The best divorce lawyer websites are visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Your law firm’s website should also clearly explain what services you offer, as well as any other details potential clients need to know.

    Looking for a little inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite divorce lawyer websites. They feature gorgeous designs, user-friendly layouts, high-quality content, and more. Keep reading to discover our top 8 website designs for divorce attorneys. Along the way, we’ll discuss pro tips for getting the most out of your website.

    Top 8 Divorce Lawyer Website Designs

    Now that you know what factors to consider when creating your website or hiring a web design agency, you can start perusing other lawyer websites to get some creative ideas. Here are our 8 favorite divorce lawyer websites.

    1. The Stout Law Firm

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: The Stout Law Firm has a Houston-centric website, which is great for local SEO. Here are some highlights:

    • The website’s URL and main heading are designed to boost its rank on Google search;
    • The firm’s phone number and consultation forms are easy to find on both desktop and mobile versions of the site; and
    • Logos from prominent legal associations add credibility to the firm’s capabilities.

    Key Takeaway: Focusing on local SEO is a smart tactic for divorce lawyer websites. Google prioritizes local results for individuals searching for divorce attorneys, so it could help your site rank above the competition.

    2. The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: The Lincoln Law Firm website’s one-of-a-kind imagery makes it memorable. Here’s what else stands out:

    • The main image rotates between an apple, a compass, and puzzle pieces and uses corresponding headlines that speak to common pain points of divorce;
    • The language on the home page and throughout the site answers clients’ questions and concerns; and
    • Practice area pages feature testimonials and topic-related blog posts that build trust for potential clients.

    Key Takeaway: A great divorce lawyer website will emphasize helping clients over serving as a law firm brag sheet. Meeting clients’ needs in a unique way makes your website memorable.

    3. Kraayeveld Family Law Attorneys

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: The Kraayeveld Family Law Attorneys website nails SEO. It uses meta titles, meta descriptions, and on-page language that help its site achieve the second position on Google for the highly searched phrase “Grand Rapids divorce lawyers.” More standout features include:

    • The homepage images and wording are dynamic, and they all speak to common concerns clients have when facing a divorce;
    • An AI-powered chatbot allows the firm to capture important information from potential clients 24/7; and
    • Multiple calls to action (CTAs) on each page make it easy for potential clients to contact the firm wherever they are on the website.

    Key Takeaway: An SEO-optimized website is crucial for getting new clients. Use targeted keywords for your practice areas and your physical location. This will help you rank on page 1 of organic search. Remember: if your website is on page 2 of search, it may as well not exist.

    4. Jones Divorce and Family Law

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: The autumnal colors, peaceful forest imagery, and stylized “J” on the home page evoke a serene experience. This mood contrasts with what most people imagine when it comes to divorce—a possible contentious legal fight. Here are other eye-catching features:

    • Three CTAs on the home page header accommodate potential clients at the three points of the marketing funnel—learn more (awareness), book a consultation (consideration), and get started (conversion);
    • The language throughout the site speaks to individuals who may have a complex divorce situation; and
    • A resource library includes downloadables and content related to divorce procedures and healing after a divorce.

    Key Takeaway: This site is the most client-centric of the top 7 divorce lawyer websites listed here. Designing a website that is user-focused can help boost its SEO performance. Google prioritizes websites that provide helpful and unique information, and this site achieves that goal.

    5. Riddle & Hanna, PLC

    Company Website | Testimonials | Facebook | Contact Info

    Strengths: Is divorce law one of your firm’s many practice areas? A diverse set of legal offerings can complicate your website’s design. Riddle & Hanna, PLC manages to communicate its many strengths in a single bold image. When it comes to connecting to potential clients, a few items stand out:

    • The page for family law and divorce goes all-in on local SEO, using location-based keywords on the page and in meta descriptions;
    • Each page includes a prominent phone number and contact form, making it easy for potential clients to reach out; and
    • The website gives users the option to read the site’s content in Spanish or English.

    Key Takeaway: Even if your firm covers a wide range of practice areas, be sure to optimize your pages for local SEO. Your divorce attorney web page can still rank high on Google search with the right combination of targeted keywords and helpful information.

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    5. Randal Lowry & Associates

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: The homepage image is as striking as it is clever. Potential clients are sure to remember the charging rhino and the creative corresponding headline. But that’s not the only thing that makes this website great. Here are a few other points:

    • A bold color scheme paired with large, succinct headings keeps the user’s eyes moving through key content;
    • Callout text in a different color and font from the rest helps potential clients see important information at a glance; and
    • An FAQ page answers common client questions and can boost the site’s search rank.

    Key Takeaway: FAQs are useful for website SEO in several ways. First, they provide helpful information, which Google prioritizes above other content. Second, an FAQ section with the proper schema data encoded on it makes it easier for Google to highlight the page as featured content on the first search results page.

    6. Haid & Teich, LLP

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: This family law firm takes every step to ensure that women in the Chicago area who need a divorce attorney will find its website. The website URL, page headings, and metadata are all targeted to show up on page 1 when women search for a Chicagoland divorce attorney for women. Other items that set this divorce attorney website apart:

    • A search bar at the top of the home page makes it easy for users to find the exact content they’re looking for;
    • A “divorce roadmap” infographic on the home page is easily shareable on social media; and
    • A review button on the sidebar of each page helps current and former clients give feedback that can be used in various ways for marketing the firm.

    Key Takeaway: Garnering positive reviews is vital for divorce law firms. This is especially true given that 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their buying decisions. Make it easy for clients to leave reviews through an online form. And be sure to ask clients to review your firm on Google to boost your local search rank. Be careful to follow Google’s best practices for soliciting reviews.

    7. Levine Family Law Group

    Company Website | Testimonials | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: A simple design with calming colors, plenty of white space, and straightforward icons makes navigating this divorce law firm website a breeze. Other features that make this website unique:

    • Four-star Google and Yelp reviews on the home page build trust with potential clients;
    • Quotes from satisfied former clients stand out on the bottom of each web page; and
    • A resources page provides downloadable content that is helpful for potential clients and allows the firm to capture client lead contact information.

    Key Takeaway: Build a robust email list of potential clients by providing downloadable white papers and guides on your website. By gating this content (requiring a user to give their email address and name before accessing the downloads), you can create a stream of warm leads that will remember your firm if they find themselves or their loved ones needing a divorce lawyer.

    8. Rosen Law Firm

    Company Website | Client Stories | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Strengths: When it comes to providing user-friendly content and answering readers’ questions, few websites do it better than North Carolina divorce lawyer practice, Rosen Law Firm. At the top of the website’s home page, you’ll find clickable links with information on how to navigate every facet of getting a divorce in North Carolina. Scroll down to discover tools such as a child support calculator. Just a few of the highlights of Rosen Law Firm’s website include: 

    • Easy-to-find, useful information on absolute divorce, alimony, property division, child custody, divorce and taxes, and much more; 
    • Rosen Online, which enables you to get a DIY divorce online (with unlimited attorney access, separation agreement templates, and a form builder); 
    • Child support and alimony calculator tools; and
    • A divorce eCourse and eBooks. 

    Key Takeaway: Rosen Law Firm publishes reader-centric content that addresses website visitors’ needs, wants, and pain points while fully answering their questions. By doing so, this firm ensures readers will remember them when the time comes to hire a divorce lawyer. 

    We’ve seen huge increases in our page rankings, in our web traffic, in our form submissions. We are seeing steady improvement. That’s the sort of results that we were promised.

    Attorney Joshua Massingill

    How to Build a Great Divorce Attorney Website

    When it comes to building a great website for your divorce law firm, you’ll need to do four things. 

    1. Create a Unique Website Design

    Every other divorce law firm website looks the same: photos of the legal team, dark or neutral colors, and serif fonts galore. All these designs are forgettable. 

    If you want potential clients to remember your law firm when they’re in need of a divorce, you need to make your look and feel memorable. Bold standalone images in the header, strong page titles, skimmable content, and easy-to-find contact forms combine to create a great user experience.

    2. Give Helpful Content

    If you want your website to outrank other divorce attorney sites on organic search, you must provide valuable content. Google’s algorithm rewards websites that give helpful and unique content. That means taking time to evaluate your clients’ most pressing needs and developing website content that answers those needs in SEO-optimized written and visual form.

    3. Post Reviews

    Potential clients look to reviews to weigh the quality of a divorce attorney. As stated above, 93% of people say that online reviews impact their decision to make a purchase or, in this case, hire a divorce lawyer. Post client reviews prominently on each page of your website. And don’t be afraid to ask for Google reviews from current and former clients. These reviews can boost your Google search rank and your appearance on Google Maps.

    4. Hire a Top Law Firm Website Design Service

    Let’s face it—law firms are budget-conscious when it comes to marketing. You want the highest quality website design, but finding a great web development firm can be tricky. You may be tempted to DIY much of the design process or hire a budget design firm. 

    Don’t skimp when it comes to your law firm’s website. When someone needs to hire a divorce lawyer, you want your website to be the first (and only) site they click on. It must be so well-designed that potential clients contact you within minutes of landing on your site. 

    To make a memorable website that stands out from the competition, provides helpful content, and is powered to boost your organic search rank, turn to a website development firm with deep experience. 

    For more than a decade, Juris Digital has created distinguished websites for leading law firms across the United States. Law firm website design and digital marketing are our firm’s sole focus areas. Juris also produces SEO-optimized content from writers with strong legal experience. Check out the full range of website design and digital marketing services Juris Digital provides, and schedule a free consultation today.

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