Being a personal injury lawyer entails more than just handling legal complexities and representing injured clients. The competition in this field is fierce, making personal injury marketing a crucial component of your law practice.

    As an attorney looking for effective personal injury lawyer marketing strategies to land bigger cases—such as truck accidents, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and wrongful deaths—and to serve your community best, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Personal Injury Marketing Techniques You Can Start Right Now

    In today’s digital age, the faster you can get your digital marketing up to speed, the better. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing provides precise audience targeting, better client engagement, and a significant return on investment. Additionally, digital marketing offers law firms a platform to establish their expertise and credibility with potential clients, and the longer your track record here, the more trust you will earn. The decision to delay could see your law firm miss out on a wealth of opportunities, falling behind competitors who strategically use the digital landscape. So where should you start?

    There are three tactics that you can begin right away to make a significant impact. First, you need to present potential clients with fresh, local, relevant content. This approach will enhance your SEO efforts and help attract potential clients nearby searching for attorney information or legal advice. Second, leveraging official communications to provide commentary on serious accidents amplifies your visibility and solidifies your position as an authority in your field. Last, sharing your expertise on the valuation of wrongful death, TBI, truck accidents, and other high-value cases positions you as a potential trusted partner to a client. Each of these strategies not only boosts your online presence but also establishes a firm foundation in personal injury law, instilling trust and confidence in your potential clients.

    1. Blog About Serious Accidents in Your Area

    One effective means of injury lawyer advertising is to create localized content. By publishing blog posts to your website addressing severe accidents in your area, you can boost search engine optimization (SEO), enhance your online visibility, engage with your target audience, and showcase your areas of legal expertise.

    Let’s use one of our PI clients in Dallas as an example. They started a wrongful death blog that primarily covers local accidents within the state of Texas. Some of these accidents come from news sources, while others are sourced directly by the client. 

    Between the beginning of June 2023 and the end of August 2023, just three months, the organic traffic on their site increased by nearly 620%. This was due to a number of factors, such as the consistency of their posting, keyword targeting, and overall news coverage. One of the unique things that top pages had in common was the presence of legal commentary. Implementing this strategy lends a professional yet personal element to the content.

    When creating blog posts about local accidents, make sure to keep these tips in mind:

    • Stay informed of local news. Keep updated on daily news, subscribe to local news alerts, and maintain relationships with local law enforcement agencies.
    • Discuss legal aspects of the incidents. Explore the legal complications arising from the accidents, such as liability, types of injuries sustained, potential settlements, and practical insights for potential clients.
    • Include statistics and facts. Use reliable, fact-based information sourced from relevant organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the National Safety Council.
    • Feature case studies and success stories. Share successful representations of similar cases you have handled in the past, along with the outcomes and your role in achieving them.

    Remember to always adhere to marketing guidelines and confidentiality agreements when discussing real cases. The objective here is to build trust, both from search engines and potential personal injury clients!

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    2. Issue Press Releases Providing Commentary on Serious Accidents

    As you can see, when it comes to how to get personal injury clients, being proactive in offering commentary on local serious accidents can quickly help position you as an expert in your field. Press releases are an excellent way to share your insights, as they can reach a wider audience, help victims understand their legal options, and connect you with potential clients seeking representation. 

    This route can be a great option to boost traffic to your site and attract leads. By doing press releases on accidents that aren’t reported by local news outlets, firms can garner exposure and traffic as the source of the information.

    If you do implement this strategy, consider the following when crafting your press releases:

    • Be timely and relevant. Ensure that your press releases reflect current events and provide pertinent insights.
    • Focus on the legal angle. Discuss the legal consequences and potential outcomes of the accident, along with any legal challenges the victims may face.
    • Offer quotable statements for the media. Include media-friendly soundbites that journalists can use in news articles or broadcasts, helping to increase your visibility as an expert voice on personal injury cases.

    Digital wire services such as EIN Presswire and PR Newswire provide a convenient way to get your press releases out to news outlets who need them, but they also make great content for your law firm’s website. As another great example, check out the press release section on the website for personal injury law firm Clifford Law Offices. Clifford Law is not a Juris Digital client, but they are issuing press releases in the best way possible to improve their digital marketing results!

    3. Create Informational Content on High-Value Cases

    Another essential component of personal injury marketing is producing relevant, educational content to help potential clients navigate high-value personal injury cases. By crafting informative articles to address topics like wrongful death, TBI, and truck accidents, you can present yourself as a leading authority on these complex legal matters, thus attracting high-value clients.

    For someone suffering through a personal injury, one of the absolute most relevant pieces of information they are seeking is the potential value of a case like theirs! For this reason, it’s important not to shy away from these valuations. Share your industry knowledge with the people who are looking for it in all kinds of shareable content, from social media posts to videos to email newsletters. This content can help build your firm’s brand awareness and trust in the community.

    Keep these tips in mind when creating informative content on case values:

    • Understand your audience. The primary audience for this kind of content is often victims searching for guidance related to personal injury claims. Understanding their concerns and answering their questions in a concise, clear manner is crucial.
    • Include real case evaluations. Incorporating real-world examples and case studies can provide practical insight for readers and establish your firm as experienced and knowledgeable.
    • Break down the valuation process. Detail the processes involved in determining case values. Explain factors such as medical costs, loss of earnings, emotional distress, and any other components that are factored into the overall value.
    • Add a call to action. Encourage readers to reach out to your firm for further guidance and personalized evaluation. This can help convert readers into potential clients.

    The tactical integration of these approaches to your personal injury marketing strategy can significantly enhance your law firm’s visibility and reputation starting right now. Not only will these methods increase your success rate in securing high-value personal injury cases, but they will also help establish your firm as a serious contender in this highly competitive area of law.

    A consistent focus on major incidents in your field and insightful commentary to the media, combined with high-quality, educational content for potential clients, is the trifecta that can amplify your standing in the industry. It’s a focus that should be at the heart of all your personal injury marketing strategies, beyond digital marketing alone. This approach not only displays your expertise but keeps your practice in the public eye, making you the go-to name in personal injury law when victims require representation.

    But remember: a strategy is only as effective as its implementation. Consistency, quality, and relevance are the cornerstones of successful personal injury marketing. With diligent application of these tactics, you can be confident in your ability to attract larger personal injury cases.

    Does Personal Injury Marketing Really Matter for Law Firms?

    Based on statistics, personal injury attorney marketing plays a critical role in today’s legal landscape. For instance, in 2022 the personal injury market reached $53.1 billion, with an annual growth of 1.9%. With the number of personal injury attorneys expected to remain consistent, a continuously growing market ensures opportunities for specialist lawyers.

    Moreover, personal injury law includes some large cases indeed, due to the frequent (and potentially catastrophic) occurrence of traffic accidents, workplace incidents, faulty goods cases, and malpractice cases. These potentially lucrative cases are the kind that lawyers must compete for. By some estimates, there are now more than 50,000 personal injury lawyers in the market, demonstrating the industry’s saturation and the necessity for effective marketing strategies to stand out. Without a results-based marketing strategy, personal injury attorneys risk getting lost in the shuffle when it comes to landing high-value cases.

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    Why Digital Marketing Is the Best Starting Place in Personal Injury Marketing

    In the modern legal landscape, any marketing strategy for personal injury attorneys should begin with digital marketing. After all, that’s where most personal injury clients will be starting! Over 70% of online experiences commence with a search engine. This means any effective digital marketing strategy should include search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of a personal injury law firm’s online presence.

    Given the intense competition in the personal injury market, digital marketing represents a measurable approach to set firms apart. Some personal injury markets in the United States are extremely crowded, making finding high-impact cases a considerable challenge. Hence, a well-structured digital marketing strategy can be instrumental in helping personal injury lawyers market their services and attract high-value clients faster and more effectively than direct mail, out-of-home advertising, and other marketing tactics can.

    Stephen King Steve King is the Director of Existing Growth at Juris Digital. He started his career in internet marketing as a copywriter, but found himself diving deeper into marketing in short order. After discovering SEO and content marketing, he was hooked. Steve is a firm believer in delivering outstanding content and website optimization in order to drive visibility.
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