attorney-ads-best-of-worst YouTube and Attorneys are a match made in heaven. Years ago, you had to be lucky enough to catch a crazy attorney ads on TV. YouTube changed that. Now attorneys post and promote their ads via the platform on a regular basis.

    The Worst of the Worst

    Regrettably, the vast majority of the ads on YouTube are just plain bad. You know the type of legal ad I’m talking about, too. They usually aired during daytime TV, had a stiff attorney in a suit talking about ‘justice’ or droning on about some type of legal case. Boring.

    And really, who wants to rank or share these ads? Not me. Instead, I’d rather explore the ads that make me laugh – even if they aren’t technically ‘good.’ That’s why we’re sharing the “Best of the Worst.” From a technical aspect, these ads are no feat in filmmaking. Dated effects (but they have effects!) permeate the videos. The acting is….well….not good. But they are a whole lot of fun.

    The Best of the Worst

    Without further delay, it’s time to jump into the list. One quick note though – I am definitely aware that most of these attorneys are from Texas. There seems to be something about the Lone Star State that inspires attorneys to compete for viral videos.

    UPDATE – New Ads!

    On top of the hilarious videos compiled in 2017 – we’ve got a couple new nominees for “Best of the Worst” Attorney ads!

    Make it Rain

    Honestly, I can’t believe we missed this one last time. With a slogan like “Turn your pain into rain” there was no way we were leaving it off this year.

    Pay Me! Pay Me! Pay Me!

    If you’re going through tough times and need to file for bankruptcy, Denvil Crowe has you covered. Add some off-key vocals and a cheesy tune in the background and you’ve got Attorney Ad Gold.

    The Texas Hammer (Times Two!)

    These guys are serious (I think). Jim Adler and son Bill Adler have both adopted the moniker “The Texas Hammer.” Don’t deal with the insurance company on your own, let them get hammered.

    Pete Reid Law

    Surprise! We’re back in Texas. Pete Reid is an Austin business lawyer, but he is also apparently a pro soccer player, a chess master, some type of martial artist, a crimefighter, and much more. I’m not sure what any of this has to do with business litigation, but it makes for a good YouTube video!

    James Bergener and the Law Firm Bergener Mirejovsky

    You know you’ve made it when Danny Trejo is down to do your commercial. You also know that almost anything with Danny Trejo is gold. Enjoy this one.

    Divorce EZ

    OK – this one is pretty old, but the YouTube upload is from last year. And it’s too great to leave off the list. This ad has everything. Pristine delivery? Check. Vicious bluntness? Check. At least five great insults? Check. Seriously, don’t miss this one.

    Mike Slocumb Law Firm (The Alabama Hammer)

    This Alabama attorney spared no expense for his latest commercial. If things get too contentious, it appears he’ll knock out the insurance company and send cash flying everywhere. Also, I wonder how many “state name + hammer” nicknames are out there?

    The Texas Law Hawk

    I saved the best for last. The Texas Law Hawk is the Michael Bay of attorney advertising. Special effects? He’s got ’em. Flame throwers? Those too. Frankly, I’d hire the guy strictly based on his willingness to make hilariously over the top commercials. His latest is a Christmas Special, featuring Santa Claus of course.

    A Final Note

    Legal marketing is not easy. We’re poking fun, but we appreciate the effort and creativity that went into making these commercials. If you’ve seen any “best of the worst” type commercials, we’d love for you to share in the comments below!

    Stephen King Steve King is the Director of Existing Growth at Juris Digital. He started his career in internet marketing as a copywriter, but found himself diving deeper into marketing in short order. After discovering SEO and content marketing, he was hooked. Steve is a firm believer in delivering outstanding content and website optimization in order to drive visibility.
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