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How to Track Conversions (Leads) from Your Law Firm’s Website

Have you ever wondered which of your digital marketing efforts are actually producing leads, and which aren’t? To make sure that your law firm spends it’s digital marketing dollars on the most effective channels possible, it’s essential to track the conversions that your website produces. Without conversion tracking set up it is impossible to tell – Read More

3 Reasons Lawyers Need an Informational Keyword Strategy

What are informational keywords? Traditionally, web marketers have categorized keywords by three general types: Transactional keywords People use transactional keywords to find specific products or services. An example of a transactional keyword from the legal field is best dui lawyer near me. These are the keywords people search just prior to making a purchasing decision. – Read More

5 Ways Lawyers Can Get More Google Reviews

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s worth considering how your law firm can differentiate itself from the competition online. One effective way to accomplish this differentiation is to proactively work towards getting lots of authentic reviews on Google. Google reviews benefit both your search engine rankings and your law firm’s online reputation. But how do – Read More