Removing the annoying “Hours or services may differ” in Google My Business

One of the more annoying things client’s have expressed frustration about is the message showing below your business hours in Google My Business listing saying “Hours or services may differ”. It looks like this:

Hours or services may differ from Google My Business

The frustrating thing about this particular message is that it will show up even if you have logged in and recently updated your business hours. But the good news is that you can remove this message, although I’ll admit it’s kind of a pain.

How To Remove The “Hours or services may differ” Message From Your Listing

All you have to do to remove this message is to set special hours under Info > Special hours.

The problem is that you have to make this change based off a single date as opposed to a date range.

This means you have to go in and manually add the specific date and the “special” hours, even if they are not “special” and just regular. Here is what it looks like logged into Google My Business.

Update Special Hours in Google My Business

This may not be a big deal, but I could see a small percentage of potential clients being deterred by this message.

Also, it’s a simple change to make that might provide some advantage over businesses that do not do this.

Let me know if you made this change for your law firm and what you saw (if anything?).






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