Local Keyword Generator Tool!

I was delighted this morning to see the below Tweet from local search guru Mike Blumenthal pop up on my feed:






Here is the link to the tool. I poked around with it a little bit, and while it is pretty basic, I like it a lot! When I say it is basic I mean that it does not provide keyword search statistics or any kind of comparative analysis information. What it does do is spit our a whole bunch of keyword variants based on the keyword phrase, zip code, and radius that you enter.

For me this is a big time saver and also a way to discover local keywords that you may never have thought of, simply because you never knew that some of the towns the tool gives you even existed! This is particularly helpful for law firms, as lawyers are typically only restricted by state laws, not by city laws. Meaning, if you can find some untapped geo-search sources, you may be able to capture leads from areas you never even though to focus on!

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