering what kind of...

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Scorpion Design Review

This post was originally published June 2017. It has since been updated with new information and was most recently updated on October 9, 2020. A Review of Scorpion’s Web...

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Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Personal injury lawyers face unique marketing challenges. Most markets across the United States are extremely crowded for injury and accident law firms and, of course, high impact cases tend...

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DUI Attorney Marketing

Want more DUI cases for your criminal defense law firm? You’ve clicked on the right article. I’m writing this post because I just Googled “marketing for dui attorneys“, and...

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Mobile Marketing For Lawyers

Mobile marketing needs to be a top priority for law firms that want to sign more clients from online traffic sources. Mobile is becoming more important every day and...

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Small Law Firm Marketing

Essential Online Marketing Advice for Small and Startup Law Firms Small law firms face different marketing challenges than larger law firms. This is not a ground breaking concept: Small...

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The Ultimate List of Legal Blogs

What Are Legal Blogs? How Important Are Legal Blogs Today? As everything around us becomes more digitized, the way that consumers treat online material has changed, too. Prior to...

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Top 10 Best Briefcases for Lawyers

A Comprehensive List of Best Briefcases for Improving Lawyers’ Caseload Efficiency, Professionalism, and Personal Style Being a lawyer is all about living in the details. Of course, there’s no...

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Why Do Lawyers Blog?

Lawyers are busy people. Between meeting with clients, appearing in court, handling paperwork, and plenty of other day-to-day responsibilities, finding the time to sit down and write a fresh...

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