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Offline Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients

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Casey Meraz

Everyday I’m talking about, speaking about, or writing about digital marketing ideas for attorneys. The internet is so broad and there are so many ways to generate new clients online through having a website, being listed in the right places, paid options, and more. One area I don’t cover too much about is offline marketing.

In my opinion the most successful law firms have generated multiple channels to get potential case leads from. Having worked in and outside of law firms I constantly advise them on a wide variety of marketing techniques.

In today’s article we’re going to look at some offline marketing methods you can use to generate new clients. Everything I mention here has been proven to work if done correctly.

#1: Have A Local Operator Deliver Marketing Materials and Donuts

What? Really? Donuts? Yep thats right! We know a law firm that is very effective at building their referral network when they do this the right way. Have someone from your office act as a good will representative and visit corresponding offices delivering your marketing materials, books, and most importantly donuts.

For personal injury clients & family law clients of ours that could mean going to chiropractors offices, body shops, tow truck shops, and beauty parlors with these materials.

If you do this be sure to bring your marketing materials, spend some time talking about what you do, and do it occasionally.

Delivering Donuts and Creating Relationships Works

#2: Direct Mail with Handwritten Notes

Direct mail can be effective with the right focus. It’s important to relate to the client and create a connection. One way to do this is to personalize the direct mail with a hand written sticky note.

It seems old school but we know law firms who have used this to sign some pretty big cases. Some feedback also indicated that it was a reason potential clients called their firm as opposed to another firm.

You should mine your client database and send a direct email once a month to these clients in addition to the appropriate holiday cards. Birthday and Christmas cards are a good start and show that your law firm really cares.

Handwrite notes to clients and you'll get a more emotional connection

#3: Write & Publish a book

You can do this offline or online but it will not only help establish you as a credible source, it will also help you generate new clients. The trust from book publishing can go a long way.

Start with picking a topic relevant to your practice area. If you need help writing it there are ghost writers out there that you can pay to write the book for you. Once it’s written you can sell it on Amazon.com through Createspace.com and other channels such as Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, etc., via a service like Direct2Digital.com.

Once you have your book you can promote it online as a trust signal but also bring it to networking events.

Become an author

#4: TV Commercials

How many hours a day do you watch TV? Many attorneys are still having great success with TV Commercials on prime time TV. One of the more common TV commercial types that are working well with potential clients are client testimonial videos.

A law firm that had previously done a lot of TV advertising noticed a 30% uptick in conversions when switching to high quality client testimonial videos.

If you do TV advertising make sure to track your ROI closely. Some attorneys mention that turning off the ad’s in December is a big money saver.

#5: If You’re Still Using Yellow Pages, At Least Bring In A Consultant

Now while I’m not one to recommend the Yellow Pages as they’re dying in most areas, I do know some attorneys who are being successful with them still. If you find it’s worth your investment in your area it’s time to bring in a Yellow Pages Consultant. These guys can help reduce huge budgets and save you a lot of money.

On the other hand if you don’t have proven success doing this, I don’t suggest you start now.

Bring in a consultant

#6: Increase Referrals By Calling Clients Once A Month

Even though it seems Millennia’s can be afraid of the phone, this still works for generating more referral traffic. Some of our attorney clients call our clients once a month to provide a status update on their cases.

After doing this they tracked a noticeable increase in referrals. Make sure to send Thank You Follow up’s within 24 hours of getting one.

Being Successful Takes Hard Work

It can take a lot of work to be a successful law firm. Make sure you’re tracking your results heavily. Invest in the things that are working and get out of what’s not. Don’t make emotional marketing decisions. Make data driven marketing decision. You can be tactical in this sense and make sure you’re getting the highest ROI by analyzing your data.

What Offline Or Non Traditional Methods Have Worked For You?

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