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The purpose of this blog is to help you make more informed choices when it comes to your law firm's internet marketing efforts. If there is a topic that you would like to see covered, and you do not see it in our blog, we encourage you to contact us and we will do our best to address it.

SEO Rankings

Mistakes You’re Making While Checking Your Rankings

Several times a week I have conversations with clients regarding their keyword rankings. If it’s a new client I usually hear things like “I’m already doing very well since I’m #1 for Car Accident Lawyer”, or a similar statement. As the conversation usually progresses I am told that although they...

Pay Per Click

Selecting The Right Budget for Your PPC Campaign

In the initial stages of making the decision to advertise on paid search one of the decisions to make is to determine what your paid search budget should look like. A number of factors would need to play into this decision. To start you would need to develop a rough...


A Review of FindLaw’s SEO Offering

FindLaw provides SEO and website design services to thousands of law firms across the nation. We have talked to dozens of lawyers who have had nothing but positive experiences with them. There is no question that they have some happy clients.   At the same time, we have enough first...


Questions To Ask Before Switching SEO Companies

Recently I have been helping new customers switch from other providers or website hosting companies. Sometimes the way clients are held hostage is frustrating and unethical. Just the mere thought of switching SEO or marketing companies can be a bit dreadful. If you’re not tech savvy it can seem like...

Penalty Notice

Is My Website Penalized by Google?

Did you know that Google penalizes websites that operate outside of their terms of service? A couple of years ago Google was actively penalizing a lot of law firm websites who were going after links in unnatural ways. But penalties are not just limited to law firm websites. In fact...

Delivering Donuts and Creating Relationships Works

Offline Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients

Everyday I’m talking about, speaking about, or writing about digital marketing ideas for attorneys. The internet is so broad and there are so many ways to generate new clients online through having a website, being listed in the right places, paid options, and more. One area I don’t cover too...