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When Andrew Flusche first became a client, he made it clear that his goal was to dominate the market for reckless driving defense in Virgina. Our immediate priority was improving the rankings of his his primary website, Once we began making positive strides with that site, we approached Andrew with an idea: We proposed building a new website, in addition to his main site, that would “hyper-focus” on the topic reckless driving in Virginia.

Andrew liked the idea, and the Juris Digital Hyper-Focus Website was born.

Today, Andrew’s websites own the first 3 Google results for the keyword “reckless driving virginia“, and his Hyper-Focus Website brings in dozens of new clients per month.

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Launched April 2014 / Visit Site

Andrew Flusche is the founder of a solo traffic and misdemeanor defense law firm in Fredericksburg Virginia. Mr. Flusche is widely regarded as the authority on reckless driving in Virginia.

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The Stats

  • 4,000+ Website Visitors/Mo

    This hyper-focus website consistently generates over 4,000 website visits every and every month. Those visitors are people who need information about reckless driving in Virginia, and so they are almost all potential customers.

  • 100+ New Leads/Mo

    This hyper-focus website, originally launched in 2014, and with only minimal additional investment over the years, consistently generates over 100 relevant leads each month.

  • 40+ New Clients/Mo

    The client reports that consistently brings in an additional 40 new cases to his firm every month.