Optimizing FAQ Rich Results For Lawyers

Google has been on a roll this year making change after change with how search results are displayed. In many cases, these new “features” will increase how much space you get on the search results page, but it may also decrease traffic to your website.

This is because users can potentially find the information they’re looking for right on the search results page.

What Are FAQ Rich Results?

FAQ rich results are a type of structured data that shows up in search results connected to your law firm’s organic rankings. They take up more search real estate and are intended to answer a potential client’s question without going to your website.

You can see an example of this from a Google screenshot below:

FAQ Rich Results showing for a personal injury lawyer

How To Optimize FAQ Rich Results

While many critics are quick to jump at the fact that this might mean fewer website visitors, I see this as the next big opportunity. If the rich results display in search results you now have a bigger opportunity to take advantage of.  The key is to use this information to your advantage and create more interest.

For this to work I suggest giving away just enough information along with a reason to contact you. Including information such as:

Do People Call From FAQ Rich Results?

Yes. Recently I set up a very small test where I added the FAQ schema to several pages on a personal injury website we designed.

In the FAQ answers, I added a phone number for potential clients to call.

This has already generated several calls. I’m going to be working on testing this on a larger scale, but it’s something you can take advantage of now.

How To Add This FAQ Schema To Your Website

  1. Find the pages on your website you want to add the FAQ Schema
  2. Use a code generator such as this JSON one to make it easy
  3. After you’re finished submit it to search console for indexing
  4. Wait and see!

Sometimes it might take a day or two to show if it’s going to, but I have also seen this work in minutes.


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