The Results

  • 85% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 79% Increase in Contact Form Leads
  • 63% Increase in Phone Call Leads
  • 60% Increase in New Case Sign-ups
Hear attorney Michael Silva comment on the results his firm has seen since investing in digital marketing with Juris Digital.

In December of 2020, attorney Michael Silva realized that his firm’s case growth was stagnant – stuck at around 220 cases per year. He decided he needed to change his digital marketing provider.

“My budget had gone up, but [I received] the same results. Nothing was changing. I knew it was time for a change because every time I would talk to them…[they] would pacify me, but we just weren’t getting anywhere. And at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. Am I getting more calls? Am I getting more cases? That’s all I care about at the end of the day. All the other stuff that, you know, sounds great, showing me all these graphs and stuff. Awesome. Cool. But at the end of the day, am I getting more calls?”

– Attorney Michael Silva

He started researching law firm digital marketing agencies and sought proposals from a handful of different companies; Juris Digital being one of them. After careful consideration of his options, he ultimately chose Juris Digital.

“Chris (Juris Digital’s director of sales) is the one that really alleviated a lot of my fears. He was the only one that wasn’t…I’m not pushy at all. When I do new client intakes, I’m here to help. And everybody else was all up on me. They were off-putting, right? And I remember Chris was like, “you let me know what you need”. And that worked well with me.

– Attorney Michael Silva

Our first challenge was to design and launch a website that would not only support Michael’s SEO and content marketing initiatives but also capture the essence of the Firm and effectively differentiate Silva Injury Law from its competition. 

Through our conversations with the team at Silva Injury Law, we gleaned that a key differentiating factor for the firm was the quality of their client reviews and testimonials. So we decided that rather than writing sales copy to use on the site, we would instead use the words of the Firm’s actual clients to convey their value:

An example of how we used a real client quote on the sexual assault page.
An example of how we used a real client quote on the dog bite page.
An example of how we used a real client quote on the auto accident page.
An example of how we used a real client quote on the Monterey landing page.

After the initial round of design, the team at Silva Injury Law provided excellent feedback about their audience. They told us that their potential clients would want to be able to see themselves reflected in the website’s aesthetic, which led to the design of the homepage banner:

The homepage banner graphic that our design team developed with the help of the team at Silva Injury Law.

Finally, the Firm shared with us a video that they said embodied their approach to personal injury law. Our team watched that video, and pulled out a quote from Abraham Lincoln, which ended up being a primary design element on the homepage:

A screenshot of the homepage of showing how we helped convey the client’s core operating philosophy.
silva-portfolio-jd (1)
The above-the-fold homepage design of

“I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted and you guys exceeded that leaps and bounds. And I even look at other personal injury websites of law firms that I know have way more money than me, and I like mine better.

– Attorney Michael Silva

Concurrent with the production of the website, we began working to improve the Firm’s local search rankings in Google Maps. The Firm has 4 locations, and so they have 4 separate Google My Business listings that required optimization and ongoing maintenance.

A screenshot of Silva Injury Law’s Monterey Google My Business listing in the wild.

By implementing advanced GMB optimization techniques, we were able to increase the visibility of each of the Firm’s 4 listings, driving more relevant traffic and visibility in a short period of time, up-front. 

“What I see that just blows me away is what you guys do with local Google business pages and the posts and the attention I’m getting. I have my app here. I can check the activity that was done. I’m looking at Modesto [location]. Before you guys came on, my activity was probably 500, 600. I’m looking at it right now. And it’s 2,400. And that’s across all the offices – that blew me away. People are noticing, you’re getting eyeballs. And that happened right from the get-go.”

– Attorney Michael Silva

Once the site was launched in April of 2021, the client immediately saw an increase in new leads. While there was still room for improvement in terms of rankings and traffic, we were able to increase lead volume right out of the gate by simply replacing the old website with one featuring compelling messaging, elegant design, intuitive calls to action, and a sound technical foundation.

From there, we began executing our monthly digital marketing sprints which focused primarily on the following areas:

  • Creation, publishing, and promotion of new website content, both commercial and informational
  • Revamping and optimization of existing, high performing content
  • Ongoing analytics assessments to implement and test website changes to improve conversion rates
  • Execution of high-impact link building campaigns
  • Continual Google My Business maintenance
  • Proactive management of Google Local Service ads to maximize lead quality and volume

Today, just 5 months after launching the new site, the client is reporting a 60% increase in newly accepted cases over the previous year. That increase has meant that the client can be more selective about the cases they take, worry less about maintaining business operations, and focus more on setting ambitious goals for the future.

Hear attorney Michael Silva comment on what the success of his digital marketing investment has meant to his firm.
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