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    Setting your law firm apart requires more than traditional methods in the fast-evolving legal marketing landscape. While many firms understand the importance of an online presence, only some have fully embraced the transformative power of law firm video marketing. This medium offers an unparalleled opportunity to convey your firm’s message and expertise in a compelling, visually engaging manner that resonates with potential clients.

    But how do you find the best video production companies? Welcome to your comprehensive guide on video marketing for lawyers. We’ve curated this list with objectivity and years of industry insight. We’re delving deep beyond the surface to identify the best law firm video production agencies. Making an informed decision for your company’s marketing needs is crucial. 

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    Attorney Joshua Massingill

    Why Should You Trust this List?

    At Juris Digital, we have over a decade of experience in legal marketing. Our experience is backed by a track record of creating impactful digital content beyond mere visibility. 

    Our list isn’t just a random compilation of “best video production companies.” We bypass the typical listings you find in a basic internet search. Instead, we have meticulously selected these companies based on thorough research, industry analysis, and tangible outcomes they have delivered. Our list is a product of our commitment to helping law firms like yours find the perfect video production partner. 

    Read on to learn more about our top 6 picks for law firm video marketing companies. 

    1. COLDEA Productions

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    COLDEA Productions is a video marketing agency that can create brand videos tailored to lawyers and attorneys. They excel at simplifying complex legal services into visually engaging narratives that resonate with your target audiences. 

    Their approach to video marketing for law firms goes beyond just producing content. They look to weave a story that connects with your audience personally. They help lawyers turn complicated legal jargon into a video that’s informative and desirable to watch. Firms looking to differentiate themselves, especially in highly competitive markets, will find COLDEA Productions an ideal choice. 

    2. Beverly Boy Productions

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    Beverly Boy Productions is one of the earliest adopters of video marketing for law firms, with more than 20 years of experience. Their longevity in the industry is a testament to their adaptability and commitment to excellence, making them a trusted name for law firms seeking top-tier video production services.

    They specialize in various video production services tailored to the legal industry. Their services include everything from full production crews for comprehensive projects to commercial-ready options designed for broadcast. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum, including client testimonials, law firm overviews, lawyer profiles, and case study videos. 

    Beverly Boy Productions understands the evolving landscape of technology-driven marketing. Their approach to video production is rooted in a deep understanding of the legal market’s nuances and the critical role of video in reaching out to current and potential clients. 

    By offering full-scale production capabilities, Beverly Boy Productions can handle projects of varying complexity, ensuring that each video reflects the professionalism, expertise, and branding of the law firm it represents. Whether you’re looking for online commercials or full-scale documentary-style features, Beverly Boy Productions might be just what your firm is looking for. 

    3. Demo Duck

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    Demo Duck has been creating engaging marketing videos since 2011. Initially focusing on explainer video production, they have grown into a dynamic team of marketers, advertisers, writers, animators, designers, editors, directors, and producers. While still widely known as an animated explainer video company, Demo Duck’s expertise extends far beyond. Available services feature various video production styles, including live-action and motion graphics​​.

    They do not specialize in law firm video marketing like other agencies we’ve listed. However, Demo Duck has worked with some notable companies. Their portfolio boasts projects with renowned clients such as GoFundMe, Dropbox, Blue Cross Blue Shield, FEMA, Google, Netflix, Canon, and Geico.

    For law firms, hiring Demo Duck means tapping into a decade of storytelling expertise and innovative video production. Whether showcasing your firm’s unique approach to law topics, highlighting client testimonials, or explaining legal services, Demo Duck’s creative team is adept at producing content that informs and connects with its audience on a deeper level. 

    4. Explain Ninja 

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    Explain Ninja specializes in explainer videos for companies. If your law firm only wants to add this format type to your marketing, Explain Ninja might be a great option. They handle everything from storyboarding and scriptwriting to animation and sound design. 

    Explain Ninja’s animated videos are designed to attract and engage, helping you make a solid first impression. These videos can also be valuable tools in your website’s digital legal resources section. 

    5. Verdict Videos

    Website | Projects | LinkedIn | Contact Information 

    Verdict Videos offers video production services tailored specifically for the legal sector. Their ‘Day in the Life’ videos are admissible in jury trials. They demonstrate a deep understanding of the legal process and the stringent guidelines for court-admissible content. 

    Their skill in producing settlement video brochures is another standout service. These 15-20 minute presentations portray a client’s life before and after an incident, addressing liability issues through police reports, accident scene photos, medical reports, and expert witness interviews. 

    Verdict Videos also offers more general marketing video services, such as animation and trial graphics, translating complex legal matters into clear, visual representations. While their expertise lies in videos for litigation, these can be great marketing tools for your website to showcase why a client should hire your firm over anyone else. 

    6. BluBlu Studios

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    BluBlu Studios is a global design-driven animation production company. They craft top-tier animated content for renowned brands. Their work has resulted in numerous mentions and awards, including The One Show, The Telly Awards, Berlin Commercial Awards, W3 Awards, and the German Design Award Winner 2020. 

    BluBlu Studios’ client list is a testament to their high-end production capabilities, working for prestigious entities such as The Academy, Twitter, The New York Times, Uber, Samsung, Moderna, Universal, Lenovo, Riot Games, Deloitte, L’Occitane, Singapore Airlines, and the Washington Post. Their experience with such a diverse and high-profile clientele speaks to their ability to deliver content that meets the highest quality and creativity standards​​.

    For law firms with the budget and desire to stand out in a crowded market, BluBlu Studios offers a unique opportunity. Whether explaining complex legal concepts, showcasing firm accomplishments, or highlighting client testimonials, BluBlu Studios can significantly elevate a law firm’s digital presence.

    Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Production Company 

    Choosing the right video production company is crucial. Law firm video marketing can enhance your online presence and client engagement. However, poorly done videos or ones that offer no benefit to the viewer can send potential clients looking for representation elsewhere. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when vetting different video production agencies: 

    1. Discuss their familiarity with legal topics. Producing law firm videos requires some understanding of legal matters. When you meet with an agency, ask about their experience creating videos for legal clients. If they don’t have law firm experience, discuss how their skillset can transfer to law firm marketing.  
    2. Evaluate an agency’s storytelling skills. A compelling story makes a video memorable. Does this production company’s videos tell a story that resonates with the intended audience? For law firms, the ability to narrate a client’s journey or the firm’s success stories can be a game-changer. Ask for examples of successful video campaigns. 
    3. Check their quality and professionalism. Video quality reflects directly on your firm’s image. Review videos for production quality, including clarity, sound, editing, and overall production value. High-quality, professional videos can bolster your firm’s reputation, while low-quality videos and animation can detract from that.
    4. Discuss legal compliance and confidentiality. Ensure the video production company understands and will comply with all legal advertising rules and regulations. They should also understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality. Discuss how they approach these aspects in their video production.

    By considering these factors and thoroughly vetting a company, you can narrow options for the best video production companies more easily. If you plan to incorporate brand videos into your marketing plan, ensure they align with your ultimate business goals. 

    Paul Kragthorpe Paul Kragthorpe is a Web Developer that isn’t afraid to try new things when it comes to development. Mostly focused on WordPress, he makes sure all our client website needs are met and exceeded. Having worked with internet marketing agencies since 2011, he knows how important a well-developed website can be for a client’s SEO needs. An Air Force Veteran of 8.5 years, Paul enjoys spending his time with his family at the beach, playing games, and watching sporting events.
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