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Website Contact Forms for Lawyers: Shorter is Better

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Matt Green

size does matter
A few months back I published a short Linkedin post asking whether or not shorter contact forms actually converted at a higher rate than longer forms.

I now have data that confirms that shorter contact forms do indeed out-perform long forms in terms of conversion rates.

Long Form Results (30 days):

  • Contact Form Completions: 1
  • Total Organic Search Visits: 246
  • Conversion Rate: .41% (yuck!)

Short Form Results (30 days):

  • Contact Form Completions: 8
  • Total Organic Search Visits: 222
  • Conversion Rate: 3.6%

Some Other Things to Think About

  • The longer contact form actually increased the number of LiveChat contacts for this particular site.
  • While I don’t have call tracking data, based on feedback from the client, there were more phone calls from the site during the month that the long form was used.
  • According to the client, email contacts are behind both LiveChats and phone calls in terms of sign-up rates (ie. moving the prospect from “lead” to “client”).

If you have thoughts, questions, feedback, or conflicting data, we’d really appreciate if you’d share in the comments below!