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    Our Mission

    To provide the most effective inbound marketing services for law firms, ensuring that our clients recommend us to their colleagues, employees are proud of our work, and Juris Digital becomes the most respected digital marketing brand for law firms.

    Logo Design

    The Juris Digital Logo Design combines two elements, the logo symbol and logo type. The logo symbol is a powerful monogram evoking the feeling of prestegige services.

    Logo Design Colors

    The logotype should always contrast with the background. There are 4 versions of the logotype to ensure legibility and optimum reproduction quality in all printing processes and digital needs.

    Full color:
    The full color – positive logotype is considered the main version, and should be used whenever possible.

    When there are a limited number of colors available for reproduction, or the quality of colors is questionable, choose the monochrome version. No other colors besides black or white should be used.

    Logo Design Spacing

    The logo design should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.

    The clear space around the logotype on all sides should be equal to the height of the logo symbol for maximum legibility and impact.


    Juris Digital primary font is Lexend and should be used whenever it is available.

    Be Vietnam:
    Juris Digital’s logo font is Be Vietnam.


    Juris Digital color palette consists of black, blue and green. As well as a branded gradient blend of the green and blue colors.

    Juris Digital – Black

    RGB R34, G34, B34 CMYK C0%, M0%, Y0%, K87% HEX #222222

    Juris Digital – Green

    RGB R167, G237, B79 CMYK C37%, M0%, Y89%, K0% HEX #A7ED4F

    Juris Digital – Blue

    RGB R1, G195, B195 CMYK 70%, M0%, Y29%, K0% HEX #01C3C3
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