Call Tracking Software for Law Firms

CallRail is a very effective call tracking software with a lot of powerful tools that allows law firms to track calls and determine the caller source.

At Juris Digital we have been using CallRail for several years with a lot of success. Although we originally signed up just to track clients phone calls we have found so many more uses for the well-designed cloud-based software.


Whether you’re starting a new firm and need a new phone number, or you already have an existing phone number you can use this software to figure out exactly where each and every call is coming from. This is essential for ensuring you can track the ROI of your marketing efforts.

After having worked with so many law firms over the years I’m well aware of the issue pertaining to call tracking and getting your staff to adopt a platform which will allow you to prove the return on investment from marketing efforts.

Not only does CallRail tell you the source of the campaign, you can easily create tracking numbers (more on this later, but be careful), and also track the status of the call on whether it’s a lead or not.

Our Typical CallRail Setup

Configuration options for using CallRail vary greatly. For us, we like to start by porting our customers’ numbers into CallRail.

This allows us to view the time of the call, the caller ID, the source, and even record the call if the firm prefers. If we create specific marketing or PPC campaigns we can use CallRail to easily create a new tracking number which is specific to that online or offline marketing campaign.

If our clients have multiple offices or want to use a new office we can use a CallRail number to start a new local listing. This is a great scenario for us as we can prove the effectiveness of all of our online marketing efforts.

The goal of this, of course, is to provide a reliable way to track calls and give them proper attribution so our clients know where to spend their marketing dollars.

Planning how you want to use this powerful software is important. Here are some ways you can do it:

How To Use CallRail At Your Firm To Track Leads

Using CallRail at your law firm is a pretty simple process. The most important thing is that after your numbers are ported over to the service is that your receptionist always has this open on their computer. Every call that comes in will be recorded like in the sample below:


You’ll notice that they provide a lot of information. The fields are defined below:

Clicking on any of the calls themselves will also provide you with a ton of useful marketing data as you can see in the example provided below:


From this view, you can easily see if they’re a return caller and in this case, above we use dynamic number tracking so we can see which page they visited that prompted them to call, the device they were on, and the operating system.

If you take a close look at this data and determine that you’re mostly seeing calls from one type of device you might identify usability issues on another device.

Getting the callers landing page conversion point is also super useful to make data-driven decisions on what’s working for your firm.

The procedure for using this simple and intuitive software for your firm is pretty basic for the front desk people. Basically, you need to do the following:

  1. Setup CallRail for your firm
  2. Give each front desk person a user account
  3. Ensure they have it open at all times
  4. As calls come in simply mark them as a lead or not
  5. If you choose to use this as your CRM there is also a notes button that you can click that will allow who is answering the phone to leave notes.
  6. Start collecting this data and review it monthly.

The first step to being successful with this is to start collecting data. Making marketing decisions based off of how you feel about it vs. cold hard numbers is not a wise choice.

Do this for at least 30 days and then start looking at the data for trends. Here are some questions you should be able to answer after the first 30 day period:

  1. What marketing channels are bringing in the most calls
  2. Which marketing channels are bringing in the most leads
  3. What channel is bringing in the highest quality leads
  4. Which one of these turned into cases
  5. Figure out the ROI of your marketing channels monthly

Tracking this over a period of 6 months of a year is so valuable. CallRail is a very simple solution to figure out your firm’s cost per case at a low cost with little involvement.

This tracking should also be combined with Google Analytics goal tracking, contact form submissions, and live chat’s to help you get a full picture of your entire marketing campaigns.

Learn More About Callrail on their website by clicking here


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