Why SEO is an Effective Way to Market Your Law Practice

As an attorney, you provide a service that is in constant demand. However, the key to sustained growth is ensuring that the people who are actively searching for the services you provide are finding you, and when they do, what they see is influencing them take action in the form of an email, a live chat with a representative, or a good old fashioned phone call. In order to achieve this “find-ability” for your law firm you have to choose the right marketing plan. We have seen time and time again that SEO is a great way to market your law practice. There are some very specific reasons for this compatibility. Here they are:

1. Niche

The field of law is full of niches. Both in terms of practice areas and in terms of geo-restrictions. The niche factor is one of the most critical elements in determining whether search engine marketing will be an effective option for a given business, and law firms fit that bill perfectly. For example, every single day in every single city there are people who are actively searching for an attorney to represent their interests in a very specific case. If your firm’s website is find-able when those searches are performed, and you have a solid site design which facilitates action, you can capture leads you never would have before.

2. Price Point

Like with any marketing effort, it is essential to ensure that a SEO campaign makes financial sense for your business, and the fact is that, with SEO you get what you pay for. When it comes to marketing your law practice, SEO is a great option because of the average value of an additional case sign-up. In the personal injury field for example, a case could be worth millions of dollars, so spending 25-50 thousand a month can be very much worth the investment, when those new leads and cases are coming in through the web daily. On the flip side, an expensive SEO campaign won’t make nearly as much sense for a business with a much lower average ‘ticket price’.

3. Scaleability

Unlike purchasing T.V. spots, radio ads, or billboard space, SEO is completely scaleable based on the size of your firm, and ultimately, your marketing budget. Because there is so much flexibility as far as what you need to invest in order to get a return, search engine marketing is a great option for any sized firm. Of source, just like with anything in this life, you will get out what you put in. None-the-less, a small investment in SEO is possible, and you will see a return, unlike other more traditional methods, where the entry level price point is a barrier for many smaller firms.

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