Using Google Posts for Law Firms

Last week Google rolled out the biggest change to Google My Business that we’ve seen this year with the introduction of Google Posts. Google Posts is a new feature in the Google My Business dashboard that allows business owners to post updates about their business and have them appear directly in the search results.

There are a few different places where these show up in the search results, depending on where you are looking. Below are a couple of examples:

Branded Search: The Post is Highlighted in Red

Branded search GMB Posts Display

In The Local Finder: The Post is Highlighted In Red

Local Finder Google Posts Display

Mobile Devices: Below the Listing

You will notice that I didn’t quite get the picture formatting right on my first few posts which cause the text to be cut off in the picture.

Mobile devices below the listing

What can you use this new Google Posts feature for?

This new feature can be used for a variety of reasons with the options Gooogle My Busines provides. By default, you can have the post display as text, text with an image, an event, or an offer or special. The event option allows you to set a date and time and the specials or offers section allows you to link to specific website pages.

Here are a few of the intended uses for Google Posts:

How To Make A Post

Google Posts Option


To make your first post, start by logging into your Google My Business dashboard. Once you’re logged in you will want to navigate to the new “posts” option on the right side.

Once you click here you will be given a variety of options and fields to fill out. First, you need to decide what the post will be about. By default you will be given two post options:

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that any image you upload will only show the middle 1/3 of the image in the search results.



What Can Law Firms Use This New Feature For

Half of the fun with new features is getting to play with them and testing how they will perform in search results. Thankfully the posts also have their own insights where you can see the views and engagements for each post which you can see below.

Views and posts

There are many ways you can take advantage of this new feature. Below are some ideas on how you can use this feature:

This example shows how we’re testing showcasing Awards and reviews to give them, even more, prominence in the search results for poential consumers wanting to contact the firm.

Post Options in Google


I would love to hear how you’re using this new feature and what benefits it’s brought you. Please let me know in the comments below:


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