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Warning: Be Careful About Sharing Your GMB Page

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Casey Meraz

Today a client emailed us with an interesting email which was probably a marketing technique employed by Lawyer.com, a lawyer directory. After signing up for the premium subscription they received an email that indicated they should share their Google My Business Page with them to be optimized.

What’s a Google My Business Page?

You may have heard to it referred to as Google Places or Google My Business but this page is what manages you local listing. It contains important information about your local business and how you rank in local search results.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Any change you make to the Google My Business back end will likely have some impact on your rankings in local search results. Whether it’s positive or negative it depends on the change. However it’s important to coordinate with whoever is managing your local listings before making any major changes to this page.

An example of this email from Lawyer.com is below:

This is a bit shady for me

With the email being sent out seeming so casual it’s important that you understand the implications of sharing your Google My Business Page with anyone.

Important Things to Consider Before Sharing Your Google My Business Page

1. Know who you’re sharing your page with.

Sharing your page with a stranger is a bad idea. We’ll talk more about that in a bit, but you don’t want to add users that can edit your important business details unless it’s absolutley necessary.

2. Realize that sharing your page is giving up some control

Sharing your page means a user had access to edit your business name, address, and phone number which are important ranking factors in local results in Google. They’ll also have access to business hours, insights, traffic, categories and more.

3. Be Sure that any efforts are not interfering with your local marketing efforts

Changing any of these fields especially the NAP info or categories will cause ranking shifts. It’s important they align with your local marketing strategy.

4. Do not let them change the NAP unless you’re absolutley sure

As I mentioned above the business name, address, and phone number are important ranking factors. Changing this information to be inconsistent with your citations is very detrimental to your local ranking success. Don’t do this without a clear plan and talking to an expert.

5. Know They Will Have Access Until You Remove Them

Another implication of adding a new user to your Google My Business is that they will have access until you remove it. If you add someone make a note in your calendar as a yearly reminder to see if they should still have access. Also if the relationship terminates be sure to cancel the user account.

Overall My Advice is: Be Careful

Whether this was a shady marketing tactic by this company or just an offer to help the implications can be huge. Make sure you’re sharing your Google My Business Page with the right users and be sure to revoke access if a relationship ends.