The Results

  • 214.61% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 68% Increase in Contact Form Leads
  • 136% Increase in Phone Call Leads
Hear attorney Josh Massingill discuss how his approach to investing in marketing has changed since partnering with Juris Digital.

In late 2020 Attorney Josh Massingill was working with a local website agency to revamp his firm’s web presence and then launch a digital marketing campaign to generate more leads from the web. It wasn’t going well.

They just couldn’t deliver it. We were just stuck in development hell and it became clear to me in the middle of the project…this was not going to work. It was not ever going to be adequate. It wasn’t going to be optimized and I needed to pull the ripcord and do something else. And that’s when I called [Juris Digital].

Attorney Josh Massingill

Before speaking with us Josh was grappling with the common apprehensions that law firm owners have when making decisions about their internet marketing provider. What he was being told about how to reach his goals differed from agency to agency. Some were promising the world without explaining what success would actually look like. He felt that there was no good way to know what approach was right for his firm.

Every day people are calling, trying to sell me some kind of service or, you know, generate leads or, or whatever. And it’s just so hard to discern what’s real from what’s total BS. Typically, you would go in and people would say, “here’s what we’re going to do, man, we’re going to blow the doors off and it’s going to be easy peasy” or whatever. And when I chatted with you guys, I felt like you had set very realistic goals about what we could anticipate and how long it was going to take. So that’s what impressed me most with you guys from the beginning. I felt like these guys are not selling me on something that’s unrealistic, they’ve set reasonable goals. They have a plan to get there. These are people I want to do business with.

Attorney Josh Massingill

Josh hired Juris Digital in late 2020, and we moved fast to plan, design, build, and launch a website that would convey his firm’s unique practice areas (a combination of estate planning and business law with an emphasis on helping healthcare businesses), clearly distinguish them from their local competitors, and support our content marketing, SEO, and SEM strategies. 

Because we recognized that Josh’s firm was unique both in its service offering and its value propositions, we were intentional about tailoring our strategy for the website’s aesthetic and messaging that would make the firm’s value clear and striking.

The above-the-fold homepage design of JM.Legal

I was not interested in just slapping our logo on some kind of pre-made thing that looks like it could belong to anybody else. You guys really took the time to figure out what my firm’s image was. What is our brand? What are we trying to portray to the world? And then really kind of translating that into a design and a strategy. I guess custom would be the word. It was a very bespoke kind of customer service that was tailored to our specific business. It’s not like, yeah, this is what’s working for the PI attorneys these days. It’s like, great. I’m in a totally different line of work.

Attorney Josh Massingill

As soon as the site launched we turned our attention to aggressive search marketing.

We had a few areas of focus: Improving the firm’s positioning and appearance in Google local search results; ramping up content creation to broaden the site’s organic search reach, and; running Google Local Service Ads to generate relevant new leads, immediately. 

We’ve seen huge increases in our page rankings in our web traffic, in our form submissions. We are seeing steady improvement. That’s the sort of results that we were promised. We’re not even a year into our SEO strategy. 

Attorney Josh Massingill

Because of the unique nature of Josh’s practice, we believed there was an opportunity to massively expand the number of leads with strategic, keyword-backed content marketing. Specifically, we’ve seen tremendous success publishing content on topics related to buying and selling medical practices, an area that is of particular interest to Josh.

I can pinpoint things happening in my business and trace them back to things that you’re doing. So here’s an example. One of our big service offerings is helping doctors or dentists, buy and sell their medical practices. So I identified that with our strategists early on as something that has really good margins for us. They put together some content and optimized the heck out of it. And there was one week where we got like five calls to help buy and sell a medical practice. And I was like, that can’t be a coincidence. That’s, that’s gotta be the result of something that the SEO guys are doing.  And so there’s been great communication and that content has really done wonders for us. I can point to quite a few clients that we’ve gotten, and I know they came in off that SEO work.

Attorney Josh Massingill
A screenshot of Massingill Law’s Local Service Ads.
A screenshot of Massingill Law’s GMB listing.
A screenshot of the article we developed with the client about selling a medical practice in Texas.

A screenshot of the article we developed with the client about buying a medical practice in Texas.

At the time this case study was published, we were just over 9 months into our work with Massingill Law. We are proud of the gains we have achieved together. We’ve been able to drastically increase organic search traffic which has resulted in a steady increase in new leads from the web.

We’ve been able to bring in traffic for brand new and highly relevant keywords by publishing informational content on topics that we discover through collaboration with Josh. We’ve also been able to provide consistent lead generation at a positive ROI by running Google Local Service Ads.

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