Survey: 12% of People Say They Have Heard of

A Juris Digital Survey

survey-heard-of-avvoAvvo is a prominent name in the legal marketing industry. Established in 2006, the website offers marketing services for attorneys, along with a knowledge database for people looking for legal counsel.

The website has seen enormous success in recent years. They have produced a prominent television spot, and raised an impressive $71 million in financing in 2015. Clearly, they are a major player in the legal marketing community.

Given this, we wanted to know how many people outside of lawyers and legal marketers are actually familiar with So, we ran a Google Survey and asked that very question. Here are the results:

The Question

Have you ever heard of the legal services website

The Responses

The Takeaways

1. Avvo has a wide reach

12% of respondents answered that they have heard of Avvo before:

Avvo legal services survey

This number might seem low at first, but consider this that there are over 250 million internet users in the United States. 12% of that number is 30 million. Point being, there are a lot of potential Avvo users in that group. Furthermore;

2. Younger people are more likely to have heard of

18.5% of respondents age 25-34 are familiar with Avvo:

Avvo legal survey

3. Older people are less likely to have heard of

Only 5.7% of respondents over the age of 55 answered that they had heard of Avvo.

So What Does This Mean?

For starters, the data shows us that millennials are more familiar with Avvo than the rest of the population – this is the group that will dominate the web for years to come. Secondly, it means attorneys should have a free listing on the site. There is no reason not to take advantage of the backlink and the free listing. Additionally, you should focus on earning a high “Avvo rating”.

Here are a few pointers for improving your Avvo rating:

For more information on improving Avvo ratings, check out Juris Digital’s free resource: A Guide to Improving Your Avvo Rating.

Digital marketers consider Avvo a valuable resource for several reasons. First, Avvo provides a listing to attorneys, which comes with an oh-so-valuable backlink. Why is Avvo’s link highly sought after?

Let’s explore:

Free Profiles and Added Services

Avvo also allows attorneys to build a robust profile and receive reviews. The service also maintains an “Avvo” rating that can certainly be shared with clients.

Another service that Avvo provides is the ability to gain referrals via the website. However, to fully access the feature you have to pay. Avvo’s services start at $49 per month, but how many people are familiar with the service in the first place?

When it comes to Avvo’s paid services, like Avvo pro or Avvo Advertising, the question becomes exceedingly more difficult. Fortunately, we have you covered there as well. In 2015, Juris founder Casey Meraz explored the question, Is Avvo Paid Advertising Worth the Money? Follow the link to get Casey’s take.


Long story short, Avvo is a fantastic resource for lawyers and legal marketing and it has a wide reach in terms of audience. However, as with other available tools, its effectiveness is heavily dependent on how you use it.


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