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    In the bustling landscape of law firm marketing, hiring an expert marketing consultant can provide the competitive edge your firm needs to thrive.

    However, not all marketing consultants are created equal, and the success of your law firm’s marketing endeavors largely hinges on the expertise and abilities of the consultant or company you choose.

    Selecting the right consultant is a critical decision that can dictate the trajectory of your firm’s growth and reputation in the marketplace.

    The most effective law firm marketing consultants possess a unique blend of skills that allow them to navigate the complexities of the legal industry while also understanding the nuances of modern marketing strategies. They’re adept at identifying the specific needs of your firm and crafting personalized strategies to meet those needs. In the industry we call this T-Shaped marketers.

    A T-shaped marketer refers to a professional who possesses a broad understanding of various marketing disciplines (the horizontal part of the T) while also having deep expertise in a specific area (the vertical part of the T). This approach allows attorneys to have a well-rounded skill set across different marketing channels, such as SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC advertising, and more, while also specializing and excelling in a particular aspect that aligns with their firm’s goals and target audience. By embracing the T-shaped marketing strategy, attorneys can effectively navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, optimize their marketing efforts, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth for their law firms.

    But how can you be sure you’re selecting a consultant who truly possesses these skills? In this guide, we’ll delve into the top ten skills to look for when hiring an expert law firm marketing consultant, arming you with the knowledge you need to make an informed and beneficial choice.

    Start By Identifying Your Need

    It’s important that you start by clearly identifying your specific and measurable needs to find the right partner. The need should be the main focus of the vertical part of the “T”. Different firms have different marketing needs, here are some of the most common ones we see:

    • Increasing website traffic and organic search rankings
    • Enhancing brand visibility and online presence
    • Improving lead generation and conversion rates
    • Establishing thought leadership and credibility in a specific practice area
    • Expanding social media reach and engagement
    • Implementing effective paid advertising campaigns
    • Creating compelling and optimized website content
    • Enhancing user experience and website performance
    • Building and managing online reputation and reviews
    • Optimizing local search results and attracting local clients
    • Developing and implementing a comprehensive content marketing strategy
    • Utilizing email marketing for client retention and nurturing leads
    • Implementing effective tracking and analytics to measure marketing ROI
    • Strengthening relationships with referral sources and strategic partnerships
    • Integrating marketing automation and CRM systems for efficient lead management

    By clearly identifying your specific marketing needs from this list, you can better assess potential partners and find the right marketing agency that aligns with your firm’s goals and can provide tailored strategies to meet those needs.

    Now, let’s look at the qualities you should look for to find the right Attorney Marketing expert on your team.

    1. In-Depth Knowledge of The Legal Industry

    When it comes to law firm marketing, generic strategies often fall short. The legal sector has its own distinct set of rules, jargon, client expectations, and ethical guidelines, making it essential to have a marketing expert who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the industry. This is not merely a nice-to-have attribute; it’s a non-negotiable qualification for anyone aiming to navigate the intricacies of legal marketing effectively and create strategies that resonate with potential clients.

    A marketing consultant with in-depth legal industry knowledge can effectively position your firm in the marketplace, craft compelling messages that address your prospective clients’ unique needs and concerns, and ensure all strategies comply with ethical and professional standards. Moreover, such an expert is equipped to keep your firm at the cutting edge, able to anticipate industry trends and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

    One example that comes to mind is that if you hire a content marketing company that are generalists they may optimize for brain injury lawyer but not post-concussion syndrome attorneys. The nuances matter.

    At Juris Digital, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the legal industry. Our team is composed of marketing professionals who specialize in law firm marketing, ensuring a deep understanding of the legal landscape. This specialization allows us to not only create successful strategies for our clients but also to anticipate potential challenges and adjust plans proactively.

    We understand the legal field’s unique intricacies and leverage that knowledge to create powerful marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive growth for your law firm. Choosing Juris Digital means partnering with a team of experts who know your industry as well as you do and are committed to your success.

    After all, legal marketing is all that we do.

    2. Digital Marketing Expertise

    In the digital age, having an effective online marketing strategy is not just an option but a necessity for law firms. While traditional offline advertising agencies may have been the go-to in the past, the modern legal landscape calls for marketers with specific expertise in digital marketing.

    This distinction is critical as digital marketing operates with different methods, analytics, and platforms that a traditional agency may not fully comprehend or utilize.

    Digital marketing offers a range of tools and strategies that enable law firms to target and reach their potential clients more effectively and efficiently. From SEO and content marketing to social media and email campaigns, a marketer with digital marketing expertise can leverage these tools to maximize your online presence and client engagement. Furthermore, digital marketing allows for real-time data analysis, enabling quick adjustment of strategies based on performance, a feature not typically available in traditional advertising.

    At Juris Digital, our team is comprised of digital marketing experts who understand the nuances of online marketing strategies. Our wealth of experience in digital marketing allows us to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and deploy the most effective tactics tailored for your law firm.

    We’re proficient in all facets of digital marketing, from SEO to social media, content creation, PPC, and beyond. When you choose Juris Digital, you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record in digital marketing, ensuring that your law firm doesn’t just keep pace with the digital age, but leads the pack. We believe in the power of digital, and we’re here to make it work for your law firm.

    3. Strategic Thinking

    In the realm of law firm marketing, strategic thinking is a must-have trait. It involves viewing your firm’s marketing from a holistic perspective, foreseeing potential opportunities and challenges, and making calculated decisions that align with your firm’s long-term goals. Strategic thinkers don’t just focus on individual tactics, they weave these tactics into a larger, coherent plan that propels your law firm towards its objectives.

    A strategic thinker doesn’t settle for temporary fixes or short-lived success. They think several steps ahead, designing plans that not only address immediate needs but also position your firm for future growth. This foresight allows for the development of scalable strategies that adapt to changes in the legal market, client behaviors, and digital trends.

    Juris Digital embodies strategic thinking in every aspect of our service. We recognize that each law firm is unique, with its own set of goals, challenges, and opportunities. As such, we tailor our strategies to suit your specific needs, carefully considering every aspect of your firm’s situation before crafting a customized marketing plan. ‘

    We’re not just thinking about your next client; we’re considering how to build your brand, optimize your online presence, and establish a reputation that will attract clients for years to come. Our team’s ability to think strategically ensures that your law firm doesn’t just grow, but thrives in the competitive legal landscape. With Juris Digital, you’re not just getting a marketing service – you’re gaining a strategic partner.

    4. Analytical Skills

    In today’s data-driven world, analytical skills are critical for a law firm digital marketing expert. Without these skills, it’s nearly impossible to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. A law firm SEO expert or an attorney marketing specialist with strong analytical skills can dive deep into the data, extract meaningful insights, and adjust strategies for optimal results.

    Analytical skills in the context of law firm marketing mean more than just crunching numbers. It involves understanding what data to collect, how to interpret it, and most importantly, how to apply the insights gained to improve your firm’s marketing strategies. Whether it’s identifying the keywords that are driving traffic to your website, analyzing the behavior of visitors on your site, or assessing the performance of a PPC campaign, analytical skills are crucial.

    At Juris Digital, our team is rich in analytical prowess. Our law firm SEO experts and attorney marketing specialists are well-versed in using sophisticated tools to track, measure, and analyze performance data. We don’t just gather data; we translate it into actionable insights, providing you with a clear understanding of your current marketing efforts and where there’s room for improvement. By leveraging our analytical skills, we ensure that every strategy we implement is informed by data, maximizing your return on investment and driving your firm’s growth. With Juris Digital, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a partnership with a team of experts who use data to drive your success.

    5. Communication Skills

    Communication is an integral part of any successful business relationship, and it’s no different when it comes to collaborating with a law firm digital marketing expert. Communication is about more than just sending and receiving messages; it’s about understanding the goals and challenges of your law firm, explaining complex marketing strategies in understandable terms, and maintaining transparency about progress and results.

    Strong communication skills ensure that you’re always in the loop about your firm’s marketing strategies and progress. A proficient communicator can break down complex SEO jargon into simple, understandable language, ensuring you’re well-informed about the strategies being implemented and how they’re contributing to your firm’s growth. Additionally, strong communication enables you to voice your ideas, concerns, or questions and receive prompt, clear responses.

    Pro Tip: Make sure to have a clear breakdown of your communication standards to make sure it fits with the person / agency you work with. Having proper expectations on both sides always helps makes things easier for everyone.

    At Juris Digital, we put a premium on open, clear communication. Our team of digital marketing experts understands that you’re not just seeking a service, but a partnership that keeps you informed and involved. We pride ourselves on being able to translate complex digital marketing concepts into language that attorneys can understand and use to make informed decisions about their firm’s growth. We keep the lines of communication open and clear, ensuring you’re always up to date on your campaign’s progress, the strategies we’re implementing, and the results we’re achieving. With Juris Digital, you won’t be left in the dark; you’ll be an informed partner every step of the way.

    6. Content Creation & Copywriting Abilities

    When it comes to law firm digital marketing, quality content is king. The power of well-crafted, targeted content should never be underestimated. Content creation and copywriting abilities are crucial for any marketing professional you choose to work with. These skills are instrumental in crafting compelling blog posts, engaging website content, persuasive calls to action, and informative, SEO-friendly articles that resonate with your potential clients and improve your online visibility.

    In the legal field, these skills are even more important. Legal content must be accurate, informative, and engaging, all while complying with the industry’s strict ethical guidelines.

    A skilled content creator and copywriter can strike this delicate balance, delivering content that both educates your audience and prompts them to take action – be it picking up the phone to call your firm, filling out a contact form, or sharing your content on social media.

    At Juris Digital, our team is equipped with robust content creation and copywriting abilities. We understand the art and science of crafting legal content that not only draws in potential clients but also improves your SEO rankings. Our expert writers specialize in creating content that’s tailored to the legal sector, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and engagement.

    We know how to tell your firm’s story in a way that connects with your audience and prompts them to take action. With Juris Digital, you’re not just getting content – you’re getting a powerful tool that drives growth and establishes your firm as a leader in your field.

    7. Understanding of Branding and Positioning

    In the competitive legal industry, effective branding and positioning can make all the difference. It’s essential that your law firm marketing expert understands these concepts and can apply them to distinguish your firm from the rest. A strong brand resonates with your target audience, communicates your firm’s unique value, and fosters trust. Proper positioning ensures that your firm stands out in the crowded market and reaches the clients who need your specific services the most.

    Understanding branding means knowing how to develop a brand that reflects your law firm’s values, culture, and expertise. It means creating a consistent and compelling brand voice and visuals that set your firm apart. Positioning, on the other hand, is about identifying your firm’s unique selling points and showcasing them to your target audience. It’s about aligning your services with the specific needs of your clients and differentiating your firm from competitors.

    At Juris Digital, our expertise extends beyond traditional digital marketing. We understand the importance of branding and positioning in the legal industry. Our team works with you to build a strong, distinct brand that embodies your firm’s ethos and appeals to your target audience. We strategically position your firm in the market, highlighting your unique value proposition and ensuring your services reach the clients who need them the most.

    8. Knowledge of Local Marketing

    When it comes to law firm marketing, local presence matters significantly. The expert you work with must understand the dynamics of local marketing, knowing how to capitalize on your geographic location to attract more clients. Effective local marketing means being visible where your potential clients are searching, be it on search engines, local directories, or social media platforms.

    Local marketing, however, doesn’t require physical presence in every city. At Juris Digital, we have developed a comprehensive local marketing system that effectively promotes your firm in your target geographic markets, big or small. We adhere to specific standards to ensure your firm’s visibility and ranking in local searches, irrespective of our physical presence.

    As a remote team spread across various states, we bring a diverse understanding of different local markets. This allows us to tailor our strategies to your specific location, taking into account unique regional factors and competition. The goal? To ensure you’re the first firm local clients think of when they need legal services. With Juris Digital, you’re not just getting local marketing; you’re getting local marketing that’s backed by a system proven to work across diverse geographic markets.

    Also, I wrote the book on local marketing for attorneys which you can find on Amazon here 🙂

    9. Familiarity with Marketing Automation and CRM Systems

    In today’s digital era, technology is an integral part of effective law firm marketing. Your marketing expert should be familiar with marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which can streamline processes, improve client engagement, and provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

    Marketing automation and CRM systems help in organizing client data, tracking client interactions, and automating various marketing tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and lead nurturing. These systems ensure that no potential client falls through the cracks and help you provide consistent, personalized experiences for your clients.

    At Juris Digital, we’re proficient in a variety of these tools, including HubSpot and Clio, among others. We understand how to leverage these technologies to streamline your marketing efforts, enhance client relationships, and ultimately, drive more cases for your firm. Whether it’s setting up automated email campaigns or managing your client database, our team knows how to use these tools effectively to achieve your marketing goals.

    10. Proven Track Record

    Finally, one of the most critical qualifications to consider when hiring a law firm marketing consultant is a proven track record. You need a partner who has demonstrated success in the industry, not just in theory but in practice. A proven track record indicates that they can deliver the results you want, be it increased web traffic, more client leads, improved conversion rates, or enhanced online reputation.

    Juris Digital boasts an impressive track record of success in the legal digital marketing field. Our clients’ satisfaction is reflected in our Google reviews, with over 68 reviews and a stellar 4.9 total rating. These reviews represent our commitment to providing high-quality service and delivering tangible results for our clients.

    However, our track record extends beyond client satisfaction. We are also recognized for our outstanding work within the industry, with various awards attesting to our expertise and the high quality of our work.

    But what matters most to us is the success of our clients. We have helped hundreds of attorneys reach their marketing goals, enabling them to focus on what they do best – practicing law. When you work with Juris Digital, you are not just hiring a marketing consultant; you’re partnering with a proven leader in legal digital marketing.

    Ready To Grow Your Firm? Lets Talk

    As a law firm, your primary focus should be on providing top-tier legal services, not on struggling with digital marketing strategies.

    The pain of not generating enough leads, the frustration of not converting those leads into paying clients, and the constant worry of not making enough money can be overwhelming. But the good news is, you don’t have to tackle it alone.

    At Juris Digital, we understand the unique challenges attorneys face in digital marketing. Our team of law firm marketing experts is ready to step in and turn your pain points into growth points. We’ve helped hundreds of law firms like yours overcome these hurdles and achieve their marketing goals. With a proven track record and unparalleled expertise, we’re committed to helping your firm grow.

    But remember, in the digital marketing landscape, timing is everything.

    The longer you wait, the more opportunities you lose to your competitors. So, don’t let another day go by in frustration and lost revenue. Contact Juris Digital today, and let’s work together to transform your law firm into a powerhouse in the legal industry.

    Casey Meraz Casey Meraz is an entrepreneur, SEO expert, investor, creator, husband, father, friend, and CEO of Juris Digital. Casey is a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of two books on digital marketing, including "Local Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers" and “How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit”
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