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    Discover How Top Law Firm Competitors Dominate Your Market and Learn the Strategies You Need To Focus On To Sign More Of Your Best Cases

    Are you looking to attract more clients and grow your law firm?

    Juris Digital specializes in helping law firms like yours thrive through effective digital marketing that drives more case sign ups.

    Our comprehensive, no-obligation digital marketing review is valued at over $1,000 and is designed to provide you with actionable insights to enhance your online presence, outperform competitors, and drive more cases.

    What’s Included

    Free Digital Marketing Audit

    The report is comprehensive so it takes a few days to put together. Once we put it together we will deliver an easy to understand executive summary of our findings as well as a brief roadmap on how you can improve. We will also include all of the details on our findings such as:

    1. Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
    We will take the time to understand who is performing well for the types of cases you want in your city. This includes things like:

    • Market Positioning: See who’s leading in your market across social media, search, and paid channels.
    • Web Traffic Analysis: Understand how much traffic your competitors are generating and from where.
    • Social Media Performance: Report on strategies other law firms are taking advantage of in your area.
    • Content Analysis: Identify successful content firms in your city are using to generate high quality inbound leads that come to them.

    2. Firm Website Performance Review

    • SEO Analysis: An overview of how your site is performing and identification of gaps you can fill.
    • User Experience: Evaluate site speed, mobile responsiveness, and user navigation.
    • Conversion Rate Optimization: Find opportunities to improve your call-to-actions and lead capture forms. **Most law firms get this wrong!**

    3. Local Search Review

    • Google Business Profile Review: Ensure your Google local business profile is fully optimized.
    • Citation & Legal Directory Analysis: Check the accuracy of your business listings across the web.

    4. Paid Search Evaluation

    • PPC Campaign Review: Analyze your current PPC efforts and find areas for improvement.
    • Ad Performance: Benchmark your ads against top competitors.
    • Local Service Ads Performance: Review and enhance your LSA presence.

    5. Social Media Review

    • Profile Optimization: Ensure your social profiles are complete and optimized.
    • Content Strategy: Assess your social media content strategy.
    • Ad Performance: Evaluate and improve your social media advertising campaigns.

    6. Lead Response Time Analysis

    • Mystery Shopping: Test your firm’s response times and client intake process.
    • Benchmarking: Compare your performance to industry standards.

    7. Actionable Recommendations

    • Strengths and Weaknesses: Comprehensive summary of your digital marketing status.
    • Strategic Roadmap: Step-by-step plan for immediate and long-term improvements.

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    Why Are We Doing This?

    Law Firm SEO Expert Casey Meraz Smiling

    The reason we’re doing this is simple. We love to educate, provide value, and help great law firms get found. But the digital marketing (and especially law firm SEO market) is full of people who promise one thing but do another.

    It really frustrates me that there is so much BAD information so easily accessible from people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    So if you’re ready to cut through the noise and learn what actually works, see if you’re a fit for our free offer program by filling in the information above. – Casey Meraz, Founder @ Juris Digital

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