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    Want more DUI cases for your criminal defense law firm? You’ve clicked on the right article.

    I’m here to spill the beans on how to market your services effectively. After a quick Google search on ‘marketing for DUI attorneys’, I realized there’s a lot of generic advice out there. You know, the usual spiel about SEO and being visible online.

    But let’s be real – you need more than just a list of tactics. You need a strategy that works, one that’s tailored for DUI attorneys like you. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how you can attract more clients and make your mark in the competitive world of DUI law. Ready to get started? Let’s roll!

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    An Actionable Strategy for Generating DUI Leads with SEO (via Google)

    Keywords that Generate DUI Leads

    Keywords are at the very heart of an effective attorney SEO campaign. They are the foundation of the entire concept: People need something, they go to Google, they search some words, and they browse the results to find what they need.

    So what are those words? What words are most likely to be used by people who could be potential DUI clients?

    Transactional DUI Lawyer Keywords

    Transactional keywords are searched by folks who are ready to talk to you about their DUI case. These people are at the bottom of the sales funnel:


    They know they need a lawyer, so they search things like:

    • dui attorney
    • dui lawyer
    • dui lawyer chicago
    • best dui attorney
    • dui law firm near me

    These keywords are highly competitive. Unless you are a lawyer AND an SEO professional, you will need to hire a competent search marketing agency to get first page Google rankings for these keywords. Below I’ll layout a process for ranking for these bottom-of-funnel DUI lawyer keywords.

    Informational DUI Lawyer Keywords

    Whereas transactional keywords are searched by folks who are ready to talk to a DUI lawyer, informational keywords are searched by folks who want information about DUI laws, the DUI process, penalties, defenses, etc.

    The people who search these keywords are generally going to convert into a lead at a lower rate because the intent is more ambiguous. For example, someone who searches “dui penalties in colorado” may be someone who has been charged with DUI in Colorado, OR they may want that information for a myriad of other reasons: They are a student writing a research paper, they are a journalist writing a story,  or they are just a curious person.

    For this reason, informational keywords tend to less competitive than transactional keywords, which represents an opportunity for your DUI firm to get in front of more people with a smaller time / financial investment.

    How to Rank for Transactional DUI Keywords

    Optimize the Heck Out of Your Google My Business listing (local / maps SEO)

    Most transactional keyword searches for a DUI lawyer trigger Google’s local “pack” of results. This:


    In other words, this is what most people see first when they search Google for a DUI lawyer. So clearly, you want your firm to show up here. You can do this by optimizing the heck out of your Google My Business listing. To learn how to do that, read the following articles:


    Write an Epic Piece of Content on “How to Hire the Best [your city] DUI Lawyer”

    When someone searches for a DUI lawyer on Google, they’ll likely see the local pack results first.

    Next, they’ll see traditional Google organic search results. Whereas the local pack results are Google My Business listings, traditional organic search results are webpages:


    In my experience, the best way to rank here is with an epic piece of content that explains what folks should be looking for when they consider which DUI lawyer to hire, and puts forth the case for why it’s essential that people charged with a DUI hire an attorney (you) to represent them.

    Here are some really solid examples of this sort of content:

    And here’s a post to read that will help you understand how to differentiate your content and give it the best possible chance to rank: Improve your rankings by delivering content with unique value →

    Now that you’ve published your epic piece of DUI lawyer content, you need to get other sites to link to it. One of the most effective ways to do that is to sponsor local organizations that will link to your site as one of their sponsorship benefits.

    Link building is an essential part of effective attorney SEO. Here’s how we find and build sponsorship links at Juris Digital:


    The idea here is simple: you give worthy local organizations your money, and they link to your website. Technically, Google says that these sorts of links don’t get counted as positive ranking signals. In practice, Google is wrong. This tweet sums up my thoughts on the matter:


    Launch a PR Initiative Paying for Holiday Sober Rides in Your Market

    This is an amazing way to get links and local citations (not to mention great PR and brand exposure) that will help your website rank for your primary transactional DUI keywords. Here is an example:

    And here are examples of the types of local links and citations that this sort of initiative can generate:

    Get Listed on Legal Directory Sites that Rank for Transactional DUI Keywords

    This one is super simple. Search for the main keyword you want to rank for, eg. “dui lawyer denver”. Check out the directory websites that rank well:


    Go to each site and figure out how to get your firm listed. Not only will you get a local link and citation, which will help you rank organically, but you’ll also get referral leads directly from these sites. This is a tactic known as barnacle SEO.

    How to Rank for Informational DUI Keywords

    Informational DUI keywords are searched by folks who are looking for information about DUI laws and penalties in their state. In order to rank for these keywords you need to do two things: Know the right keywords to rank, and; write expert, authoritative content that delivers real answers.

    The Right Informational DUI Keywords to Target

    Here’s a list of informational DUI topics that data tells us to get searched with regularity:

    Informational DUI Keywords and Example Content

    DUI in [State]
    Example content: DUI in Virginia – The Basics That You Need to Understand

    First DUI in [State]
    Example content: First Time DUI in Colorado: Understanding the Penalties 

    Second DUI in [State]
    Example content: Nebraska DUI Laws for a Second Offense

    Third DUI in [State]
    Example content: Third Offense DUI in NJ

    Get DUI Reduced to [lesser charge] in [State]
    Example content: Getting a DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving in Illinois

    What Happens if You Get a DUI in Another State?
    Example content: Out of State DUI – Virginia License Suspension

    Underage DUI in [State?]
    Example content: The Penalties for Underage DUI in California


    Write Like the DUI Expert That You Are

    This last point is short and sweet: Don’t hire your nephew to write regurgitated crap on the topics above and expect it to rank in Google.

    Google rewards expert, authoritative content, especially for your money your life (YMYL) topics. Take the time to write this stuff yourself. Think about what information the user really needs when they search these topics and deliver better answers than anyone else.

    If you combine expert content with the link-building tactics mentioned above, you will rank for these informational DUI keywords. Here are some additional resources that will help you write awesome informational legal content:


    Or, skip all this and hire us

    Does this sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. It’s not magic, you don’t have to be an “SEO ninja”, but you do have to have the time and knowledge to do it well. If you don’t, we are ready to help.

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