Local Service Ads are Here For Legal

In case you haven’t seen them in the wild yet, Local Service ads have started to roll out as a test for law firms.

Below is an example of immigration lawyer local service ads in San Diego.

An example of local service ads for law firms in Google

What Are Local Service Ads

Local service ads are the ads that show up above the paid results at the top of the search results. These ads are different from traditional Google Ads because these businesses have been vetted and verified by Google.

With local service ads, law firms will pay a flat fee for the actual call instead of a click. This is unique because it’s more of a lead-based product as opposed to a click-based product.

When a potential customer clicks on the ad they are taken to a page about the business which has a lot of information about the specific business such as:

What Law Firms Are Eligible For Local Service Ads?

Right now the local service ads for lawyers are only available for estate and immigration lawyers in San Diego and Houston as they test this service. It has already rolled out to other industries such as home services and has been around for some time.

Google screens each business to make sure they are eligible to display here. For lawyers, here are the requirements for estate and immigration lawyers.

What Impact Does This Have

As you can see in the example below these show up above the paid results and everything else. This means in these markets organic and local results are pushed further down the page. I have been reading articles recently that claim these are further reducing organic clicks in search results, but I have not yet tested this myself.

An example of local service ads for law firms in Google


It will be interesting to see if this is rolled out to other practice areas like Personal Injury. However, with the ad spend dollars Google makes from personal injury ads I don’t know what they would charge per lead.

If you have been running local service ads I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know by shooting me an email at cmeraz (at) jurisdigital.com and I’ll be sure to include your feedback in this story.




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