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    In the ever-evolving world of law firm marketing, standing out is about digging deep to rise above all the noise. In more tangible terms, it’s about striking the right chord with your audience through strategic content marketing.

    The challenge, however, lies in finding an agency whose creative ideas align with your vision. Scrolling through pages of search results isn’t necessarily a practical use of your time to find the best content marketing companies. 

    That’s why we’ve prepared a quick resource to help you narrow your options for content marketing agencies that can help grow your firm’s business.

    …extremely detailed and took everything I said into account when helping with my content. Efficient and responsive when I had questions or needed help. I highly recommend this company.

    Jennifer Pena

    At Juris Digital, we have over a decade of experience working in legal marketing. We aren’t just another agency in the search results; we specialize in content marketing for law firms with a heavy emphasis on SEO. Our team has written thousands of practice pages and blogs while scrutinizing thousands more. We know how to create content that converts and helps lawyers connect with the potential clients they’re seeking. 

    Our rigorous selection process for this list veers away from the predictable path of an online search for the “best content marketing companies.” Our choices are the product of exhaustive research, in-depth case studies, and proven industry performance.

    5 of the Top Law Firm Content Marketing Agencies

    Now, let’s explore our top picks for agencies that tackle legal content marketing with an iron fist. 

    1. NOMOS Marketing

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    Cofounded by an attorney, NOMOS Marketing stands out with its unique blend of legal expertise and innovative content creation. This 50% female-owned, bi-coastal agency prides itself on crafting narratives that resonate with clients and search engines alike, guided by the principle: “We write for people, not search engines.”

    Their approach is both human-centric and SEO-savvy. The in-house content team comprises active lawyers who have worked at law firms nationwide. They are committed to creating content that is legally and ethically sound. Clients also have direct access to the agency’s content team so that they can discuss any concerns directly. 

    NOMOS aims to build credibility and trust through content that informs, empowers, and converts. The result is content that captures attention at all stages of the client journey. 

    2. The Content Bureau

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    The Content Bureau is a women-owned agency that excels in creating high-quality B2B content. Law firms catering to business clients might especially be interested in The Content Bureau’s services. They have more than two decades of experience, and most of their staff has been there for at least eight years.  

    They focus on crafting campaign, industry, and product marketing content for global tech companies, financial businesses, and professional services firms. Their expertise in B2B marketing content is evident in their long-standing relationships with clients, some of whom have engaged their services for over two decades​​​​.

    Content marketing options include ads, blogs, case studies, ebooks, emails, infographics, web design, and white papers. The Content Bureau’s success is also highlighted by its client loyalty, with many clients hiring them at multiple companies, showcasing the agency’s ability to adapt and grow with their clients’ evolving needs.

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    3. On the Map Marketing

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    On the Map Marketing is a full-service law firm digital marketing agency with a proven track record in the most competitive U.S. legal markets. Distinguishing themselves from agencies that rely on vanity metrics, their focus is squarely on delivering tangible results. While lead generation is a big part of their business, they do full-service content marketing. 

    Their marketing services cater to new and established law firm websites, encompassing SEO, design, content writing, and PPC advertising. On the Map Marketing’s decade-long experience has seen them adapt to every shift in the digital marketing landscape, ensuring they offer the most up-to-date strategies and techniques for law firms​​​​.

    They emphasize the importance of digital marketing in an era where most prospective clients begin their search for legal services online. Recognizing that many law firms lack the tools and knowledge for an effective digital strategy, On the Map Marketing offers education-based consulting and transparent project management to help law firms craft digital marketing strategies that target ideal clients and grow their online presence. 

    4. The Modern Firm 

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    The Modern Firm is a content marketing agency that provides practical digital solutions for small law firms. With a track record of launching over 1,500 websites, they have a strong understanding of how solo practitioners and small law firms operate. Their legal content marketing services include website design, online marketing, branding, and content writing. 

    Smaller law firms might have unique needs or lack the budget that some larger marketing agencies require you to spend. Hiring an agency specializing in smaller firms means you can achieve impressive results without the unaffordable minimum spend or complex requirements typical of larger agencies.

    The Modern Firm has an undeniable passion for small law firms. They appreciate the challenges and rewards of being in business for themselves and commit to making a real difference by working directly with small law firms. For over two decades, they have been champions for solo practitioners and find their work with these firms impactful and rewarding. 

    5. Atrium Digital Marketing

    Company Website | LinkedIn | Contact Info

    Atrium Digital is a Canadian marketing agency with offices in the United States. One thing that helps them stand out is their unique micro-targeting and multimedia approach to content marketing. This firm specializes in tailoring content for micro-audiences. This hyperfocus is ideal for law firms aiming for specific results to ensure their message resonates with the intended demographic.

    This marketing approach is not just focused on reaching an audience; it’s about assisting firms to reach those people who will take action and hire a lawyer. Atrium Digital helps law firms out-communicate their competition and solidify their digital footprint by producing, customizing, and distributing branded content.

    Atrium Digital’s strength lies in its diverse content offerings, which include highly engaging video content, podcasts, and vlogs. The agency excels in multimedia content production, enabling law firms to engage with customers across various platforms. 

    The firm’s professional team comprises video producers, graphic designers, and artists. They focus on crafting messaging for unique, niche, or distributed target audiences. They develop the content and manage post-production and distribution, tailoring each campaign to specific media and audience needs. 

    Things to Consider When Reviewing Content Marketing Agencies

    When assessing content marketing agencies, it’s crucial to select one that understands rules and regulations specific to the legal industry. Why? It’s because content marketing for lawyers is very different from marketing for other industries. Here are key considerations and questions to ask during your initial discussions with potential agencies:

    1. What is their experience with legal marketing? How many legal clients has the agency worked with? Confirm their comfort level and depth of understanding in dealing with the unique aspects of legal marketing​​.
    2. What services do they offer? Inquire about their experience with the types of content marketing you’re looking for. Do they have case studies or success stories to share? If you’re set on video content and podcasts, don’t choose an agency with no experience in these areas.  
    3. Verify website development timeline. Building websites takes time, especially when writing the content from scratch. If web development is part of their services, get an idea of the timeline. It’s good to have realistic expectations. 
    4. Discuss their content team structure. Does the agency have writers on staff who can write your blog posts? Having dedicated writers, especially those familiar with legal topics, ensures the content is relevant and engaging​​. Are they lawyers? If not, do they have a lawyer reviewing the content?

    By carefully considering these factors and asking the right questions, you can find a content marketing agency that aligns well with your law firm’s goals, understands the legal landscape, and can effectively enhance your online presence and client engagement.

    Max Harrison Maxine Harrison is the Director of Content for Juris Digital. “Max” is a purveyor of all things content, including writing, deployment, and ongoing optimization. She’s worked directly with attorneys to establish their brand voices online, implement SEO best practices, and contour channel-specific content for maximum conversion and success. As a seasoned copywriter and marketing strategist, Max understands the pivotal impact that SEO and effective messaging have on the success of a brand. Max brings over 15 years of content marketing experience to Juris Digital, promoting more efficient content throughput, quality, and diversification.
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