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    Today I was doing some research on legal content writing providers and I came across a company called Lexicon Legal Content.

    The first thing I noticed is that in their homepage title tag the company makes this claim:

    Screenshot of how the homepage title tag for lexiconlegalcontent.com displays in Google.

    As both attorneys and legal marketing professionals know, claiming that you are the “best” in your marketing materials is, at best, misleading, and at worst could result in disciplinary action by state bar associations.

    But, I thought, perhaps there is some independent, trusted source that has actually reviewed legal content providers and concluded that Lexicon Legal is in fact the “#1 best rated” legal content provider. So I poked around.

    The first thing I did was put lexiconlegalcontent.com into Ahrefs to see what websites link to them, my thought process being that this would be a quick way to find any sources that mention Lexicon Legal Content as the “best” legal content writing service. The first thing I found was this post from AttorneyatLawMagazine.com:

    I noticed that that posting was part of a collection of posts categorized underAttorneyatLawMagazine.com’s “Legal Vendor Authorities”:

    Ok, soAttorneyatLawMagazine.com rates legal vendors that they consider to be the “best” and writes posts about them on their website. Perhaps this is what Lexicon Legal is referring to when they call themselves the “best” legal content writers? Maybe.

    This begs the question, how doesAttorneyatLawMagazine.com come up with their list of “best” legal vendors? Well, on their best legal vendors page they state the following:

    If you are a legal vendor and you don’t see your industry above, please reach out and we can look into adding the industry. Then we can vet your company to see if you are a good representation for your specific industry. If you do see your industry above and it is not filled, please reach out and we can vet your company! 

    Ok, so the assumption here is that, at some point, someone from Lexicon Legal Content reached out to AttorneyatLawMagazine.com and asked to be vetted for inclusion on their best legal content vendors page.

    So, I clicked the “reach out” link to see what that process might have looked like. When I did, I was taken to this page:

    As you can see, this page allows you to contact the legal marketing team atAttorneyatLawMagazine.com. What this indicates to me is that the best legal vendors listed byAttorneyatLawMagazine.com are not really based on any sort of unbiased assessment of legal vendors, but rather, are purely a pay-to-play marketing service.

    Based on this, I’d conclude thatAttorneyatLawMagazine.com’s rating of Lexicon Legal Content as a “best” vendor is not adequate for Lexicon to be able to refer to themselves as such.

    Next, I turned my attention to online reviews of Lexicon Legal Content. Perhaps their claim of being the best legal content writers is based on an overwhelming number of positive, third-party online reviews, I thought.

    I first checked the most authoritative and common online review sources: Google, Facebook, and Yelp. As of the time of publishing this post, neither their Facebook page nor their Google Business Profile contained any reviews, positive or otherwise. I did not find a Yelp listing.

    I dug deeper in the search results, looking for any third-party sites where I might find reviews of Lexicon Legal Content. I found none.

    So ifAttorneyatLawMagazine.com’s designation of Lexicon Legal Content is little more than a pay-to-play nod, and the company has precisely zero customer reviews from trusted online review sites, what is their “best” claim based on? Did they simply make it up to try and stand out in search results? And if so, is that the sort of company you want to trust with your legal content writing?

    If not, I hope you’ll consider reaching out to Juris Digital’s legal content writing team instead. We don’t claim to be the best, but we do take a great deal of pride in the awesome responsibility that lawyers and law firms place in the hands of our capable, ethical team. We also have far less than zero real client reviews.

    Matt Green Hi, I'm Matt. I am the Chief Strategy Officer here at Juris Digital. I love SEO, content marketing, and brand development, and I am so grateful that my job is to help exceptional lawyers deploy these marketing tools to help more people. If you have specific topics you'd like to discuss with me, please feel free to email me.
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