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    You must live in the US to be considered for this position.

    Who we are

    Juris Digital is an attorney marketing agency in Denver, Colorado that conducts marketing services for law firms. A significant part of our work is legal content writing, and we are seeking knowledgeable legal content editors to proof factual, compelling, and well-written content for the web.

    Your responsibilities

    As a CPA Consultant and Editor,  your primary role will be to review, edit, and approve tax-related blogs and other articles. Your expertise will ensure the accuracy and relevance of our content. Your responsibilities include:

    • Reviewing and editing tax-related content for accuracy and clarity
    • Approving final drafts of blogs and articles
    • Providing expert insights to enhance the quality of content

    Basic requirements

    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification
    • Experience in tax consulting, accounting, or a related field
    • Excellent writing and editing skills
    • Ability to work remotely and adhere to deadlines

    Desired skills and personality traits

    • Editing abilities
    • Receptive to feedback
    • High attention to detail
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Good communication and collaboration abilities
    • Passion for sharing knowledge in the field of taxation and accounting
    • Please put a * next to your name when applying.
    • Eagerness to learn

    As a CPA Consultant and Editor, you will be cited in the bylines of the content you review, though full ownership of the content will remain with our clients. This part-time role offers flexible hours, allowing you to contribute any time during the day (please note that each content piece is deadline-based).

    Please attach your resume and any relevant work samples or certifications to your application.

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