Local & Organic SEO

Local and organic SEO. We could use a bunch of words to describe these concepts, but pictures are so much more efficient:


Local Search Results:


Organic Search Results:


For obvious reasons, the first page of Google, for keywords relevant to your business, is valuable real estate.

We can get you there.

Some companies talk about rankings…we talk about new clients

We don’t measure return on your investment in “#1 rankings”. We measure it in new clients for your firm. Here are a couple examples of what you can expect from investing in SEO with Juris Digital:

Sutliff and Stout
Andrew Flusche

In general, our monthly SEO services include:

Local SEO and Marketing
Your law firm is local. Accordingly, local marketing will be a huge focus of your project. This means everything from management of your local ecosystem listings to developing and executing local event marketing campaigns.
Content Production
Content is at the core of our SEO efforts. If we are able to produce content that both people and search engines consider highly valuable and unique, we will succeed at driving relevant traffic and improving rankings for lucrative keywords.
Link Building
Backlinks continue to be the most dominant driving force behind organic search rankings. Each month we will be creating and executing new link building efforts.


Website Tweaks
Because SEO is ever-changing, there are constantly opportunities for improvement on the website. Each month we will be suggesting website tweaks to maximize traffic and leads.
Opportunity Analysis
Each month we analyze the site’s performance in order to discover and act on new areas of opportunity to increase rankings, traffic, and conversions.
Technical SEO
This includes tasks like sitemap cleanup, duplicate content reduction, site speed optimization, and everything in between.