What Impact Will Ad’s in the Local Finder Have?

Last week Brian Barwig noticed that the local finder results were starting to show two ad’s in the list with the other local results. This is a major change for local search that we can add to the list. You can see an example of what these ad’s look like in the example below.

New ad's in the local finder

Once Google switched to there local finder results for local searches I had anticipated that they were going to find a way to monetize it. They did this by offering Adwords Express ads and this is now where they display in the local finder.

The good news is that the ads are clearly marked with a yellow ad tag although we have seen them testing other colors as well.

The big question is really what type of impact this will have on the free results?

What Impact Does This Have?

Although this is a new change we are data fans over here at Juris Digital and have been tracking our clients landing page visits to the pages connected in their Google My Business accounts and GMB insights. So far we haven’t seen a lot of impact on our clients websites even if they were pushed down to a lower position because of the new ads.

Since this is so new we will be tracking it over time and providing updates to this post.

Have you seen any Negative or Positive impact that you can attribute to this change? I would be interested to hear your feedback.


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Casey Meraz

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